Is a .me domain name worth it?

Are .me domains good?

Yes, .me domains are suitable for personal and business websites. For example, “” is the domain name of a popular website in Montenegro. Many trusted companies adopted .me domains worldwide, for example “” and “”. They are SEO-friendly and allow a high level of personalization.  

The .me domain extension was primarily used for Montenegro’s ccTLD (country code top-level domain). But since 2008, anyone can register a domain name using the extension .me. It has quickly joined the club of generic top-level domains that Google and other search engines trust. 

Why the .me domain? Main Benefits.

.me is a top-level domain (TLD)

Using a top-level domain (TLD), such as .com, .me, .org, or .net, offers various benefits:

  1. It gives credibility and professionalism to your website.
  2. It improves brand recognition and recall, as TLDs are more memorable.
  3. TLDs tend to rank better in search engine results. 
  4. You get a secure domain name

Attractive and valuable domain names

The .me domain names are usually concise, memorable, and easy to remember, which can increase direct traffic. You can get a domain name that aligns with your brand to enhance your connection with visitors. It is easy to include relevant keywords in your domain name.

Suitable for businesses and individuals

You can pick your .me domain name for businesses by emphasizing professionalism, brand identity, and marketability. It may include the company name and industry keywords. In contrast, you can focus on personal branding by using your name. The domain names are great for portfolios and personal blogs. You can get a high level of personalization. 

Call-to-action domains

The .me extension allows you to register call-to-action domains easily because it’s less saturated than the other TLDs. For example, “” is the domain name of a well-known US-based company helping people to fund their project. But the domain name “” was still available for purchase when I wrote this article.

Excellent domain extension for social network activities and networking

A website for networking and social media influencers offers several advantages. It provides a centralized platform to showcase their skills, portfolio, and content. For example, you can use the domain name “” to create your website. It lets you build a much more profitable business. You can utilize your social media presence and network to get traffic to your website.

Convenient for personal blog

Finding an available .me domain name is easier than other top-level domains like .com, .info, .org, .edu, and .info. You get a versatile extension suitable for websites in various niches. 

For SEO and traffic boost

Increase traffic and give SEO boost with domain forwarding and redirecting. For example, GoTo acquired, and The Times got the domain. Both companies send all the traffic from their .me domains to their .com domains. It can have a positive effect on your DR and overall rankings. 

Example of websites with a .me domain name

Get a professional email address

Having a .me business email provides several advantages. It offers a personalized and easy-to-remember email address. It improves credibility when communicating with customers, colleagues, and partners. It separates personal and professional emails. You can use a professional email address, like, rather than

Where can I get a .me domain name? How much do .me domains cost? 

A .me domain name costs $1 to $22.95 for the first year. The regular renewal price ranges from $16.99/year to $22.95/year. In most cases, expect to pay close to $10 to register a .me and around $20 after the first year. These prices do not include domain privacy and other options. 

Here are some trusted hosting providers and domain registrars that let you register .me domains:

CompaniesRegistration & first yearRenewal cost
A2 hosting$19.99$19.99
Web Hosting CanadaC$21.29C$28.29
Google Domains$20$20
How much cost of .me domains per year? Cost in USD except for WHC.


The .me domains offer a unique and compelling option to establish a distinctive online presence. The personalized nature of .me domains makes them ideal for personal branding, portfolio websites, and social media influencers. They lend credibility and are easy to share. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, artist, or blogger, it is worth investing in a .me domain.


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