Top 5 AWS Alternatives & Competitors

Amazon Web Services or AWS is a brief platform that provides a wide range of cloud computing and services. The AWS provides the web admins with cloud computing services that include networking data storage space and more facilities to make their website management easier and more efficient. No doubt it stands among the best cloud computing platforms, but for many of us, especially beginners, the AWS platform is very advanced and might not be affordable enough too.

AWS Alternative

Thus, one of the main questions that most beginners ask is whether any alternatives stand to the same AWS standards, which are easy to understand and cheaper. If you are one of these thinkers, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of the most trusted AWS alternatives and competitors that will provide the same reliable service at the given price point that will definitely suit your needs.

This guide will help you understand which alternative you should seek instead of AWS and why there is a requirement to switch between different competitors for your websites. So why wait? Let us discuss every aspect of the discussion.

What exactly is AWS?

AWS is a product and range of services that fall under the ownership of Amazon Inc. The AWS was launched in 2002 when the website design and internet sought popularity across the globe. As soon the concept of cloud computing was released and started to be practiced, AWS cloud service was introduced to the world in 2006. Later, with the demand and need for cloud computing over the internet was visible and thought to have potential, AWS introduced many services over time.

Applications of AWS

Following are the main application of AWS that helped many people establish their business over the internet along with a unique brand:

  • Website Hosting
  • Data Storage and backup facility
  • Easy Data access over the cloud storage
  • Online and real-time gaming
  • Mobile application
  • E-commerce website and application support
  • Website and Application security and maintenance tools.

Why do you need an alternative to AWS?

Indeed, AWS is one of the most reliable cloud computing and hosting services, but there are many issues that you may have faced or going to face in the future with AWS. Here are the few things that you need to consider before choosing AWS or any alternative:

  • Country Restriction: AWS service can be availed anytime, but it is anywhere. As you know, many countries still do not have Amazon support. Amazon is based in the United States of America. The features and services they provide might not be available for many countries or many regions of different countries. Thus, you may find difficulty in AWS support for your nosiness and website.
  • Complicated for the Beginners: Indeed, Aws provides a wide range of IT and cloud services. For beginners, the list of services they need may be hard to understand. This wide selection of services might be very efficient, but not for beginners who still understand the infrastructure. Thus, you can understand the overwhelming feeling of such beginners.
  • User interface complexity: The dashboard of the cloud computing platform might also be complicated to under on AWS. You might find yourself searching for the instruction on the internet or the AWS help support to run the command over their dashboard.
  • Pricing and cost system: No doubt AWS provides a large range of services, but mostly the user pays a higher price than calculated because of the extra service that comes with the package. Most of the time, the user might not need the service but ends up paying for it. Similarly, many businesses, developers, and enterprise support packages are available over AWS, and they charge monthly. Sometimes the bill is overpriced too due to additional support services.
  • Delay in Customer support: Honestly, we don’t blame AWS for having slow customer support. AWS is a famous service providing so many international and renowned businesses. The delay in customer support is way too common. But many users may keep stranded without timely resolution time. So, it is better to do some homework before choosing AWS.

Top AWS Competitors and Alternatives

Here is a list of Alternation to AWS available for international use and may fit perfectly what you are looking for.

1.      Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure was introduced to the world of cloud computing in 2010. We all know that Microsoft has been providing many user-friendly products for the computer already. Entering into the world of website clouding and databases was also supported by many loyal users.

microsoft azuru

One of the main reasons that Microsoft Azure was so popularized is its easy-to-understand GUI and reliable cloud computing database control, and strong security. Thus, it was easy to adopt for many users. Moreover, they are providing 12-months of the free trial along with a large number of services.


Following are the features that Microsoft Azure offers:

  • Easy database to cloud conversion.
  • Many services are available for C# programmers and the .Net developers
  • Easy Database management and accessibility
  • Perfect for administration since it provides both networking and cloud databases.
  • It can be upgraded with many developing platforms like Visual Studio and many more.
  • Reliable and quick customer service.
  • Worldwide network and service availability.

