Top 14 WordPress Malware Removal Plugins

Hacking a WordPress website is an incredibly traumatic experience, and panic ensues. A programmatic approach is the best and only option in such a situation. You can install one of the best WordPress removal plugins, scan your site, and continue your work as usual.

Viruses and malware are intrusive programs that harm or destroy computers. Additionally, the malware reduces the site’s vulnerability to various harmful activities. Malware includes worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, and ransomware. Malware affects every level or step of the website’s performance on WordPress.

It involves the web server, website, and user experience. In addition, it may interfere with SEO. There are many signs that malware is present. We are experiencing meager battery life, a very hot phone, and a lot of pop-up ads. There is also an increase in data storage.

the best WordPress Malware Removal Plugins

Here are the best WordPress malware removal plugins that will help you to remove malware by installing and activating the program. After that, it blocks the brute-force attacks completely and sets up the Firewall so that they can regularly scan the coded site.

The best WordPress malware removal plugins:

WordPress malware is prevalent. There are pros and cons to each type of malware. Here are some of the best Word Press malware removal options:

1) Sucuri Malware Scanner and Cleaner:

One of the most widely used WordPress removal plugins is Sucuri. It protects against potential attacks, and this plugin detects threats to a site. Furthermore, Sucuri fixes your website’s SEO, improves its appearance, and removes malicious code from files and databases.

Sucuri Malware Scanner and Cleaner

Additionally, Sucuri helps you restore your website. Furthermore, it protects the website from further attacks and acts as a firewall for our website. The whole process, in turn, enhances the website’s speed and performance.


  • Run a remote scan of your website to check for malware.
  • Check the integrity of the file. This plugin checks all WordPress files against the originals at and flags any variations. You can quickly identify malicious code and delete it.
  • Check to see if search engines or antivirus programs blacklist your site.
  • Harden your site to prevent future infections and attacks.


  • A basic plan for a single site starts at = $199.99
  • Hacker-infected files are repaired fast.
  • A time-consuming process
  • Supports WordPress, Magneto, Drupal, etc.
  • Ineffective for detecting common malware.
  • It removes blacklists.
  • Deletes malware.
  • 2) MalCare:

    MalCare removes malware instantly, server load is minimal, and firewalls protect the website as well.


    Easy to set up. It removes malware with one click, locates malicious files, and detects hidden attacks. In case automatic removal does not work, you can also perform manual removal. The program scans the website on its server and does not slow down your site. It identifies and cleans up any malware found in the files.


    • Checks for both existing and new malware in a comprehensive scan.
    • Removes malware and cleans your site.
    • Blocks malicious login attempts and lousy IP addresses with firewall protection.
    • Using hardening software will prevent unauthorized personnel from making changes to your site.
    • 365-day access to regular backups.


    • The basic plan= $99 per year for one website.
    • The Business plan = $149 per year for up to 5 websites
    • Developer plan = $299 per year for up to 20 websites.
    ●      Cleans malware quickly.● Requires manual intervention.
    ●      You can clean endlessly with it.
    ●      Eradicates malware
    ●      The website incorporates a Firewall.
    ●      Money-back guarantee.
    ●      Detects malware automatically and eliminates it.

    3) SecuPress:

    You can run malware, traffic, or bot scans on your website. To do this, it uses IP addresses, asks the host for permission, and fixes the problem.


    Along with scanning, it provides a security audit report. It also alerts the web host to enhance the website’s security.


    • It’s FREE to download.
    • Plan costs = $69.99 per year for 1 website.
    ●    Providing brute force protection● It is a time-consuming process.
    ●    As well as essential security protection
    ●    Blocks bad bot visits
    ●    Informs of security threats
    ●    Delivers security reports as PDFs
    ●    Firewall protection added

    4) Wordfence Malware Cleaner:

        The malware cleaner is quite powerful. It scans and removes each threat from the website. It checks the theme files, plugin files, and URLs for wrong links during installation.

    Wordfence Malware Cleaner

    With Wordfence, you can detect irrelevant logins, activity attacks, and password breaches. A notification is also sent to the website administration so that they can take immediate action.


