Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins [Free+Paid]

Websites with Amazon affiliation are the demand of modern times. Old times are gone when we do traditional shopping by visiting markets. This hour demands online shopping and doubling your earnings with less hustle.

Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

Many bloggers are using the concept of affiliating their WordPress sites with Amazon, and believe me. They earn with just the number of clicks they have on their site.

We have researched all the Amazon-affiliated WordPress plugins well, and we have listed a few yet incredible ones below. If you think of affiliating your site with Amazon to earn better, read the article to know about them.

5 Best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins

Here is the list of Amazon Affiliate Plugins

1. Wzone

Wzone, also known as a WooCommerce-based store, is the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin for professional and big businesses. It is a better way to earn a lot through Wzone as it also supports drop shipping.


There are two ways to use Wzone to earn a significant amount of money. The first one is that you post the products from Amazon on your site. Then when there is a buyer, automatically, they will be on the Amazon page because your site is being synced with the Amazon page.

The other option is better for me as we all know that there is less margin on profit when we sync the site with Amazon. To avoid the situation, take orders on your page, order from Amazon, and directly ship them to your buyers.


  • Display Reviews: Wzone helps display Amazon reviews on the website, making it easier and better for its users.
  • In-depth Reports: Now, stay updated with the plugin because it will give reports to let you know about your marketing and sales goals timely.
  • Sync products with our API: There is no problem with the API key when using Wzone as your plugin.
  • Location-Based Affiliation: Wzone helps locate Amazon affiliate location-based stores so you can easily enjoy working on your site.
  • You will automatically remove products exclusive to Amazon from your site.
  • Affiliations require that product lists be updated constantly.
  • The advanced reports system.
  • Product details spinner. Manual or automatic.
  • Several complex features may be challenging for new users. 
  • Extensions cost a little more.

Price plans:

  • Wzone Regular License: It will cost you around $49 to install Wzone with six months of support.


AAWP is the abbreviation of the Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin. AAWP is one of the most efficient plugins available in the market.  Using AAWP will help you to increase your sales quickly. This plugin has flexible individual product options and general settings.


Additionally, there are a lot of perks to using this plugin, as you will get automatically generated affiliate links, updated products, prices, and many other discounts. AAWP has bought one solution for you to boost your site with an Amazon-affiliated plugin.

There are different designs custom-made for users, and AAWP is mobile responsive, too, so you will always remain updated.


  • Comparison Tables: Amazon affiliate price comparison table plugin offered by AAWP is responsible for comparing products for users’ ease by making them more appealing.
  • Product box: The AAWP Product Box has many exciting things inside it. There may be only one or as many as possible, like descriptions, titles, discounts, etc.
  • Geotargeting for links: Amazon associates’ geo-target feature sends visitors to Amazon locale-based amazon stores depending on their location.
  • AAWP Caching: This plugin allows the product cache to improve performance and limit the requests to API.
  • Auto product update.
  • Comparison table.
  • Geotagging supports many Amazon countries.
  • Text affiliate links.
  • AAWP’s comparison table does not work in AMP.
  • It may be tricky for newbies.

Pricing Plans:

  • Personal: It will cost you $55.32.
  • Plus: It will cost $145.65.
  • Pro: It will cost you $281.14.
  • Ultimate: It will cost you $450.49.

The best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin comes that will attract international buyers to your page with great ease. The Amazon Link Engine converts your affiliate Amazon Super Links into localized links for each region, increasing your site’s international commission.

Amazon link Engine

This plugin works incredibly significantly if you have an international audience. Work with incredible ease because you will get detailed reports of every click on your site that has generated any commission.

 This Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin is free and easy to use. There are no extensive and time-consuming setups; only a one-time configuration is enough to bring automatic localization.


  • International Audience: Amazon Link Engine promotes high-rank sales if you have an international audience.
  • In-Depth reports: This Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin will automatically update you about the commission you get with every click and the products that are no longer in stock.
  • Geo-location technology: GeniusLink powers Amazon’s link engine. That specialized localization engine avoids common mistakes like showing out-of-stock items to buyers and taking them to blank pages.
  • Simple and easy to set up: There are no lengthy time-wasting procedures to follow while using Amazon Link Engine. It requires only a one-time configuration.
  • Automatic localization depends on visitors’ location.
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • One time configuration
  • Advanced in-depth reports
  • Amazon shopping ads are not supported
  • Occasionally, a product is not available in a particular area.

Pricing Plans:

  • You can use this plugin Free of cost.

4. Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin

Amazon store affiliates plugin is minimalistic yet efficient. Easy and straightforward to use. If you are a newbie, you could join the Amazon Associates Program.

Amazon Estore

By allowing the automatic import of products, you can keep your site up-to-date. Import remote images from Amazon directly and increase sales on your WordPress site.

The Amazon store affiliate plugin is compatible with any other WordPress theme, which is fantastic. Visual composer and on-page optimization are great for experiencing the Amazon store affiliate plugin at its best.


