EasyWP Review – Pros & Cons

EasyWP Review

Are you looking for a managed web hosting package for your WordPress site? Your search can stop here! With Namecheap’s EasyWP, you get an all-in-one WordPress host at affordable prices.

Namecheap was founded in 2000 and, with moving years, made its place as one of the top hosting companies in the world. Currently, it manages around 10 million websites effectively. EasyWP is Namecheap’s extension that was designed exclusively to support WordPress hosting.


Let’s look at what EasyWP offers, how it can benefit you, and its significant setbacks as a managed web host.

EasyWP: A Fully Managed WordPress Host

EasyWP is a wholly managed WordPress hosting site offering all the essential features necessary for web hosting. They include:

  • WordPress installation
  • 99 uptime guarantee
  • Namecheap cloud-based services
  • Secured database access
  • Temporary free domain until you don’t have your domain registered
  • Custom dashboard
  • Built-in maintenance options
  •  SSL certificates
  • Convenient backup and restore options
  • Secured file transfer protocols
  • Content delivery network
  • Secure socket layer setup
  • Caching
  • 24/7 customer support services

Along with the above-mentioned technical aspects, you can find many more exciting items in EasyWP that intend to make things easier for you.

Some people opting for managed hosting of their site might not be a good idea as they fear losing a controlled grip over the provided hosting features. But overall, it is a better hosting plan choice as it focuses on website building instead of just managing it.

EasyWP Pricing Plans

Let’s look at the managed hosting plans offered by EasyWP for WordPress hosting.

EasyWp Pricing
  • EasyWP Starter Plan

The pricing of this plan is $4.88 per month; for the first month, they charge only $1.

A few features you get with this plan include 10GB of solid-state drive storage and an allowance of 50 thousand site visitors per month.

  • EasyWP Turbo Plan

To purchase this plan, you have to pay $8.88 per month. The first month’s charges are $2.

This plan includes 50GB solid-state drive storage and an allowance of 200 thousand visitors in one month.

  • EasyWP Supersonic Plan

The highest tier offered by EasyWP costs around $13.88 per month; for the first month, you have to pay only $3.

It provides enormous 100GB storage of solid-state drive and can accommodate 500 thousand visitors per month.

Moreover, you can get discounts upon choosing to make annual payments.

EasyWP As Cloud Based Hosting Provider

EasyWP is a cloud-based hosting service, the benefit of such a service is that you can get rid of all the issues commonly faced with virtual private servers or shared hosting. It also lets you acquire a list of multiple benefits included in dedicated hosting at a very affordable price similar to that of shared hosting.

Each EasyWP plan has sufficient SSD storage capacity. The pricing plans are easy to understand, too, with few technicalities. Moreover, the visitor limit makes it easy for customers to choose a plan that best fits their demands.

Advantages and disadvantages of using EasyWP

Advantages and setbacks of easywp

Advantages Of EasyWP

EasyWP, specifically designed to host WordPress sites, has advantages that make it as effective as any competitor-managed hosting provider. Let’s look at some benefits of using EasyWP.

  •  Affordable Plans With Satisfactory Features

You must invest tons of money in your website-building venture, even for web hosting. Many excellent hosting companies are available in the market, but it is essential to make the right choice. It would be best to prefer those who can give great value for your money in their packages.

EasyWP offers extensive WordPress support and other additional features at meager prices. Their renewal charges are also affordable.

  • User-Friendly Dashboard

Unlike other hosting providers, EasyWP has a proprietary dashboard. It is very convenient to manage and use it. Although most people prefer CPanel, this type of dashboard provides a smooth user experience.

  • One-Click WordPress Installation

With EasyWP, WordPress installation on your site became much more manageable. It is a single click away, helps beginners avoid mistakes, and incurs a fast website-building process. Setting the sound basics of your website right from the start is vital.

  • Simple Backups And Frequent Security Updates

Daily backups are critical in case of any mishap. It also comes in handy to handle downtime if happens. If you lose your site data, these backup files will serve as your rescue, and you can quickly restore the data.