2.      Kamatera

Kamatera was introduced as an IT service provider company in 1995. They have earned a respectable position among the most reliable IT services providing companies. This long era of experience gave them an edge in creating a well-tailored platform for Cloud computing. Now they are offering comprehensive services in the cloud, competing with their state-of-the-art SSD database cloud service. Moreover, they are ready to provide a 30-days free trial for the new user to get familiar them their services and work.



Here are the features that help you understand their workability as well:

  • 13 global data centers with highly efficient hardware that guarantees no delays in cloud and data processing.
  • Scalable cloud computing services that include cloud servers, backup storage. Cloud load balancer and firewall for maximum protection.
  • Customized VPS hosting
  • Billing option based on both hourly service and monthly service.
  • It can be upgraded with many other website application services like WordPress and many more.
  • 24/7 customer service support.

3.      Google Cloud Platform

Google is one of the most reliable and widely used platforms all over the internet. From their browser to web services, Google has given the best of every IT service, including cloud computing. The Google Cloud Platform or GCP was introduced in 2008 and took over the cloud computing services by storm. Many users claim that GCP is more efficient and provides more reliable services than AWS, especially when it comes to the Google search engine, Gmail, and many more. But we think it depends on the services you seek.

Google Cloud


Just to understand what exactly they are offering, here is a list of features that helps full cloud computing support:

  • Offers full suit for cloud services
  • Integrated with artificial and machine learning systems for better data analysis and database.
  • Ideal for complex computing that requires extraordinary Storage architecture.
  • Highly scalable and compatible with many open-source developing platforms like DataStax and many more.
  • Easily accessible with multiple Google services, including google firebase and maps APIs.
  • Free trial and free credit of $300 to use in 90 days for new users.
  • Available for many countries.

4.      Linode

Linode was founded are an independent and open source Cloud provider in 2003. Since cloud computing was a new concept, the company Linode developed over time and became one of the best cloud computing companies and services.



  • Linode has the best 11 data centers, and the service is available in 192 countries.
  • Affordable clouding bundles and plan to choose from.
  • High memory dedicated instances with Company’s CPU core are available for smooth workability.
  • Offers on-demand machine learning GPU for the users
  • An ideal choice for application developers, including AI, machine learning, hosted services, and real-time gaming.
  • Free trial and free credit of $100 to use in 60 days for new users.
  • No surprise, hidden costs.
  • 24/7 customer support service, especially with a human advisor always on the line to help you.

5.      IBM Cloud

IBM is one of the first companies that introduced the world to computers, networking, and many other technologies. Indeed, IBM had to step in into the world of Cloud computing, and with years of experience, they became one of the top competitors of AWS.

IBM Cloud

One of the best things about IBM cloud is that it provides each user with their own server instead of creating a virtual server from a server that almost 10 or more users share at a time. Thus, the computation is fast, efficient and decreases the chances of data loss.


Here are more important, and best features that you should consider if you want to shift an enterprise over:

  • IBM Cloud has state-of-the-art Bare Metal servers for fast cloud computing and networks.
  • Extra secure data servers’ infrastructure without any dependency.
  • IBM offers three types of services depending on users’ needs, i.e., IaaS (infrastructure as a service), SaaS (software as a service), and PaaS (platform as a service) within cloud computing.
  • IBM is compatible with many database platforms like SQL, Kubernetes, etc.
  • Free trial available with over 40 free services to get a user started.


All the AWS alternatives mentioned in our list are very reliable and used by many webmasters around the globe. Some of the alternatives are free and have a different pricing system, but once you have done your homework on what you need, seeking the services from these platforms is easy and efficient. So why wait? Understand your website and business need and reach out to the AWS alternative that suits you without worrying too much.

Let us know if you agree with the list of alternatives we have provided and which platform you have used and liked.

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