NFT Minting website

How to create an NFT minting website

The world is going crazy for NFTs, and we’re here to tell you how to make some cash off of them.

We know what you’re thinking: “What are NFTs?” Well, it stands for Non-Fungible Tokens. They’re unique digital items—in other words, they can’t be copied or duplicated. They’re a new way to distribute your work online without worrying about piracy! And they’ve got nothing to do with fungi.

It’s a great way for artists and designers to offer their work globally without worrying about copyright issues or getting ripped off by scammers. You can even sell your NFTs for real money—and if you do it right, you can make a fortune!

This article will discuss NFTs and how you can turn your physical or digital assets into money-making machines using your own website.

What is an NFT

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique assets that can only be exchanged for other unique assets.

These are stored decentralized using services such as Interplanetary File System and blockchain technology. This means that no one can delete the assets, ensuring the owner’s rights and allowing everyone else to see the details of the asset’s history.

When it comes to NFTs, the first thing to know is that there are two types: those that can be traded for traditional fiat currencies like dollars and those bought and sold using cryptocurrencies. Most NFTs are purchased using Ether (ETH), which is the most popular cryptocurrency for trading on NFT marketplaces.

NFTs are digital assets used in games and sold on secondary markets. They can be used as part of the gameplay or traded like a stock. When NFTs are traded on secondary markets, they’re often represented by ERC-721 tokens—blockchain-based contracts representing ownership of an NFT.

This means that NFTs can be used as part of gameplay in games like CryptoCelebrities and CryptoKitties, which use ERC-721 tokens to represent the value of their players’ collections. These collections can be sold for real money (usually in cryptocurrency). But not just any cryptocurrency will do: most NFT marketplaces accept payment in Ethereum (ETH) because Ethereum is the most in use and widely traded blockchain for launching NFTs.

Before minting NFTS

you can start minting your own NFTs; but first, take into account the following things

  • The first thing you need to create your non-fungible token (NFT) is a song, artwork, or collectible that you want to represent.
  • You’ll also need cryptocurrency to pay the minting fee and a cryptocurrency wallet to store your crypto.

Most popular types of Nfts

The most popular NFTs are digital artwork. You’ve probably seen NFT art pieces selling for insane prices. These art pieces are often parts of a collection with a predefined amount.

The second type is digital gaming items. These are usually limited edition or rare items that can only be obtained through buying the item or receiving it as part of a promotion or event.

Gaming nft

In the gaming world, NFTs are taking off.

Gaming NFTs are a great way to own digital assets in various blockchain-based video games. These assets can range from an item, a character’s skin, or the character itself. You can also own virtual land in the VR metaverse for various blockchain-based video games.

While these can be used for trading and selling, they’re also great for creating communities around your favorite game. When you create an NFT, you can create rewards for other players who have a certain number of tokens or skins from your game—this creates more engagement and loyalty from players!

Text and social media posts

NFTs have enabled creators to monetize almost everything, from texts and social media posts like tweets to video clips and even entire games.

People with a following can create an image of one of their previous communications, such as a text message or tweet, and sell it as an official NFT. They can then use this token to interact with fans in various ways, including sending messages through the blockchain itself!


The sports collectibles market is among the fastest growing in terms of NFTs, and it’s a particular favorite among players of the NFL. The league has launched its own digital collection line. Tom Brady, future Hall of Fame quarterback and New England Patriots legend, has launched his own NFT platform to sell sports collectibles.

Basic steps you should follow to set your NFTs to sell

The basic steps of creating an NFT or minting NFTs are not complicated if you are already familiar with the cryptocurrency concept. However, if you are not conversant with cryptocurrency, you can easily learn NFT minting following these simple steps.

1. Get yourself a Crypto wallet

The first step is to acquire a crypto wallet. You’ll need a crypto wallet to store, buy, and sell your NFTs.

You’re probably wondering what a crypto wallet is. If you have a bank account, you already have a crypto wallet—it’s just a digital version of your physical wallet.

A crypto wallet is just like an online account that stores your private keys and public addresses used to transact on the blockchain. If you don’t have a crypto wallet yet, it’s time to get started!

Many wallets are available, but we recommend MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet because they are easy to use and will make your life easier when it comes time to buy/sell NFTs.

2. Fund your crypto wallet

Minting an NFT is a lot like paying for a road trip. You need enough gas in your tank to make it out of town, and you’ll also have to pay for some roadwork.

Minting NFTs is not just a matter of clicking a button and making it happen; you must do some work first! You must fund your crypto wallet with enough cryptocurrency to cover the cost of minting your NFT.

To fund your crypto wallet, you can either buy Ethereum (or whichever crypto you plan on using) or use one of the many exchanges that allow you to buy cryptocurrencies with fiat money.

3. Choose your marketplace

Once you have enough cryptocurrency in your account, you can mint your NFT for free. Next, you’ll need to use an NFT marketplace to sell these Nfts. There are a ton of Nft marketplaces out there, but we’ll be using OpenSea in this walkthrough because it’s the most popular and has a really easy interface.

4. Connect your wallet to the Opensea marketplace

Connecting your wallet to OpenSea is a quick and easy process. Once you’ve created a wallet, you must click the “Create” button to start. When you do, it will automatically ask you to connect your wallet. Simply click on the wallet you created and follow the instructions.

