BionicWP Review

Bionicwp review: is this web hosting worth buying

Bionicwp is an all-in-one cloud managing hosting solution that primarily targets individual and small businesses. They provide affordable cloud management WordPress hosting and some application-level support that you’ll not find in any other managed web hosting.

Above all, they offer 100$ cash if they fail to provide better speed than your current hosting before you buy their service. In addition, they’ll monitor your website daily for any threat of virus attack/ malware and hack.

So, if your primary concern is to achieve an optimum page speed and fool-proof security, then keep reading this review, and I’ll walk you through the Bionicwp managed hosting’s best features and what wonders it can do for your sites.

I’ve been using Bionicwp for quite some time now, and I’m thrilled with their service.  Bionicwp has an amazing team behind them who works tirelessly on improving their product daily to offer the best website hosting on Earth!

Bionicwp- a quick overview

Bionicwp hosting

BionicWP is a fully managed WordPress hosting provider that started in June 2020. it offers everything you need to set up and run a successful website. They offer server-level and application-level support; your site is super-secure with the latest WordPress updates because their team will take care of it.

It’s easy to get started with BionicWP because they offer multiple pricing packages depending on how much support you need. Even though the company is quite young and currently hosts around 1500+ websites only, they have a very strong feature base that you can expect in any top-notch managed web hosting.

Some of these outstanding features that you’ll never find in any other Webhosting’s are as follows;

  • Try before you buy; to check the site’s performance before purchasing, they’ll allow you to move your site to a staging environment so you can see what speed level you can achieve.
  • 7-day free trial after that money-back guarantee
  • Daily malware monitoring
  • White label hosting
  • Guaranteed 90+ GT Matrix score
  • Weekly Speed and Load times performance review
  • Advanced WordPress support
  • Free managed migration
  • Managed updates for Core WordPress, Themes, and plugins
  • Unlimited WordPress site Edits

Webhosting plans

BionicWP offers three different hosting plans to fit your needs, starting from $11.90 per month and going up to $25.90 per month. There’s nothing worse than a web host that slows your site down. That’s why Bionic hosting technicians use an exclusive system to host sites into containers and utilize the power of the cloud, so your site can flourish. Each plan is customizable and scalable, so you can adjust it to fit your needs as they change over time.

Lite Plan:

The first plan, the Lite plan, provides unlimited storage and bandwidth for all of your sites and one free domain registration and transfer. This package also comes with one free SSL certificate, which is a great way to increase your site’s security and ensure you’re ready for any potential changes in Google’s algorithm.

Speed and security:

The second tier is the Secure plan, which includes everything from the Lite plan while adding on Managed updates of core themes and plugins, unlike any other hosting feature where the update is automated through apps.

There are many unique features included with this package that can help you create a more secure environment for your website:

  • Daily backups (you won’t need to remember when these happen because they’ll happen automatically)
  • Daily malware scanning (so if anything does try to attack your site or infect it with Malware, it will be automatically removed before any harm can come from it)
  • Anti-malware protection (this helps keep hackers from getting into your system in the first place before they have a chance.
  • Bionic speed monitoring and maintenance is the most attractive feature of the speed and secure package. Your site will be constantly monitored with a team behind to maintain 90+ GTMatrix page speed.
FeaturesLite ($11.90/month)Speed & Secure ($25.90/month)Secure ($18.90/month)
Hosting TypeContainerContainerContainer
No. of Sites111
PHP Memory Limit512MB512MB512MB
Backups30 Days30 Days30 Days
Uptime MonitoringEvery 5 minEvery 5 minEvery 5 min
Free SSLIncludedIncludedincluded
Staging site YesYesYes
Customer supportYesYesYes
Managed core, themes, and plugins updates NoYesYes
Basic speedNoyesNo
Bionic speed monitoring/ ManagementNoYesNo

Alongside these basic hosting features, you can get your hands on some advanced Add-ons such as “unlimited Edits” that allow the Bionic WordPress team experts to edit your WordPress site upon request. You can avail this feature for only 39$/month. Another great add-on is “white label management,” which allows you to interact with your clients from your domain through email tickets starting with $150/mo.

