DreamHost Review -“A Good or Bad Web Host?”

Dreamhost is one of the leading hosting services out there. There are so many reasons for it. You can rely on this fast-speed service, and there are so many rankings that this service has topped. However, every web hosting is not for everyone.

Dreamhost overview: What you should know about Dreamhost ( Features and Offers )

Types of hosting availableShared Hosting, managed hosting, cloud hosting, colocation hosting
Price range$2.95 per month
Free SSL certificateYes
Free professional emailYes
Specific offerseCommerce hosting, enterprise hosting, multiple domains, professional services, marketing, website design and development, free domain transfer, website migration, etc.
Speed and uptime1073ms and 99.7%
Best forWebsites that can tolerate the uptime and slow loading
Number of users (if available)Unlimited
Extra featurescPanel, caching, Built-in website builder, CDN integration, online store builder, etc.

How Much Does DreamHost Cost? (Pricing and Plans)

The Starter plan from Dreamhost is as low as $2.95 per month, which is one of the lowest in the market. There are no features left out and yet the competitive price is so attractive. You get unlimited bandwidth, an easy-to-use panel, and privacy protection along with many other things. Users get personal email addresses, and then it becomes easier for you to correspond with the visitors on your website.

Pricing is one of the first things that users find attractive. However, we always recommend everyone to check the features and weigh the advantages of the packages. If you weigh the pros and cons of this web hosting service, you would know whether it is for you or not.

Pros and Cons of using Dreamhost

Dreamhost comes up in Google searches among the top few services. There are numerous reasons why this service will suit you. Assessing the pros and cons will help you understand whether it is the absolute best for your business needs or not.

Pros Of DreamHost

• Monthly Hosting: The month-to-month hosting plans from Dreamhost are a big advantage for those who want the flexibility to quit at any time. There are no long-term commitments so all the people who want to run websites for a short period, or the ones who do not want to invest in a lengthier program will benefit from this offer.

• Money back guarantee: There is a 97-day money-back guarantee, which users can avail of without any problem. When you feel that you do not want a website plan, or that the hosting is different from what you had in mind, you can always withdraw.

• Cheaper option: There are so many web hosting services around that it can be overwhelming for users who have lower demands but want professionalism. However, pricing is an integral marker that helps many people decide in favor of a particular service. Dreamhost is truly a dream for website owners who want professional services at lower rates. The reason for these lower prices is not that the service is compromised. It is because each user gets so many facilities that the uniformity of services makes it easier for the service provider to maintain websites. You may think that it is something like economies of scale, but for services and not commodities.

• Excellent basic plans: The basic plan from other web hosting services is usually about just the basic things that do not deliver a high degree of professional features. However, Dreamhost does not leave out anything and all subscribers get the best of the services that they wanted. Moreover, different types of businesses can apply for the basic plan as it does not take away any of their time. On the contrary, getting all the services in one go can be a big convenience tool that reduces time waste.

Disc space and network transfers: Users will love the amount of space they get with signup, even if it is for a month only! The disc space and bandwidth are unlimited, which means that all your business website or even personal website needs will remain top of the charts as they will gain popularity due to the extraordinary availability and reach.

• Environment friendly: The Dreamhost team understands that it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure a safe environment and therefore they believe in zero waste green function. The green revolution is taken seriously by this web hosting service and they promote it through the way they execute business.

• Data centers: The data centers are not only green but they also are enough in number to keep your website connected in every region. Moreover, the data centers are powered by renewable energy so they are never going to add to your guilt.

• Control panel: When I used the control panel from Dreamhost, I observed that it is a personalized panel for all your needs. This pro can be a con in some situations such as when the website owner does not know what to do with a panel. Some people may find themselves oblivious to the technicalities and do not even want to indulge in such things!

• WordPress site migration: Free site migration is a big push as it enables users to move their website and the best part is that it can happen with zero downtime. This feature is no less attractive than the others and there are so many websites that require it.  

Cons of DreamHost

While there are so many advantages, there are some disadvantages to every web hosting service because every service is not for each of us!

• Lesser Uptime: While the market average is around 99.91%, the uptime from Dreamhost is lower at 99.7% and that may compromise the performance of your website. This average uptime is recorded over six months and the offline hours were enough to cause some concern from high-traffic websites that cannot afford to be offline.

However, the company promises payback if the monthly average falls before the threshold. The service has promised 100% uptime in the terms of the service notice, but that does not really match the performance. The payback is a consolation but the discomfort is going to stay with all users.

• Slow load time: The slow load time of this service can be a problem, especially if you are running a retail business that requires accessibility all the time. The load time can be a crucial factor because if the pages do not load quickly it can mean losing visitors. The speed from Dreamhost is lesser than what other services have to offer as it stands at 1730ms.

Dreamhost Customer Support

The customer support from Dreamhost may seem efficient because they give you the email option and even the phone option. However, these options are not available at all times. The most essential one among the various channels is live chat and that is not at all efficient! If you ever visit the website and ask a question on the chat, there is a chance you will not get any reply!

Many users believe that sometimes the chat is good but sometimes it is not helpful at all. Imagine if you have to contact the service at an odd hour and it is serious. If the chat does not answer, it can be a serious issue for some users!

Who can use Dreamhost – Conclusion

Dreamhost’s basic packages are a big invite to website owners of all types. Whether you run a full online shop business, or you have a blog that is about images, and places or needs some graphic work, the web hosting service will be enough for you!

WordPress hosting services open up a plethora of options for everyone who wants to maintain a website but does not want to be in a commitment for too long. The monthly packages are a convenience for bloggers who are not sure if they want to maintain the website for years. Moreover, the email addresses and the domain remains theirs and that means they do not need the service going on for too long!

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

• Is Dreamhost going to be a good choice for small online businesses?

Yes, Dreamhost can be a good web hosting service for small businesses that do not get a lot of traffic and can be offline for an hour or so in a week or a month! Moreover, the loading time will not be a problem if you have limited traffic and do not require a lot of page loading.

• What kind of money will I have to pay for site migration?

You can migrate the website for free. Moreover, there is free transfer of websites by this fantastic web hosting service.

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