Fastcomet Web Hosting Review – Cheap Hosting, But What’s the Catch?

Fastcomet may be considered one of the smaller web hosting companies, but that does not undermine its potential as one of the best options for users anywhere! This web hosting service has a vast clientele and we will explore why and how it has become a competitor for some long-standing hosting service companies.

Fastcomet overview: What you should know about Fastcomet Features and Offers

Types of hosting availableShared, Cloud VPS, Dedicated, WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart Hosting
Price range$2.95 per month to $5.95 per month.
Free SSL certificateYes
Free professional emailYes
Specific offersSingle Hosted Website, 15 GB Storage, Free Domain Transfer, Fair Usage of Bandwidth, 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee, Daily Backups, cPanel, 1-Click Restore Management, Free SSL, Unlimited Email Accounts, and more.
Speed and uptime544ms and 99.90%
Best forBlogging, informative websites and online shops.
Number of users (if available)Unlimited
Extra featurescPanel, caching, 1-click install, Built-in website builder, CDN integration.

How much does Fastcomet Hosting Cost? Fastcomet Pricing and Plans

The starting price for Fastcomet web hosting is as low as $2.49 per month. This is called the FastCloud plan, which gives you some features such as 15GB of memory, and unlimited accounts. The bandwidth is also reasonable, and you can handle one website.

Then there is the $4.70 per month FastCloud Plus plan. You can have unlimited websites, and 25 GB of memory/storage. There are some additional features such as free private DNS, and three website transfers.

The FastCloud Extra costs $4.99 per month and it offers unlimited website management, unlimited users, and many other unlimited features. All these packages are competitive and up to the market standards.

Pros and Cons of using Fastcomet

Fastcomet is a good service and as you just saw the packages, they are as good as any other service company offers. There are many claims that we had to review to see whether this service is suitable for all or not.

Pros of Fastcomet

• Good Speed: This web hosting service proved to have an average speed of 544ms. Over a period of six months, the web hosting service proved to have this average speed, which meant that it will pass Google’s minimum speed by a wide margin.

• Money back guarantee: While the price of all the packages is competitive with the market, there are many web hosting services that try and hide various charges, or do not offer money-back guarantees in case you do not like their service. This web hosting manager is different! The money-back guarantee that Fastcomet gives is much more than other services. While others give a 30-day window, this one gives 45 days for customers to think about their choice, and then if they feel that they do not need web hosting, they can apply for a return and it will work!

• Free CDN: The content delivery network hosts your website data across the world. Fastcomet is going to give you free access to all the servers and this is going to be a big plus for website owners who wish to conduct businesses that need worldwide access and a high number of visitors.

• Domain transfer, and free site: If you already have a website on some other server, Fastcomet will transfer it for free. You can now get the same web hosting for all your projects. This service is quite convenient, and many customers can make the most out of this offer.

• Multiple Datacenter Locations: There are more than 10 data center locations in the world and that is why the access is awesome. There are servers on all continents in the Northern hemisphere, which means that the access will be worldwide!

Daily backups: With many web hosting services, you will have issues with site problems that can be risky for your work. Who wants to ruin their website overnight and not have a backup to rely on? Fastcomet has daily backups, which means that there are going to be no risks of losing your hard work by a small mistake or a wrong technicality.

The best part is that Fastcomet is going to make these backups available to customers for free and they can avail of them anytime they want. If you have to restore your website, it will take just a click!

Cons Of Fastcomet

Just like there are many good points about using Fastcomet, there are some bad parts as well. Well, not for everyone but you need to see what is going to be a good service for you, and what will be bad.

• Lower uptime: Just like speed, uptime is an essential factor and there can be numerous reasons for everyone to believe that they need another service if the uptime is low. Fastcomet is lower than the other web hosting services. While some services have a 99.99% uptime, this one has 99.90%, which may seem like a small margin but translates into hours over a few months. The uptime is lower because of the lowest uptime in a few months. This shows that the uptime is inconsistent.

• Domain name: The domain name is not free. While many web hosting services offer free domains, there are many questions about this offer. However, you will need to pay $9.95 for registering a domain name with them for the first year. And the next year is going to increase to $10.95. For people who want to run a retail business or online portal where visitors can interact with each other, you will need the domain name consistently for years. However, this service will not be free.

Customer Support from Fastcomet

The Fastcomet web hosting service offers excellent customer support. You can rely on live chat, email service, and hotline and you will always find the right answers. Websites can be a tricky business because you need help at any time, and that is going to happen many times. If a web hosting service does not provide good customer support, it can be torture. Fastcomet realizes that and so whichever mode of communication you choose, they will be happy to serve. This feature makes this web hosting service worth everything. No matter how late you contact us, the live chat remains one of the biggest advantages. Even if a few features are missing from your package plan, this one covers up for all!

Final Thoughts: Who should use Fastcomet?

Fastcomet is good for small and medium businesses that do not need heavy traffic like retail businesses and online shops. Moreover, bloggers, video bloggers, informative websites, travelogs, and many other kinds of websites can benefit from this hosting service. There are not one, but many big advantages for people who want to use this service, and if your business does not have a demand for a domain name, consistent uptime, and a rolling per month charge of the lowest plan, this service is for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

• Will this service cost more than other services?

No, the monthly plans from Fastcomet are going to be quite reasonable, in fact, they will be cheaper than many other services. However, it is best if you compare the plans from other companies just to be sure for yourself. We know that you will agree that this web hosting service is reasonably priced.

• What kind of package plan should I use if I have a blog?

You can select the FactCloud Plan, which is the elementary plan and has so many benefits for bloggers! You will get all the stuff you need and even if you need any help, customer support will be there to help!

• Is Fastcomet good for online shop setup?

Fastcomet can be a great choice for online shops and retailers, however, you must keep in mind that you will need to renew the domain name every year, and that will cost you more than some services that give their clients free domain names forever.

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