Perks of using BionicWP web hosting

BionicWP is an amazing feature-rich and performance-based WordPress hosting solution. It offers you the following many wonderful and handy features that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. BionicWP has amazing features that no other hosting service offers, such as hack-promise, core software, themes, plugin updates, and a 90+ GTMetix score.

These advanced features empower users to perform optimally and let them collaborate with dedicated support. Let’s learn about these features in detail.

Four dedicated data centers to maintain optimum speed

Bionicwp has four dedicated data center locations that ensure your website is online from all over the world.

  • Amsterdam, NL
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Washington, DC, USA
  • Dallas, TX, USA

High performance guaranteed – Try before buy

Have you ever come across a hosting solution that guarantees performance? BionicWP Hosting offers an unconditional performance guarantee. The BionicWP guarantee works! In case your website doesn’t get a 90+ score on the Google Page Speed Tool or GTMetrix, BionicWP will return your money. You can try the ‘Try before you buy service and see if BionicWP hosting can double your site’s performance.

Unlimited site edits- get a virtual assistant for only $25

BionicWP is the best hosting solution that can help you save time and money. If you want to make a simple change to your site, but don’t have enough skills or free time, then BionicWP will become your Virtual Assistant.

You can send a short request and have it edited within 30 minutes, as many times as you like (up to your plan’s limits). You can make some changes to your website yourself or ask the BionicWP support team, which is always available 24/7 via chat or phone. You can request to add a new page, delete an image, change text, etc. It’s like having an assistant on board.

Hack-proof website backup facility

BionicWP guarantees that it will not let a hacker tamper with your website. The BionicWP Support Team creates a full backup of your website (your website stays on the server, not an export). You get this daily backup delivered to you automatically on your computer, and they’ll email it to you.

You can rest easy with a 30-day data backup from BionicWP. Protecting over 15000 websites from hackers & defacers, they will bring your site back to life within 4 hours… The latest security measures are implemented on every BionicWP hosting plan.

White label Hosting- get all client’s quires solved at no extra cost

BionicWP is a powerful hosting company dedicated to making web developers’ lives easier. They provide a white-label service, allowing developers to sell hosting with no support issues!

BionicWP has created an add-on for all digital agencies struggling with providing higher-level support to their customers. The white-label hosting option allows you to sell BionicWP by bundling it as part of your package. Also, you can delegate all support-related queries to the BionicWP Support Team.

Thanks to Bionicwp’s s White Label software option, agencies can offer web hosting without much technical work. They can keep their costs low and set the prices they feel comfortable with. This option saves time and money for developers who want to market on various hosting plans.

Core, theme, and plugins updates- all for free

BionicWP is the ultimate WordPress hosting platform. Here’s why: BionicWP allows you to manage your core, plugins, and themes all in one place. You can even assign tasks to the support team if you don’t have the time to do them yourself. Don’t worry about wasting hours with this manual process anymore. Plus, you can rest assured that your site is super-secure with the latest WordPress updates because their team will take care of it for you.

Bionicwp CDN- fastest load time, better access

BionicWP offers its customers a free CDN service, the BionicWP CDN, which is available in the control panel. The CDN caches your site and all its assets to multiple servers across the globe. Your sites will load much faster, and you have a better chance of keeping visitors if they return later.

Staging area- test your site in a live environment before launching.

Want to try out a new functionality of your website? BionicWP gives you the freedom of having one. BionicWP can help you develop anything from eCommerce to gaming websites without fear of breaking your site after getting live. Users could see the errors that may occur and get input from their internal team.

You can use it with all the hosting services you already have, so it’s a great option for developers who want to create new features and test them in a live environment before taking them live. It allows you to control your website’s new features before going live.

