Blogger VS Vlogger – Which is Good for Earning

With the increasing influence of the meta world, more and more people are interested in thriving digitally by creating meaningful blogs or exciting vlogs. However, learning about a few aspects of both tasks is essential to becoming one successful blogger or vlogger. But before that, it is also necessary to understand how both differ and which one can be your way to fame and income depending upon your talent.

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The article covers the key differences between a blog and vlog, blogger and vlogger, and several other differentiation aspects.

Blog VS Vlog

A blog abbreviated as a weblog is like a personal or professional diary where one shares their individual experiences about particular products or daily life events. A blog can also be based on general information about fitness, healthcare, finance, business, marketing, technology, education, etc.

A question that arises within the mind of many beginners of this field is ‘is blog same as vlog’? The answer to this is tricky as a vlog is also a form of a blog with only difference in the publishing media. For example, blogs are posted on the world web in the standard text while vlogs on multiple video posting platforms in the form of videos.

Like blogs, vlogs also cover personal experiences of vloggers like their lifestyle or product reviews which can vary according to their expertise niche.

Let’s look at how the works of a blogger are different from that of a vlogger.

Comparison of Bloggers and Vloggers

A blogger is a person who writes content on a relevant topic. At the same time, a vlogger records a similar type of content in the form of a video. However, both work on parallel lines but in different ways. On one side, a blogger works behind the sets, showcasing their skills in their written piece. In contrast, vloggers are the real heroes of their content while working on camera; their body language, attitude, and dressing play a significant role.

Blogger vs vlogger

A blogger’s after work is not as complex as that of a vlogger, as proofreading and formatting the content would not take that much time and effort compared with post-recording editing procedures of the vlogs.

However, both have huge responsibilities on their shoulders which are discussed separately below:

Blogger’s responsibilitiesVlogger’s responsibilities
– Generating blog ideas
– Researching genuine information about those ideas
– Writing and post-writing procedures like editing, proofreading, etc.
– Publishing the content in an appropriate manner
– Promotion of content throughout social media ads, emails, etc.
– Brainstorming the potential ideas and exciting ways to represent them
– Producing a script, filming it, and editing it
– Uploading of videos regularly on video hosting platforms
– Improvise the content according to feedback from the viewers

Both bloggers and vloggers are a vital part of the digital world and can earn huge money through blogging and vlogging. Still, we should not forget the responsibility that comes with it providing genuine and manipulation-free content for the ordinary public.

A Detailed Insight on Blog VS. Vlog

Following our introduction to blogs and vlogs, let’s look at some of their differences.

1) Time Obligation: Blog VS. Vlog

The significant comparable aspect of blog vs. vlog is the amount of time dedicated for the purpose. For instance, vlogging takes up a considerable part of your day since you are first compelled to record the relevant content and then edit it in an amusing way to suit viewers’ likes. The editing section also involves the generation of such a thumbnail that even a random scroller could not stay without giving it a watch.

In contrast, blogging is not less time-consuming, too, as you have a great responsibility of researching the relevant niche and then writing it in an understandable tone, so the reader gets an urge to stay connected till the end. However, in this case, you have a feasible option to outsource the writing part to some freelancing writers to get rid of the required content in bulk.

You can not do so for your vlogs as you are the main character of those videos. You can have this liability for editing, though, by hiring any freelancing graphic designer for the purpose.

To sum up the time commitment aspect, blogging is far more convenient than vlogging as you have the freedom to outsource the work. Still, you have to be active for the latter, being the main character of your videos.

2) Improvisation of the Content: Blog VS. Vlog

Some novice content creators might be of the idea that blogging and vlogging only mean to write and record videos, respectively. However, this is not the case because after completing the primary function, one has to make tons of improvisations in the content, which also involves editing.

For blogging, it is necessary to proofread the piece of writing, do formatting where required and run a grammar check to ensure a highly qualified outcome. This procedure might not be as time-consuming as editing and improvising the videos. You are also required to spend a few bucks on video editing software.

Moreover, most premium software comes with a steep learning curve, which might be another hurdle in achieving a smooth process. But with every problem, there is at least one solution available, and for this, you can hire a tech expert graphic designer who can do the work for you.

However, it is essential to remember that this might again cost you a lot of bucks as expert editors do not settle for less. Hence, it is widely preferred to give some time and learn about the editing strategies yourself to save hard-earned money.

A blog does not demand complex improvisations compared to a vlog but comes with a few potential pitfalls.

3) Publishing Mediums: Blog VS. Vlog

When your blog or vlog is completely ready after required editing and improvisations, it is time to publish it. Both items are posted on different mediums, which calls for a completely separate process. For blogs, you must have a personal website that you can access by purchasing a domain under your name, which costs hundreds of dollars.

