12 Advantages And Benefits Of Managed Hosting For Business

Managed hosting services benefit website owners by including server monitoring, configuration, round-the-clock support, and infrastructure management. A primary advantage of managed web hosting is to keep your website accessible with minimal effort. It’s a great way to save time and money while focusing on running your business. 

Top Benefits And Advantages Of Managed Web Hosting

The web host lets you benefit from their experts, and you don’t need a large staff to run your website. Managed web hosting has numerous benefits for eCommerce, small businesses, and individuals who want a hassle-free hosting environment.    

It usually demands less technical skills than unmanaged web hosting. Unlike self-hosted hosting, which requires remote server administration, managed hosting relies mainly on the hosting provider.

Benefits of managed hosting

The reasons for choosing a managed hosting plan will vary depending on your goals. Here are 12 benefits of managed hosting:

Offload website hosting management 

Running a website involves numerous tasks like content publishing & update, SEO, and web hosting monitoring. A managed web hosting solution allows you to offload the most critical aspect of web hosting management. It will save you time and prevent many headaches.

Time management

Since the web host manages the server and keeps your content online, you can spend much time growing your brand. It allows you to focus on business core activities. You will get experts to help you with website hosting and management tasks.

Optimized hosting environment 

The web hosting provider knows what it is like to have a top-performing website regarding your expectations and the type of website. They can advise you on the best apps, features, or CMSs you need for a project. Their team of experts can help you build a fast and reliable site. 

WPX logo

Recommended Hosting For Speed And Reliability

WPX is among the fastest managed WordPress hosting providers with a superfast CDN. It has awards for best WP hosting support, top-tier WP hosting, and best SEO hosting.

Custom server configuration

Managed hosting providers offer custom hardware configurations, giving you a fast and reliable server. It can include helping you to get the best:

  • OS configuration (Linux, Windows)
  • type of disk drive (SSD, HDD, NVMe)
  • storage
  • bandwidth

Many web hosts allow you to optimize the server for a specific use. They also facilitate upgrades or downgrades to provide custom resources.

Minimal operating expenses

Managed hosting is a practical way to create an eCommerce website or a site that requires specific resources like a web application framework and an app. You will pay more for web hosting but save money on the workforce, which makes it a cost-effective solution. 

Unmanaged hosting plans can increase business operating costs. It is especially true for reseller, white label, enterprise, and agency hosting plans. Lowering operating costs is one of the top benefits of managed hosting for any business and freelancer.

Suitable for beginners and advanced

Managed hosting is beneficial for beginners with limited hosting environment knowledge and no programming skills. It is also an excellent choice for advanced users who develop complex websites requiring specific features. 


Recommended Host for high-traffic and complex sites

BigScoots is a premium web host providing fully managed WP hosting plans optimized for speed. Best for high traffic and websites that require significant resources.

Better support and response time

Quality support is one of the main benefits of managed hosting, and you get a faster response time. Since you may not have access to a control panel, the web host is responsible for fixing most issues quickly. 24/7 support via email, chat, or phone is one of the advantages.

Direct access to experts

Managed hosting plans can give you access to web admins, IT experts, and web hosting specialists at no additional cost. 

Hardware and server management

If you opt for a collocation plan, you can be responsible for server cleaning and Operating System updates. You may not have the time or the expertise to monitor a server by yourself. A managed hosting plan will give you peace of mind and is usually cheaper than hiring a third-party cleaning service and an IT contractor. 


Recommended Hosting For Scalable Cloud

Cloudways for scalable managed cloud hosting with pay-as-you-go billing. Cloudways is easy to set up, high-performing, and a flexible managed cloud hosting provider.

Security and protection

You can get a secure website if your plan includes managed DDoS protection and many other services to improve website security like:

  • spam filter
  • antivirus
  • automated backups
  • disaster recovery plan
  • patching
  • SSL certificates 
  • firewall

Make sure to choose a managed hosting package with the needed features. 

Better uptime and website performance

Getting an uptime guaranteed close to 100% is one of the pros of managed hosting. This means the company offers compensation if your site experiences too much downtime. According to data published on Pingdom, one hour of downtime can cost from $8,2k to $1 million, depending on the business size. 

Read the terms and conditions to know if there is a compensation agreement. Web hosts have an uptime guarantee clause defined in a service-level agreement to ensure excellent website availability and accessibility. 

High-performing website

Your hosting companies have experts that specialize in web hosting configuration. You don’t have to worry about optimization, compatibility, and performance. For example, the BigScoots Managed WordPress Optimized hosting plan is perfect for scaling, high-traffic, and sophisticated websites. 

Get compliant hosting

Hosting compliance is essential to follow industry-specific regulations and rules. For example, a PCI-compliant hosting solution helps sellers to comply with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). But a managed hosting provider can also help you get an ADA-compliant website to follow disability rights. 


Recommended Hosting For Small-Medium Sites

The SiteGround’s managed hosting GrowBig plan offers the best value for money. You can host unlimited websites, benefit from ultrafast PHP for optimized speed, and more.


Final Thoughts

Managed hosting has numerous advantages, including peace of mind, ease of use, and lower website running cost. It frees you of the hassle of configuring and maintaining a hosting environment. But you retain quality since you can access experts to help set up everything you need for your website. You may need other types of website hosting if you want more access to a control panel.


Managed Cloud

A managed cloud service allows businesses to benefit from cloud computing without the hassle of configuring servers. The hosting provider partially or fully manages the cloud platform for the customer.
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