Contabo Hosting Review – Pricing, Details & Features

These days looking for the best service or product can also be a challenge, thanks to an overwhelming amount of information available online. How would you know if a particular service is reliable or not? The best way to find out is by finding reviews that cover all aspects of the service, or product under consideration. Contabo Hosting reviews are more or less the same, so we decided to go a step further to find out what the service is all about, and what we can get when we try it.

Contabo Overview: What you should know about Contabo’s features and offers

Types of hosting availableVPS hosting, VDS hosting, Dedicated hosting, Shared hosting.
Price range$6.99 to $34.99
Free SSL certificateYes, available with all packages
Free professional emailYes if requested.
StorageDecent amount of storage for each package
Specific offersDDoS and many other personalized offers are available
Speed and uptimeSpeed is high and instant connectivity is available. The website remains up at all times and there are no lapses.
Best forAll kinds of business models and blogs
Number of users (if available)The number of users are open, every package has an average number of users.
Extra featuresResponse time of 36ms and 384ms.

How much does this Hosting cost? ( Pricing & Plans )

Contabo focuses on VPS hosting services, and for that, they charge between $6.99 and $34.99 per month. The other kinds of services that may add up to the bill are shared hosting, VDS, and dedicated servers. Each of these services does not cost a lot and there are definitely going to be discounted services for customers. The team at Contabo makes it clear that users know what kind of cost they will have to bear at every stage and that puts a big plus in front of this hosting service brand.

The Packages

There are four VPS hosting plans and each of them is equipped with DDoS protection and snapshot technology. Users can select the OS that has to be pre-installed on the server and an appropriate control panel is selected. Some services like the cPanel and Plesk are paid, but you get some free bundle services like +Webmin and Webmin. The summary of the packages is as below:

• VPS S: This plan will cost users only $6.99 per month and it offers 4 CPU cores, 8GB RAM at a 32TB bandwidth, and 1 snapshot that can work for blogs, and other kinds of small-scale websites that are only meant to impart knowledge about a firm, or a company and do not require much interaction.

• VPS M: This package costs around $11.99 and offers 6 CPU cores, 16GB Ram with 32TB bandwidth, and 2 snapshots. This package is suitable for intermediate website hosting that does not require heavy-duty traffic or even too much interaction from visitors.

• VPS L: This large package offers 8 CPU cores, and 30GB RAM with 32TB bandwidth and 3 snapshots. The cost of this package is only $19.99 per month! If you run a business through your website, this can be your ideal pick as it allows average contact with visitors and also offers many additional features. This package is most subscribed by regular users of Contabo.

• VPS XL: This service is for $34.99 and is most suitable for e-Commerce websites and other such services that require heavy traffic on the site, and also requires interaction. Users who subscribe for this package get 10 CPU cores, 60 GB Ram, and 32TB bandwidth with 4 snapshots. This package is also popular because of the clientele of Contabo Hosting.

Pros and Cons of using Contabo Hosting

There are numerous advantages and disadvantages of using any particular service. These may include personal experiences such as customer care, or it may even mean economical packages. Let’s see what kind of pros and cons this service entails.


• Pricing: This is a definite plus as many hosting services give users very hefty packages in terms of cost. Some services charge a flat rate and that means that bloggers and small-scale businesses may not benefit from them in the long run. For example, if you have a fashion blog and expect only a few hundred visitors in the beginning, the packages from these services will begin from 5000 or even 10000 visitor plans! This may cost a lot for any start-up.

• Diversity of services: The usual packages from hosting services include primary services only while Contabo offers flexibility of services. There are numerous types of hosting that you can avail of, but if the service provider is not clear about what you will be receiving in each package, it can be confusing.

• Performance: Contabo has various servers at different locations and that is why the service performance is always going to be immaculate.

• Ease of use: The service packages from Contabo are easy to understand and their service is the coolest because they do not hide any charges. Moreover, people who are involved in their business do not want to take out the time to learn about website maintenance and management and that is where Contabo service comes in! The plans are so easy to use that bloggers and users can focus on their work rather than taking classes for maintaining the website!

• Customizations; Users can customize their website and this step is so easy yet interesting because it gives users the liberty to make their website look the way they want. This service is unmanaged, yet it gives you various options to customize and make your work look the way you want.


• Customer service: The customer service from Contabo is efficient but the problem is that it is only available during business hours, five days a week! There are so many issues for which users may need to reach out to the hosting service provider at any time of the day and if they are unavailable that can leave users in limbo for hours!

• Lower price range can be suspicious: Although this is not a con per say, many users think that the lower price range may mean a lower standard of service and this puts them off. However, the truth is different and Contabo users are more than satisfied with the services.

Customer Support

Immediately after reading the cons of Contabo, readers might assume something bad is about to come up, however, on the contrary, the customer service from Contabo is nothing but helpful! Yes, the shortcoming is that it is only available during business hours. The main channels of communication are email, telephone, and website, but there is no live chat. Web hosting service is quite like a medical practitioner who has to be around when patients need them! Live chat is considered the emergency channel for all users but if it is not available they have to resort to emailing or telephone calls. These services are only available during office hours and that can be a problem for all users.

Final Thoughts

Contabo Hosting service provider is a brand and it has a vast clientele due to the most economical packages and immaculate services. Users can depend on connectivity with the servers placed in different places and that ensures 100% satisfaction from users. The various packages are flexible, and the uptime of this service is fantastic. Moreover, you get all kinds of assurances and certificates that prove that this service is the one to choose.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

If you still have some questions regarding the services from Contabo, look at what other people have been asking and you may find what you were looking for.

• Will I need to pay extra if I want to expand the package within a month?

Contabo offers flexible payment plans for customers and if you decide to upgrade the package, you will be charged for the upgraded service for the same number of days as you used. Moreover, the amount paid for the previous package will get adjusted into the total at the end of the month, so you will be paying even lesser. There are no cuts and there will be no non-refundable fee!

What kind of package will be best for my online small business?

For a small business, you will need to put up a limited number of pictures and each of them will require some interaction from the visitors to your website. You can select VPS L, which is reasonable in price and allows a lot of services that suit mediocre business websites.

• Will Contabo provide round-the-clock support?

Unfortunately, Contabo can only be contacted by phone and email, and there is no live chat. If you need to reach out to the hosting service you will have to email or call and that means the reply will only come when the technical team is in the office. Therefore, assistance is only available during weekdays and business hours.

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