However, the flexible option of is also available, which allows aspiring bloggers to publish their writing for free. But if you intend to earn from your blogs, it is preferred to purchase a domain and have a personal website.

Vlogs have much feasibility in this regard. Many platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram provide a free-of-cost medium where you can publish your vlogs and earn money depending on the subscribers/followers and views it generates.

Hence, vlogs are superior in publishing to blogs. You have to empty your pockets every month for a registered website domain.

4) Technical Requirements: Blog VS. Vlog

We have talked about the software vlog editing requires and how one must learn to operate them properly.

Similarly, blogging and vlogging demand a particular set of equipment to be fully functional. However, the former only requires a befitting computer, laptop, or any similar gadget and a stable internet connection which is usually a significant part of every household in the current era. For the latter part, it varies from person to person; some vloggers are highly dedicated to the job. They invest many dollars to get a professional camera and microphone on board for developing high-quality content.

Many are comfortable recording videos directly from their mobile and even use free editing software. Still, of course, the outcome would not be as premium as with paid equipment and video editing software. However, it is preferred to go for refurbished equipment as they would cost a lot lesser with not much compromise on the quality.

For hardware equipment, blogging is a much easier process. You don’t have to spend money on expensive equipment like vlogging.

5) Monetization Ways: Blog VS. Vlog

Most people choose to blog or vlog to earn money besides a few percent who do it for their passion. Here we have got our hands on a similar aspect of both digital tasks. You can monetize them by incorporating advertisements of big brands. However, a company like AdThrive calls for minimum followers or traffic generation before one can qualify for this earning method. 

Another significant way to earn money is by inserting affiliate links into the content. Whenever a user purchases any item from the link, you will be offered a few bucks as commission. However, it is more convenient for blogs as people are more inclined to explore the links directed into a written piece than in a video’s description box.

One can also monetize their blog or vlog by promoting big names in their content. These companies are ready to pay content creators with maximum followers or subscribers if they mention their product in the videos or articles. However, most brands approach vloggers as videos are a more efficient delivery medium.

Out of three monetization ways, we conclude with a neutral result: advertising is effective for blogging and vlogging, with affiliate links being productive for blogs and brand sponsorships for vlogs.

6) Digital Demand: Blog VS. Vlog

Both blogging and vlogging have their separate share of the fan base in the digital world. However, vlogs are visual-based and enjoy a bit superior status. People are inclined to watch their favorite influencers showcase their lifestyles or review their products of choice. According to a report, around 5 billion YouTube videos are watched worldwide.

However, this survey does not indicate the reduced importance of blogs as the value of written content on the digital platform has increased double-fold since 2015. Hence blogging is also a potential earning source if managed with dedication and appropriate resources.

In today’s digital world, videos are preferred over standard text-based content, but this does not mean a decline in the value of blogging as many are still more comfortable reading than watching.

7) Earning Capacity: Blog VS. Vlog

The earnings from each task are variable and highly dependent upon the dedication one possesses towards the job.

According to reports, an average YouTuber earns around $52,800 per year. In contrast, an average blogger has approximately $38,400 per year earnings. Both numbers are pretty decent, considering the hardware and software requirements.

It concludes that a blog or even a vlog can earn you a pretty decent income if done with utmost dedication, hard work, and focus.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

Would you prefer a blog or a vlog?

It all depends upon your talent, exposure, goals, expectations, and investment limitations for the job. For example, if you can afford to buy vlogging equipment and want to become famous, becoming a vlogger would be perfect for you. However, suppose your primary interest is writing, and you want to create a highly valued asset. In that case, blogging might be your ultimate way to do it.

How does a blogger differ from a vlogger?

Of course, a blogger writes blogs, while a vlogger is directed towards creating vlogs. Since both are different, the job is also distinctive. A blogger will research and write about a general or particular niche and publish it under their hosted website, where a vlogger has to create a script beforehand, film and edit the video to make it ready for posting on video hosting platforms. Both are content creators but with different publishing ways and mediums.

Does a vlog count as a blog?

Partially yes, since vlog stands for video blog and is one such type of blog where content is delivered via videos differs from the standard definition of blog aka weblog, which is published on the world web in the form of classic text with a few images if required.


In this post, we’ve covered all the aspects of vlog blog differences and usual questions like what is the difference between a blogger and a vlogger. When you are equipped with detailed information about both, it is entirely in your interest to opt for any depending upon your passion, likes, investment amount, time commitment, and many such factors.

It is important to remember that working with dedication is the only key to success, irrespective of what way you choose. Hence we wish you the best of luck for your upcoming inspiring journey!

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