ChemiCloud Review – Pros & Cons of Cheap Hosting

ChemiCloud is a long-standing hosting service that has garnered a lot of customers during the last few years. The reputation of any hosting company depends on the service, charges, and many other small and major factors. If you are thinking of getting this service, you landed on the right page to learn more about it.

chemicloud hosting review

ChemiCloud Overview: What You Should Know about Features and Offers

Types of hosting availableShared Hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting, managed hosting, cloud hosting, colocation hosting
Price range$3.95 to $10.95 per month.
Free SSL certificateYes
Free professional emailYes
Storage15 to 35GB
Specific offersCache plugins, CDN, storage, free emails, email spam filter, WordPress hosting.
Speed and uptime1.2 sec, 99.97%
Best forManaged blogging, retail business websites, heavy-traffic websites, and many other types of websites.
Number of users (if available)NA
Extra featurescPanel, caching, 1-click install, Built-in website builder, CDN integration, WooCommerce integration, online store builder, etc.

How much does ChemiCloud Hosting Cost? ( Pricing and Plans )

The ChemiCloud hosting service has various pricing plans that are interesting because you can choose the one that suits you. Some website owners have very little work while some may need additional attention. The various pricing plans are:

The various payment plans come with different levels of service. ChemiCloud is uniform in quality, but there are many features and offers that improve as you upgrade the plan. The prices from ChemiCloud are quite competitive as all the other companies that are equally popular offer similar pricing plans. The various levels of businesses can select the most economical, and suitable plans and they will get all the basic, and add-on facilities. Moreover, ChemiCloud is quite within reach for people who do not understand how a website works, and need the hosting service to completely take over their site.

Salient Features of ChemiCloud

This web host is one of a kind because it has various features that suit more people than other such services. We can walk through them according to how we experienced each of them:

Migrations are one of the first features that should be discussed. Customers who own many websites can migrate 50 cPanel accounts within their package pricing. This means that if you want to migrate the cPanel, you get to do it for free. In case your website is not designed by ChemiCloud and you need to convert to this kind of software, then you can migrate up to ten cPanel accounts for free. The web host makes it easy for many business owners to manage their websites easily and more actively with this feature.

The Affiliate Program is a unique feature that allows customers to become a part of the company by getting more customers and getting a commission for the referral. The different commission percentages are according to the referrals that an individual brings in.

The User Interface is simple and quite easy for all customers to understand. Many web hosting companies forget that every individual master his or her business acumen, and knowledge of website working may not be their cup of tea. However, ChemiCloud makes it easy for users to check out links like services, add-ons, payments, and many more.

The Cache Plugins used by the web hosting service will be fast, and responsive and will ensure that your business website never goes off the grid. The performance of the website depends on the cache and the LiteSpeed cache plugin used in all the packages will be a good addition to your website!

Pros and Cons of using ChemiCloud

ChemiCloud has the following Pros and Cons

Pros of ChemiCloud

This hosting service is above many other options and there are several reasons for that. Once you employ these services, you can enjoy the following benefits:

• Load Handling Excellence: ChemiCloud hosting has zero HTTP failures, which makes it capable of handling a load of visitors on the website. Regardless of the traffic, the response time remains low without the cache plugin in tune.

• You Get Free Domain: The free domain that you get by signing up for ChemiCloud will stay with you forever! When this hosting service sends one out, it remains yours only.

• Website Security: Free SSL, 2FA, IP Blocker, SSH Access, Firewall, and many other security tools are available for all ChemiCloud users. When you feel that your website needs another security check, this hosting service will be two steps ahead to ensure that it is done to keep you worry-free!

• Return Policy: How many web hosting services offer a refund in case the customer is not satisfied? Only ChemiCloud! You can use the 45-day refund in case you feel that you did not require hosting, or if your plan of maintaining a website changed.

• Data Centers: There are so many data centers all over the world and if you use this service, you can connect to any of them depending on your location. While many web hosting companies concentrate on big centers, this one has covered various countries, far and near.

• Good Speed: Due to the security checks, and data center density, the speed from this hosting is fast and that means, a better experience for all website visitors. Whether you own an online business or an informative website with graphics, the pages will load quickly and your website users will be happy with the way it works.

• The Developer Tools: ChemiCloud offers various developing tools for website developers to utilize and enhance the quality of the website. Apart from content, graphics, and multimedia sources can be put in place using these tools.

Cons of ChemiCloud

Of course, like every good quality, some downsides exist with ChemiCloud services because it can be hard to please everyone!

• No Temporary Domain: While this can be a good thing for some users, some website owners require a temporary domain only. Since ChemiCloud does not offer it, they might consider moving to some other web host.

• Pricing Plan Facilities: The lowest package does not offer the same essential features that the other two packages offer. For example, there is no protection from any kind of malware, which may lead to some serious problems.

• Storage Issues: The storage limit with this web host is less, and that can pose some issues in the long run. The emails may take longer and even the website loading may get impacted.

• Uptime is Average: Uptime for any website decides how many people can access it in different parts of the world and whether it remains online all the time or not.

• Minimum Plan Three Years: The plan for hosting packages is for at least three years, and that may be a problem for some

ChemiCloud Customer Support

This web host gives customers a lot of convenience features and customer support is one of them. Website hosting requires constant help from the technicians and this business provides a good communication platform through emails, live chat, phone, and ticket system. Now there is no way you cannot get guidance when you need it most!

Apart from live support, you can read the manual articles on the website to find all kinds of information. Whether you are developing a website or using a new website, the information will help you with various issues that users face frequently.

Who Should Use ChemiCloudConclusion

This web hosting service is good for a variety of businesses. From bloggers to online shop setups can use the beneficial services. However, some small disadvantages make this web host more favorable for bigger businesses and websites that need longer domain possession, more traffic, and a more engaging interface.

If you have a retail business or need to set up an interactive website where visitors can leave comments, or post pictures and reviews, the ChemiCloud service is best for you. Small bloggers and users who require websites with lesser traffic might consider some features to be a little inconvenient. For example, there is no malware security, and the domain is not temporary. This makes the web host unsuitable for some users.

Top 3 Alternatives of ChemiCloud 

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

• What is the ChemiCloud CDN?

CDN means the Content Delivery Network, which is the network of servers around the world. A website connects to the nearest server, and that makes the uptime better, and the speed faster. ChemiCloud offers CloudFlare CDN for free and that makes your website work smoother.

• Does ChemiCloud offer any coupon code for discounts?

Yes, this web host provides discounts and if you still want bigger cost cuts, you can use the coupon codes that can give you a whopping discount of more than 50%. Many independent reviewer sites offer coupon codes for their visitors.

• Is the refund policy real?

Yes! In case a customer is not happy with the service or if they feel that ChemiCloud is not fit for their business website, they can opt for another service and their payment will be reimbursed without any questions asked!

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