BigScoots Review

I have done this BigScoots review to share my experience using multiple web hosts to create my 9 websites. I believe that Bigsoots is a reliable but underrated web hosting provider. It might be the first time you heard of them because they favor customer service over advertising. As a user, you do not have to worry about unexpected downtime and a slow website.

If you are looking for a fully-managed hosting solution, Bigsoots might be for you.

Bigscoots - web Hosting reviews

Let’s get started by shedding some light on what is meant by BigScoots.

What Is BigScoots?

BigScoots is a web host providing fully-managed hosting solutions. They focus on customer satisfaction and ensure your website runs at its best. They are located in the US and manage their own servers to deliver the best performance for your website.

Bigscoots website and hosting services

They store all the content you put on your website and display it online. These include videos, audio, articles, products, and other similar items. BigScoots is a well-managed and reputed hosting company. A few essential features offered by BigScoots include:

  • Provides multiple servers
  • Extensive technical support
  • Excellent working speed
  • Quick and effective customer support services

All these features combine to provide stability to your sites with fast processing speed.

How BigScoots Works?

BigScoots is a Chicago-based company with a vast team of technical experts always working to better their customers. Their servers are operated in the best surroundings, which helps achieve increased uptime, speed, and a smooth user experience for customers and site visitors.

Using BigScoots is very easy too. All you have to do is make an account on the platform. Your existing website gets migrated in less time; domain registration is not complex for new users. You must enter your website’s URL to register your domain in a few minutes.

For existent site runners, free-of-cost site migration eliminates commonly faced problems like malware viruses, speed glitches, coding errors, and much more. BigScoots also displays a comparison chart to quickly see improved speed margins from their previous hosting provider.

Who Should Use BigScoots?

BigScoots is most recommended for the businessperson who falls under the listed category:

  • Those website owners that want extra storage and bandwidth for their existing website
  • Newbies who are starting to build their digital business
  • Those entrepreneurs that want a perfect website performance and optimal customer support services and have got a bit high budget
  • If they require help from expertise tech saviors to solve their queries
  • Those website owners are unsatisfied with their current hosting provider for reasons like malware, speed problems, budget or security issues, etc.

BigScoots Dashboard

BigScoots dashboard is simple to operate with no unnecessary items; it makes it easy to navigate and provides a more straightforward search for important options, pages, and instructions. You can find all the essential and latest news on the dashboard and prior network maintenance details.

However, additional essential items and information is featured in BigScoots’ standardized control panel, which is also straightforward to manage.

BigScoots Hosting Panel Attributes

BigScoots’ control panel has Softaculous software that will save a lot of your time as you can directly use applications without installing them. The installer also keeps its site users updated about new WordPress updates. Moreover, for multiple site users, combined installation can be attempted by Softaculous. They don’t have to log in to each installation individually, which is time-consuming.

With BigScoots, altering the PHP version also became more accessible. You can conveniently interchange your current PHP with 5.2-5.6 versions combined with newly updated PHP 7.4.

The hosting panel also features every detail about server load and additional items. You can see progress about CPU cores, their load, entry processes, I/O usage, etc.

Additionally, to access SSH, you can directly consult the BigScoots support team, and they will activate it within some time.

Services Offered By BigScoots

Let’s look at some of the significant services you can access from the CPanel of BigScoots for enhancing your website performance.

One such option that I should mention is Cloudflare. It plays a vital role in handling increased traffic conversion at your site. However, it is not a worthy option for small online businesses or blog managers as it might complicate their load. So it would help if you chose to activate Cloudflare according to your requirements.

An appreciation-worthy thing about Cloudflare’s integration is that it is included in the control panel. Moreover, all domains automatically get added to Cloudflare without activating until you do it yourself.

Even if you choose to give this integration a miss, the speed of your website will not be affected by an inch. It is because BigScoots offers perfect speed optimization for CMS. There are not many technical details on how they work on this feature, but they are undoubtedly trustworthy and perform their work with utmost reliability.

