Flywheel Hosting Review – Is It Worth It?

Flywheel provides managed WordPress hosting most suited for creative agencies and designers. You get a fast-loading website since its servers are optimized for WordPress. They use Google Cloud to power their container and get maximum uptime. This review aims to help you make your choice.

What you should know about Flywheel’s features and offers

A speedy service that does not charge big bucks is a dream come true for all beginners! Here is all that you will be exploring about this service!

Types of hosting availableWordPress optimization, custom caching engine, a powerful infrastructure, and content delivery network. Worldwide server availability.
Price rangeHigher than many competitors, but absolutely worth the service offered.
Free SSL CertificateWorld-class hosting and SSL certificates
Free professional emailAvailable with all packages
StorageFree storage of up to various limits depending on the plan that you opt for services.
Specific offersOptimized dashboard, nightly backups
Speed and uptimeExcellent speed and 100% uptime
Number of usersRanging from 5000 to 500,000 depending on the plan you select.
Best forAll kinds of work websites such as portfolios, blogs, e-Commerce, and business information.
Additional featuresNo manual installations, excellent security

How much does Flywheel hosting cost?

All users consider price as the deal breaker for all kinds of services. Since web hosting is all about skill and might not even require a lot of time f the hosting resource is efficient and skillful, many users become reluctant in paying!

Flywheel caters to both businesses and individuals such as freelancers. There is a wide range of offerings and you can pick a plan that suits you. However, if we keep our focus on the pay-per-site plans, the following payment plans will be available:

• Tiny package: This will cost users only $13 per month and can support up to 5000 visits. This plan is best for portfolio websites that are for readers, shoppers, and similar kinds of website visitors. These websites do not need regular updates. For example, company profile websites, or general information about a topic.

• Starter package: This package will cost you $25 per month and supports a whopping 25000 visits per month! Bloggers, freelancers, and people who need to update or add more information to their website daily will benefit from it.

• The Freelance plan: This package costs around $96 and can handle a much larger number of visitors. If you are expecting around 100,000 visitors each month, this plan will be right for you. This package is designed for medium service sites and online stores. This package allows users to expand their websites and add up to ten addresses and independent websites to this.

• Agency package: The agency package can handle as many as 500,000 monthly visitors. This package is for users who need to interact with their customers through online work only. E-Commerce sites, active blogs, and even websites related to the collection of data such as employment sites, or doctor sites provide the general public a forum to email or get in touch with recruiters or doctors respectively. The cost of this package is $242 per month.

The starter and tiny package address the needs of a single WordPress website, although the latter two are for intensely growing businesses that seek website maintenance as a daily task! All these packages are quite reasonable considering the amount of work Flywheel will be contributing on a daily basis.

An individual blogger might feel that it is more than another hosting service, but as your work grows, you will begin to feel that it is the least you could do to see growth so soon.

The uptime of all the package services from Flywheel is 100%, which makes it the best hosting service since many competitors can only stretch their uptime to 99%, which means that in a day, your website visitors will not be able to access the website for almost 14 minutes.

The Pros and Cons of using Flywheel Hosting

Assessment of the pros and cons will help users understand how this web hosting service fares against the other services available. Here are some advantages that you will be enjoying if you get this service:


  • Excellent support service.
  • The stable and efficient performance.
  • Advanced features and multiple offers for freelancers and agencies, make the cost worth it.
  • Excellent suite of options related to WordPress suite.
  • User ratings on reliability and performance are extremely high!
  • Easy to use and good customer support make this a good choice for beginners.


  • You may find some cheaper competitors in the market, although we believe that will be a relative feature. The cost of services must be assessed after comparing the kinds of facilities available.

Flywheel Customer Support

For any new user, or business expert who does not have the acumen to run their own website or create new pages to expand their growing business or blogs, customer service is an integral part of the process. You may want endless support on the basic layout or furthermore, you may need assistance in setting up the email address and retrieving data every time you begin work.

Flywheel ensures amazing customer support round the clock. Whichever time zone you live in, or whatever services you need, the virtual assistant will be your companion in all your endeavors. There are various channels of communication that include plain email tickets, telephonic conversations, social media, and live chat as well.

Many reviewers only check out the website and talk about the features mentioned. However, for our readers, we conducted a short test of the customer service, and every bit of it, even the live chat turned out to be the most helpful method of communication. You are all the time connected to people who are beginners or even old-timers who need support regarding various aspects of the website.

Apart from living help, the hosting service provides support by sending in a lot of resource material for users to read so that they get educated about the specific issues including billing and consumer rights that they can exercise to maximize what they receive. If you still need support after reading the resource material, you can opt for 24/7 live assistance from anywhere in the world.

Final Thoughts

Flywheel hosting service is an ideal choice for a vast number of users who are looking for unique features and the best services to get their business going. You can choose Flywheel if you are a blogger who requires daily updating and contributes to the blog daily.

You can benefit from excellent features such as professional email, customer support, and even comment boxes added at the end of each web page, or independent blog that you create.

If you are an online shop owner or even if you have a small business that requires traffic on the website to ensure that your business runs smoothly, Flywheel has various packages for you. The services and the smooth functioning websites are the results of a solid hosting service and Flywheel will not disappoint you!

Top Flywheel Alternatives

There are many hosting services available in the market. While you can find some of them by exploring the Internet or taking recommendations from other users, we have collected some information about the competitors that are at par with Flywheel in some ways.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

• If I am a culinary writer and need a blog for sharing my recipes, will Flywheel be a good option?

Yes, Flywheel can be an ideal option for independent bloggers lacking sufficient knowledge to run a website. You can try out Flywheel Tiny package for some insight into maintaining a blog, along with a personal email for your professional work, and features such as interactive sections like comments on each blog.

As your work will grow and you begin to add more pictures, and videos, and receive more data from your viewers, the package can be renewed. If you go for the ‘Tiny’ package first, it will allow up to 5000 visitors each day! This is some high traffic considering your blog will be new!

• What kind of businesses can select the Agency package?

The agency package is an ideal pick for bigger online businesses such as retailers and e-commerce gurus that receive a lot of visitors daily and also need a large database space to exhibit the items that they are putting up for sale.

You must have visited online clothing shops, or even grocery shops that display pictures of every item, descriptions, and even detailed zoom-in options. All these businesses are using the facilities from a web hosting service that offers all the options that Flywheel serves as part of the Agency package.

  • Is the payment plan flexible or do I have to pay everything before starting?

Flywheel understands the needs of users and offers flexible packages and payment plans. No matter what kind of services you have in mind, the hosting service does not believe in burdening the users at all! This is why there are monthly charges shared on the website. Instead of paying thousands of dollars a year, now you can pay only a smaller amount that is easy and manageable for all businesses.

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