Try before buy- free trial version

This free service lets you try BionicWP with a free cloud hosting trial account. With your free trial, you can test drive the service and see how fast a website becomes on the market’s highest-rated web hosting platform.

Get optimum speed with a weekly Speed monitoring feature

The BionicWP support team will make every effort to ensure your website runs at top speed. The support team constantly monitors your site’s performance with the Google PageSpeed Tool, and they take action immediately if a score of over 85% is not achieved.

Daily scan for Malware

Bionicwp’s Malware scan is essential for ensuring that your website doesn’t face any downtime. Every server hosted on the cloud platform undergoes a daily automated scan for Malware and viruses. The scan doesn’t impact the sites and provides real-time protection from hackers.

Daily site Backups

BionicWP offers automated backups, which are taken daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also schedule a backup anytime by accessing your cPanel dashboard—Bionicwp stores backups on an offsite server and third-party servers.

Pros and cons of using Bionicwp web hosting


  • Super easy interface
  • Daily backups
  • Proactive customer support
  • Google Cloud compute servers
  • Unlimited WordPress edit option
  • 30-day trial period before purchase


  • Expensive as compared to other competitors
  • Essential Add-ons come at an extra cost

What do the customers say about Bionicwp hosting service?

Bionicwp customer’s reviews show they are highly satisfied with their service. We have collected 50 reviews of BionicWP hosting’s clients, and here’s what they say.

Bionicwp customer review

Bionicwp vs Kinsta webhosting

Kinsta is a very close competitor of Bionicwp, and their starter plan starts from 35$/month with free SSL, one WordPress installation, and basic WordPress support. But the plan doesn’t include advanced level WordPress assistance, core, theme, or plugin updates, weekly speed performance review report, Guaranteed 90+ GTMatix page speed, and unlimited edit options. The price is even higher, starting at 35$, while the Bionicwp starter plan starts at 25$/month, including all the facilities mentioned above.

WordPress site installation11
Money back guaranteeYesYes
Try before you buyYesNo
Managed security on all plansyesNo
Server level cachingyesyes
Google page speed guaranteeyesNo
GTMetrix scoreYesNo
Weekly performance reportYesNo
Global data centers1020
Basic WordPress supportYesyes
Advanced WordPress supportYesNo
Free SSLYesyes
Managed core, themes, and pluginsYesNo
24hours supportyesYes

Bionicwp vs Bluehost

Bluehost’s starter price is 19.95$/month with one site WordPress installation, free SSL, free site migration, and basic WordPress update at the server level. However, it doesn’t offer any advanced features such as unlimited edits, advanced level WordPress support, managed core, themes or plugin updates, and any GTMetrix score promise or weekly performance report. Here’s a short overview of features offered by both hosting’s starter plans.

WordPress site installation11
Money back guaranteeYesYes
Try before you buyYesNo
Managed security on all plansyesNo
Server level cachingyesyes
Google page speed guaranteeyesNo
GTMetrix scoreYesNo
Weekly performance reportYesNo
Global data centers10Not known
Basic WordPress supportYesyes
Advanced WordPress supportYesNo
Free SSLYesyes
Managed core, themes, and pluginsYesNo
24hours supportyesYes

Final verdict: Who Should go for Bionicwp managed to host?

Bionicwp web hosting is ideal for freelancers and small businesses who want to get their site online without the hassle of setting up a dedicated server. Bionic Managed hosting was designed for sites that need a professional level of stability, security, and performance. Some use cases include online stores, startups, Enterprises, Ecommerce/Dropshipping store owners, bespoke software, and large applications.

Also, if you are looking for a reseller hosting solution that’s easy to use and affordable, then Bionicwp’s powerful and affordable web hosting is a great choice for resellers looking for a white-label hosting solution for their clients.

Bionicwp is a great host, and I would recommend (and have) it to anyone. They care about their clients and are VERY generous with their FREE services, like Automatic WordPress installation and security updates. If you go on our review page, you’ll see that Bionicwp has been in the hands of our readers for over two years.

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