  • Maximum Advertising fee: Now earn even more when an international buyer links to their nearest Amazon store according to their location.
  • On-Page Optimization: Amazon store affiliate plugin has all the products with prices available to boost SEO on your site.
  • Money Profit Generator: This plugin will allow 90 days cookie feature and helps you to have an advertisement fee every time a person buys anything from your site.
  • Auto-Import: This Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin allows you to import images from Amazon directly to boost sales on your site.
  • 123 API keyword needed for easy import of products.
  • Ninety days Amazon cookie option.
  • Easily back up your plugin settings.
  • On-page optimization and Facebook fees. 
  • Minimal tools and features are available only.
  • No free API keywords.

Pricing Plans:

  • Regular License: It will cost around $39.
  • Extended License: It will cost $185.

5. AzonPress

Here comes the awesome Amazon-affiliated WordPress plugin, which is similar to AAWP. AzonPress has many things to offer its users, including primary text affiliate links and detailed product displays.

Azon Press

If you want to make comparison tables and product tables side by side, AzonPress has many tools to help you in this case. Now add the product to your site, which brings a considerable amount of traffic with the ”BestPick” feature of AzonPress.

Don’t forget about the geotagging ability of AzonPress that locates visitors to their nearby Amazon store for a better shopping experience. AzonPress is easy to use, and you are free to link numerous affiliations on one site.


  • Easy Affiliate Management: Now manage your affiliate site, commissions, and view reports with the intuitive affiliate management dashboard feature of AzonPress.
  • Geo-Targeting: AzonPress amazon associates geo-target the audience internationally and redirect them to their nearest Amazon for a better shopping experience.
  • 24/7 Support: AzonPress has given more importance to customer care services. You can easily communicate with them as they have a live team to support you whenever you have an issue.
  • Comparison Tables: I like this feature very much as it allows you to have comparison tables and keep updated on the price and quality of the product.
  • Accurate tracking
  • User-friendly
  • Flexible customization
  • Countless affiliation

  • Show support to only answer emails.
  • Too many affiliations may be glitchy.

Pricing Plans:

  • Single site: It will cost around $39.
  • Agency: It will cost you approximately $79.
  • Unlimited: It will cost about $159.

Things to look for in an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin for Affiliate Marketing

Before installing the Amazon affiliate plugin for your WordPress website, there are several things to consider.

Things to look for amazon affiliate plugin

Sync Amazon Products

Pick the option that gives you an edge by automatically syncing your site products with Amazon products while saving you time.


Using Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress with geo-location features is a great idea to locate buyers to nearby Amazon stores and provide excellent service.  

Comparison tables

Comparison tables always make things easier because buyers show a comparison between products and prices.

Pricing Plans:

Keeping in view your budget while availing of the offer is the most important thing to consider. Always choose the option which is affordable and provides excellent facilities.

What Do Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins Do?

Because Amazon affiliate plugins can handle various functions, they come with many different features. Using these plugins, you can insert Amazon affiliate links directly on your WordPress site without writing a single line of code.

The Amazon Product Advertising API is a significant advantage of these plugins. Due to Amazon’s strict guidelines regarding product information accuracy, such as prohibiting the display of inaccurate pricing, this is extremely important.

The price of a product you’re promoting in a comparison table may change since Amazon updates its prices frequently. It would be illegal for you to display the incorrect price. With one of these plugins, you can display accurate pricing information.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

1) Which Amazon-affiliated WordPress plugin is great for the international audience?

Many Amazon-affiliated WordPress Plugins are compatible with fulfilling the need to attend to international buyers with ease. AzonPress and AAWP are best for handling global audiences because both have a remarkable geotagging feature for locating buyers’ locations.

2) Which Amazon-affiliated WordPress plugin is cost-friendly?

Every Amazon-affiliated WordPress plugin has a similar motive to serve you by boosting your sales and bringing more profit to you. You can use Amazon link Engine as it is free and entertains you with more than 1000 free clicks with several great features.

3) What things to notice before selecting an Amazon-affiliated WordPress plugin for your site?

Consider a few things before choosing any plugin services. I suggest you go for those services according to your business size and needs. Consider the following items:

  • Pricing plans.
  • Offers great customized layouts.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Great with configurations.
  • Geotagging and with the accessible facility to insert links.

4) Does an Amazon-affiliated site pay for clicks?

Yes, they do pay. Some Amazon-affiliated WordPress plugins, like the Amazon store affiliate plugin, pay commissions whenever someone buys anything from your site or clicks on it. It is better to link your site directly to the Amazon affiliate plugin to earn more than before.

5) Which is the Best Amazon Affiliate Plugin for WordPress?

We have listed several different Amazon-affiliated plugins for WordPress. Each one of them has a lot to offer. I recommend Azonpress and AAWP because they are similar and have some reliable, incredibly great features.

Final thoughts

I am sure you have a better idea about what features are needed to consider while selecting any Amazon-affiliated WordPress plugins. Choose the services depending on your budget and specific expectations.

Every plugin has its pros and cons. Take the time to examine them before selecting one carefully. Choosing a better option will facilitate your work and increase your earnings.

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