    • Ensure your website is free from malware, backdoors, database injections, etc.
    • The login security prevents brute-force attacks.
    • Real-time blocking of malicious IP addresses.
    • Reduces the load on your site and protects it.
    •  The repository version scans core files, theme files, and plugin files. It also detects modified code.
    • It automatically repairs malicious files at your site and provides bulk repair functionality.
    • Checks your site content for malicious scripts, database injections, and redirections.
    • Detects and blocks attacking IP addresses and country-blocking functionality.


    • Wordfence site cleaning service costs $490
    ●  Analyze and report● False alarms occur
    ●    Removing all malware● Cleaning up takes a lot of time
    ●    Deleted hacker files● Site speed is adversely affected
    ●    Assesses vulnerabilities● Repeated hacks incur charges

    5) Astra Security:

    It blocks malware for the first time. Categorizes the malware into high or critical levels and Detects the essential files with a single click. It also includes a firewall, malware scanner, and instant malware cleaner.

    Astra Security

    There is also a dashboard that manages the website’s security. It protects against malicious file uploads. Hackers can be automatically blocked, and it also offers lousy blot blocking.


    • Pro plan = $19 per month
    • Advanced plan= $39 per month
    • Business plan = $119 per month
    ●  Detects malware immediately● Manual malware removal
    ●  You can download scanned reports● Delete malicious files at your own risk
    ● A lengthy process

    6) IThemes Security:

       A good plugin for malware removal is IThemes security. It can remove some malware but not others. Scan time is less than ten seconds, but it cannot remove the malware by itself.

    Itheme security


    • It prevents brute force attacks on your site by banning hosts and users with too many invalid login attempts.
    • Scans the site for possible vulnerabilities and fixes automatically.
    • Hardens the WordPress, wp-config, and disables site file editing from the WordPress dashboard.
    • Changes wp-admin URL and login security with a lot of features. You can completely modify the login behavior.
    • Cleans extra code and information from headers like RSD etc.
    • It also detects hidden 404 errors on the site.
    • Changes the wp-content path, the database table prefix, renames the admin account, etc.
    • It also monitors the filesystem for unauthorized changes and detects bots and other attempts to search for vulnerabilities.


    ●  IThemes demands $52 per year.

    ●  Word Press includes many security features, including regular updates on secret keys.● To clean the malware, it needs other plugins.
    ●  Protects brute force.● Detection of basic malware is not possible.

    7) WebARX:

     It detects malware to a minor degree. The plugin has many cons and is not popular on a large scale.



    • Malware costs $3.49 per month
    ●  It detects issues with SSL certificates● It does not detect common malware.
    ●  Detection of Google blacklists is also available.

    8) Bulletproof security:

                Website security features include firewalls, login security, database backups, and antispam. The software consists of an inbuilt 1-click installation wizard and detects malware attacks and suspicious activities.

    BulletProof Security Pro

    In case of hacks or attacks, you can quickly restore your website with it.


    • It is free to use.

    ●  Installs a firewall on the website● Time-consuming
    ●  Authentication● Detects only a portion of malware
    ●  Suspicion detection

    9) CleanTalk Security:

                It is a professional security plugin for WordPress. It automatically scans for malware. There is a brute force protection feature and a security audit log. It is easier to detect malicious folders this way, and it prevents malware attacks. Additionally, it secures the website by checking plugins and themes with provided analysis.

    CleanTalk Security

    In addition to running automatically periodically, malware scanners can also run on demand.

     If you are facing a malware infection, this plugin enables you to:

    • Scan, identify, and delete known malware.
    • Identify and delete unknown malware using heuristics.
    • Scan your database for SQL injection.
    • Harden your security to prevent further attacks and infections


    • Firewall for web applications
    • Malware scanner with antivirus features
    • Daily auto malware scan
    • Brute force protection
    • Limit Login Attempts
    • Enhanced login form protection
    • Security daily report to email
    • Security audit log
    • Real-time traffic monitor


    • 1 website = $8/year
    • 3 websites = $16/ year
    • 5 websites = $24/year
    • 10 websites = $46/year

    10) Titan Anti-spam and security:

    This plugin offers an all-in-one solution for protecting your WordPress website, and it scans all infected files. A wizard guides you through the configuration process when installing the plugin. The plugin includes a website audit, malware scan, and recommendations. Also, Titan offers a free version.