You can run manual backups or rely on the site’s routine backup files. You can easily access backup options through the dashboard.

  • Built-in Caching Capabilities

There is no chance for websites with a loading time delay of even one second in the digital world. According to trusted reports, a hold of one second in loading any website will lead to the loss of a 20% traffic conversion rate.

EasyWP offers a built-in plugin with each hosting plan to avoid this issue. This feature ensures your website’s fast speed and stable performance in all cases.

Moreover, their pre-installed caching solution can handle everything from page objects to databases, saving a lot of your time.

  • Free Of Cost Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network, also called CDN, is vital for immediately delivering website content to visitors. They run a vast network of servers throughout the world. These servers provide website content to visitors depending on their geographical location.

Moreover, this feature makes your website scalable and accelerated like never before. The procedure to incur this feature into your site is not difficult; it simply takes 5 minutes to attach CDN to your website domain.

A few features of CDN that comes with EasyWP’s Supersonic plan are:

  • Live analyst reports
  • Next-generation hypertext transfer protocol with 2x support
  • 45 server locations with fast speed and high performance
  • Global monitoring of the website’s overall performance
  • Web application firewalls to ensure next-level security for protection from hackers
  • Free dedicated SSL certificate
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Every customer first has the right to get satisfied with the services and features of any hosting company and then invest their money in different plans according to their needs. A few companies offer a free trial for some days to their customers.

However, few providers opt for the money-back guarantee option on their plans which also serves a similar purpose. With EasyWP, you get the last-mentioned option through which you can conveniently ask for your money’s refund if you don’t like their services for any reason.

Disadvantages Of EasyWP

There is no doubt that EasyWP offers a complete package for managed web hosting, but there are some areas where they need to improve. Let’s look at some of these setbacks of using EasyWP.

  • Unclear Uptime Warranty

Although EasyWP promises 99.99% uptime numbers, they don’t have a solid guarantee to maintain it. Other service providers offer guaranteed uptime so that in case of any mishap, they compensate for it through various offers. You can incur no such options with EasyWP.

  • Blocked Plugins

As you know, EasyWP installs caching plugins on WordPress sites automatically to manage three advanced levels of caching. However, Namecheap has blocked a few plugins, and you can’t use them.

These blocked plugins have adverse effects on WordPress websites’ performance and stability. Let’s look at which plugins are blocked by Namecheap and why.

Plugin NameReason
accesspress-social-proThis plugin slows down WordPress.
ad-blocking-detectorThis plugin is the reason behind the unnecessary load on the MySQL database.
auto-upload-imagesThis plugin has security issues.
dynamic-related-postsThis plugin got removed from their repository.
ewww-image-optimizerThis plugin needs exec function, which their server has banned.
easy-social-share-buttonsThis plugin resulted in unnecessary load on the server.
database-browserThis plugin interfered with caching mechanism.
currencyrThis plugin conflicted with caching.
custom-field-templateThis plugin slowed WordPress.

Some other very popular banned plugins at EasyWP are:

  • Easy social share buttons
  • Similar posts
  • WP rockets
  • WP super cache

There are some more blocked plugins for which you have to visit their official site.

  • Website Limitations

EasyWP by Namecheap allows only a single WordPress website installation with its plans. For adding additional websites, you might have to buy their extra subscription, which may not fit best with your budget. Each WordPress website to be added will cost around $29.99, turning this cheap plan into an expensive one real quick.

It is perfect for those who intend to run a single site, but multiple site runners should stay away from EasyWP.

  • Phone Support Not Present

Phone support as a part of customer care services is essential; however, EasyWP lacks it. You will either have to wait for live chat hours to get opened or rely on help desk tickets.

EasyWP: Do I Recommend It? – Final Verdict

Namecheap has excellent value in the hosting market for its reliable services and extensive hosting features. Since EasyWP is an extension of this service provider, it has also received recognition for providing high-maintenance managed web hosting.

If you are tight on your budget and want a high-quality web host with WordPress support, you should become a member of EasyWP. Their plans are highly affordable with cheap renewal rates; otherwise, most companies charge a lot for renewal.

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