5. Create your NFTs

As we discussed earlier, before you can mint an NFT, you’ll need to set up a wallet and fund it. You’ll also have to connect it to the marketplace of your choice.

Once you’ve done that, minting your NFT is pretty simple! Just follow the instructions on the marketplace, and create an account with them if necessary (or log in if you already have one)

  1. upload your file of choice (image, video, etc.),
  2. select terms for sale (such as whether it will be sold at auction or for a fixed price),
  3. and then click “mint.”

That’s it!

Setting up your NFT shop with WordPress and Woocommerce

Now, I’ll show you how to create an NFT website using WordPress and woo-commerce from scratch.

Setting up an NFT website using WordPress isn’t a big deal, and I’ll show you two different solutions using NFT Maker plugin by Tatum and WP Smart Contracts.

If you are just starting and haven’t bought any domain and hosting, the first step is to buy a domain and hostings for your NFT website now. Head over to our Webhosting reviews section, and you can get plenty of good choices for your website.

I highly recommend Bluehost because it comes with a one-click WordPress installation with all their web hosting packages.

Then head over to the plugin section, download the WooCommerce plugin, and set up all the required information for your online NFT store.

Once you are done with Web Hosting, WordPress, and Woocommerce installation, it’s time to convert your digital shop to an NFT minting website. We will install an NFT Maker plugin by the Tatum development platform to help you create, mint, and sell NFTs from your website.

NFT maker

To start minting NFTs, you must connect with any of the blockchains mentioned above in the basic rules for setting up nft website. Therefore, we will use the NFT maker plugin by the Tatum platform to let us connect with blockchains we prefer to work with.

You’ll have to do two things to get it done right

  • Download the NFT Maker and activate it.
  • Get an API key

Go to the WordPress repository, download the NFT Maker plugin, and activate it.

When you click on the NFT Maker plugin under the plugin menu in your dashboard, it’ll lead you to the Tatum platform to create your API key so Tatum can mint the nfts we create. 

When you’ll click on the “ Get API key” you will be offered 4 plans, choose the plan according to your need and after providing your billing information you can setup the API key and save it.

payment option

After the payment and API creation, you can see your API key on the main dashboard.

show api key

Now, copy this API key, go back to the NFT setup in your WordPress dashboard, and paste this key there to finish the plugin setup.

paste api key

Your NFT shop is all set to go. Now let’s move on to creating your NFTs

Creating NFT product

Creating an NFT product is as simple as adding any product to your WooCommerce store.

add product

Go to: Woocommerce > products > Add New Product.

Next, add product details such as price and check the downloadable checkbox. Also, select the blockchain to mint your NFTs out of the given options.

We have selected Polygon because of the low gas fee.

Add product details

When your product is published, a new token will be minted.

Customers can purchase the NFTs once these are live by adding them to their cart, and the checkout process will be initiated. During checkout, they must mention which blockchain address they want to receive their NFT. Once the payment is done, the NFT will be transferred to the customer’s provided address. The customer will share a link to the blockchain explorer on the order confirmation page, where they can view and verify their purchase.

Mint NFTs

Once you are done with creating a marketplace of your NFTs on your website, you should make these NFTs a component of the Ethereum blockchain. To do this, you have to Mint Nfts.

Follow the procedure to start minting NFTs

  1. Select your digital wallet; the most widely used and popular choice is MetaMask, an Ethereum wallet that works best for mobile and web.
  2. Connect your digital wallet with any NFT marketplace. The most common NFT marketplace is opensea.
  3. You’ll need some currency to buy Ethereum currency in your wallet.
  4. Post your digital asset (image, text, video, etc.) to the marketplace and fill out all the required credentials such as name, price, and type of auction
  5. Once uploaded, the details can not be edited again, so make sure to double-check your details.
  6. Click on create button
  7. Your file will be submitted to the Interplanetary File system (IPFS).
  8. Pay the gas fee to start the minting process
  9. Once the gas fee is paid, your NFT minting will start over.

WordPress smart contract

WordPress smart contract is a  WordPress plugin that allows you to create, deploy and manage an NFT store on the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Matic, or xDai blockchain. The plugin can be configured to allow investors to trade tokens with each other or be attached to a smart contract where all of their properties are retained.

This means token balances and other information will not change unless a user with appropriate permissions updates the contract. In short, with WP Smart Contract, you can set up your blockchain-enabled website to sell collectibles and virtual goods. Sell your assets simply by sharing a link to your site.

You can download the plugin and once you are finished with download and activation, go to the settings to configure the plugin.

You’ll find four skin options to set the appearance of your marketplace. When you are done with the outlook of your marketplace, go to the new collection and click on Add New collection.

You can begin to arrange smart contracts once you set up the design. You may check all the boxes and go to the Deployment option. After the formation is complete, you can access the link to review contract information.

Conclusion [Benefit of creating NFT minting website]

One of the biggest benefits of creating NFTs is the ability to create an entire ecosystem around buying and selling these assets. With WordPress smart contracts, you can create a marketplace for NFTs so that people can buy and sell them on your website.

NFTs are one of the most exciting applications of blockchain technology. Using a decentralized network, you can quickly and effectively create a marketplace where anyone can buy and sell NFTs. This will open up a world of opportunities for buying and selling physical goods, such as art pieces and cars, or digital assets like music, video games, or intangible designs

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