    Titan Anti Spam and security


    • Antispam PRO
    • Firewall (WAF)
    • WordPress Security Scanner PRO
    • Malware scanner PRO
    • Real-time IP Blacklist
    • Detect Malicious Code in Themes and Plugins
    • Site Checker
    • Premium support


    ●  Premium license costs $55 per year.

    11) Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan:

    It provides an all-in-one solution for protecting, monitoring, and securing WordPress installations. The software monitors file changes and verifies the integrity of WordPress, plugins, and themes. It removes malicious code and viruses from your site.

    Cerber security


    • Limit login attempts
    • Monitors logins, XML-RPC requests
    • Allowlist and blocklist IP addresses
    • Custom login URL
    • Protect contact forms from spam
    • Protect post comment forms from spam
    • WordPress, theme, and plugin authenticity check
    • Monitor file changes
    • Disable XML-RPC (including Pingbacks and Trackbacks)
    • Disable feeds
    • Disable automatic redirection to the login page
    • Weekly security report sent by email
    • Protects DOS attacks

    12) Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall:

    Undoubtedly, it is one of the best malware removal plugins.

    Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall:


    • To find and delete known threats, run a complete scan.
    • A firewall block is also present.
    • Downloads the updates to protect against security threats
    • Premium features:
    • Blocks the brute forces.
    • Check the integrity of your WordPress Core files.
    • Automatically download Updates when running a Complete Scan.

    13) Quttera Web Malware Scanner:

                The Quttera WordPress malware scanner detects and removes malware in all its forms. The plugin does not have any issues, as it receives a small number of support requests on its forum page. In addition to javascript, exploits, malicious iframes, malicious code injection, malicious code obfuscation, and hidden eval code, it detects malicious exploits.

    Quttera Web Malware Scanner
    • The plugin detects whether Google blocks your website.
    • If you are facing a malware infection, this plugin enables you to:
    • Scan for all variations of malware and malicious code, and it will allow you to delete them.
    • Detect files and shells injected by malware.
    • Detect unknown malware, evidently using heuristics.
    • Check if Google and other authorities blacklist your site.


    • Analyzes malware and malicious code in all variants, and
    • Enables you to delete the malware.
    • Detect files and shells injected by malware.
    • Detect unknown malware, evidently using heuristics.
    • Check if Google and other authorities blacklist your site.


    • Essential security = $10/month
    • Premium security = $ 179/year
    • Emergency security =$249/year

    14) Ninja scanner:

    It is a lightweight, fast, and powerful scanner for WordPress, which has many features.

    Ninja Scanner


    • Checks file integrity
    • Views file comparison
    • Filters present
    • File snapshot
    • Database snapshot
    • Incremental scans
    • Background scans
    • Cleans the malware
    • Google’s safe browsing lookup API

    Features Of A Good Malware Removal Plugin:

    A good malware removal plugin must have the following features

    Features Of A Good Malware Removal Plugin
    • Malicious script detection:

    A successful malware removal tool should find and remove all malware from compromised sites. The best malware removal plugin can detect even the most complex scripts or malware.

    • Malware removal without harming the website:

    Malicious codes exist. These codes are challenging to find, and Eval and base are the two words that identify them.

    • Cleans the website immediately:

    Immediately clean your website. Don’t wait too long. Hackers can use a website, send spam emails, and use your hosting provider to get your website blacklisted by Google.

    • Charge once and clean the website many times:

    Once cleaned, malware infections reappeared. Therefore, you can’t charge every time a malware infection occurs.

    Final thoughts:

    This article has explained what characteristics a malware removal plugin should have. The plugins listed above do a great job of scanning and securing sites. Wordfence is a great security plugin because its Firewall is more effective than others, can protect against all kinds of attacks, and has many great features.

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