Moreover, for web hosting, backup of data is very crucial. With the control panel of BigScoots, you can easily back up and restore your web data. It is done by storing all the essential data in a zip file created in a few minutes; downloading it might take longer, depending on the size.

An effective restore manager at the control panel lists all the backups and easy restores from those files for data restoration.

The only lacking area of BigScoots offered services is ineffective search engine optimization.

BigScoots Pricing Plans

BigScoots offer clear-cut pricing deals. Let’s have a brief look at BigScoot’s majorly recommended plan.

Bigscoots pricing
  • 155cc Plan:

Costing; If you go for monthly payments, this plan will cost you $10.95 per month. However, you can save $12 by making a yearly payment of $119.4 and around $24 by paying an advance fee of two years, i.e., $107.4.

Features; With this 155cc plan, you can get up to 10GB SSD storage, bandwidth worth 200GB, and unlimited hosting domains. Moreover, you also get 20GB of free storage with Accelerated SSD in the same plan. Additional features of the 155cc plan are an allowance of 20 entry processes, 1GB RAM, 20MB of I/O disk, and 100 existent processes.

It is not the only plan; you can choose from other plans like 105cc or Turbo Diesel. Prices and features of these deals can be seen in the below table:

Plan with pricing105cc $5.95 per month155cc $8.95 per monthTurbo Diesel $17.95 per month
Free daily backupsYesYesYes
SSD storage5GB10GB20GB
Premium bandwidth100GB200GB500GB

BigScoots Site Migration

One of the many amazing things featured at BigScoots includes their free site migration capability.

Remember, it is not limited to the first two or three times, but you can migrate sites for nth times without any charges with BigScoots.

Moreover, the speed of these migrations is super fast, too; they get done even before half an hour.

BigScoots Customer Support

The BigScoots hosting company offers 100% satisfactory customer support services. They have an extensive team of technical experts who immediately respond to your queries related to the website and its hosting. The average time taken to respond is around 5 minutes. Customers highly recommend them for their technical support and immediate response.

Moreover, you can easily access available support tickets on your account’s dashboard as soon as you log in. Furthermore, they will email you every time your ticket gets updated.

Their phone number is also displayed on the dashboard as part of their customer support scheme. Moreover, they also feature a blog and knowledge base to ask your questions and get a great response from the community members.

BigScoots With WordPress

BigScoots also offer virtual dedicated servers with managed WordPress plans. Although the pricing of these plans might be higher for you, it is all worth it. These plans efficiently provide top-notch traffic support, regular monitoring, free backups, security certification, and clone site creation for testing site changes.

BigScoots Additional Features

With the basic hosting plan of BigScoots, you can build up to 5 domains, with higher plans supporting an unlimited number of domains. Moreover, you get free daily web data backups on all plans. This backup feature is usually lacking in many other hosting services. The least they could offer is daily backups for higher plans buyers and monthly for those below.

With BigScoot’s shared plans, you can also get Unlimited SSL certificates for your site to be safe and secure. With unlimited databases and email listings on all plans, BigScoots take the lead with its additional shared plan features.

Bigscoots Pros & Cons

Here are some Pros & Cons of Bigscoots.


  • Discounts on annual, bi-annual, and tri-annual purchases
  • Technical support to solve queries like plug-in, security, speed, and performance issues
  • Highly responsive customer care services
  • Daily free backups
  • Excellent speed
  • 100% reliable


  • No training sessions on marketing, search engine optimization, ranking, and similar topics for newbies
  • No marketing tools


Suppose you are a North American resident hunting for an effective web hosting solution. In that case, you should go for investing in BigScoots. With Chicago’s central location, an appreciation-worthy bit rate and latency are not a problem. Their technical support is another benefit that takes the lead along with their reliable and trustworthy ways of operation.

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