Host Monster ReviewIs It Worth the Cost? (Pros & Cons)

Host Monster is one of the hosting services we use and then decided to review. Our team of experienced website developers and bloggers have tried this web host, and the results are shared as they are! This hosting review includes pricing, main features, support, and other key elements.

Host Monster Overview: What you should know about Host Monster features and offers

Types of hosting availableWordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Moodle maintenance. Shared VPS, and Dedicated Hosting.  
Price range$4.95 to $6.95
Free SSL certificateYes
Free professional emailYes
StorageUnlimited for plus packages, 50GB for basic
Specific offersEmails and Spam Guard and Privacy for plus packages
Speed and uptime824 ms and 99.93%
Best forModerate businesses that do not require fast speed.
Number of users (if available)Not specified
Extra featuresProtection and Spam Guard.

How much does Host Monster hosting cost? ( Host Monster pricing and plans )

There are many basic, plus, and choice plus packages. Each of these is designed to suit the requirements of all the users. These packages cost between $4.95 and $6.95. The renewals of each of these plans also have costs. Therefore, we can say that the initial payment is less, whereas each following month you renew the plan and that costs much more. The renewal costs vary between $11.99 and $17.99.

The basic package may seem to be very economical with only 50GB storage and five email accounts, which means that you can have up to five people to look after the website, return emails, answer queries, and all other business-related communication. This plan is about $4.95 per month and upon renewal, the fee is $11.99. This makes the monthly fee from the second month onwards become too high for any kind of service that allows a small advantage. Moreover, the basic package does not even have any additional benefits!

The Plus Plan costs $6.95 per month, but the renewal cost for every new month is $14.99 so the total cost comes up significantly. For all those who want to work on WordPress websites, this fee may be a little high and there are numerous competitors that may even charge only half of this. However, the rest of the review will help us decide whether this hosting service is worth the price you pay or not.

The Choice Plus Pan is a little costlier, as it provides the maximum support with higher storage, unlimited email accounts to manage and SpamExperts, Domain privacy and protection, and even Code Guard Basic. All these additional benefits can help E-commerce business owners and the best part is there is excellent customer support in all three packages. Many of you might feel the fee is high but the quick, and high-response customer support is something that covers up for much of it.

Pros and Cons of using Host Monster

There are numerous benefits of using Host Monster, as we mentioned earlier, the cost of each package has to be justified. The pros of using this service will help users decide if this service is good for them or not. Check out the pros of using this service:


• Excellent customer service: The round-the-clock service and support make this hosting service an excellent pick because most WordPress website owners do not know much about website management. There are a few things for which continuous support and help are needed. You can rely on these folks for all kinds of queries at any time.

• Ease of use: Using the admin panel was really an easy task for me. I found it very clear and user-friendly.

The easy usage of this service makes it a perfect fit for all users. The best part about this service is that they do not expect you to know everything about hosting or maintaining websites. Sometimes, businessmen are very successful at what they do, but because they do not know the way to manage a website, they become dependent on these hosting services more than ever! The easy-to-use hosting from Host Monster makes users concentrate on their work instead of focusing on the website.

• Fast connectivity with servers: Host Monster allows the website to remain live at all times even when it is being used from different regions. Many news websites and interactive resource websites require viewership from various places in the world. Host Monster’s wide network of servers makes it possible for website owners to stay worry-free about people getting access to their websites.

• Money Back Guarantee: The money-back guarantee will make it easier for people to try out the hosting service without feeling tied down. The money-back guarantee gives users a chance to try out the service and if they feel that they are paying too much, they can go back to their older service without any money loss. Another reason why a money-back guarantee is a big pro is that most users believe that it shows the service providers’ confidence and trust in their hosting service. If a service does not believe in what it is offering, there is no way that its users will feel confident in them.

• Free WordPress Site transfer: You can enjoy free sign migrations in the first 30 days of the service. This enables users to get a free migration for one WordPress site. Have you ever decided to go for a higher package only to realize that the lower one would’ve worked equally well? Host Monster understands user convenience and wants to provide it to all.

• Excellent security: Host Monster provides some of the best security options to help users protect their websites from malicious trespassing. You will feel safe and secure from hacking, and your website data will be guarded by Host Monster. High-end users who opt for packages such as Choice Plus will be able to enjoy various kinds of security checks and anti-hacking methods.


There are a lot of disadvantages for various types of users too! See if you understand what kind of disadvantages you would get to see with Host Monster:

• Hidden charges: There are many hidden charges, renewal fees, and even a few small changes that have no logic. However, many users ignore these charges because they are comfortable with Host Monster. When you begin the web services, you will realize that the payment does not stop at a particular time! You will have to keep a check on all the expenses on your website as each extra feature will be charged separately and that can make it an uneconomical service. Users who are running smaller businesses or are maintaining WordPress websites for pleasure or leisurely purposes will find some features to be too high in price.

• Slow speed: Yes there can be all correct milestones like a good uptime or number of servers but if the speed is not good, the website owners and visitors will see the problem. Over the last few months, the page load time has increased, making visitors very uncomfortable with it. The average page speed by Host Monster falls below 824 ms in the last six months. This speed can be low for various kinds of businesses such as E-commerce websites and interactive websites where owners have to communicate with their visitors.

• More time to feel the benefits: Have you ever experienced working with a company or a service provider that only seems beneficial in the long run? Well, Host Monster may be one of them! The services keep charging you for various things for the first few months, and only when you have paid them more than you expected to pay, they become a little easier to manage. Users who feel that they need some kind of economical package might not find them with this service, and that can make it a long affair of expectations.

• Plan renewal costs: As we mentioned earlier, the cost of renewal is so high that users will need to keep paying until a few months have passed and they have gotten all the facilities that they required. These high renewal charges make the monthly cost many times higher than what Host Monster markets. This can be misleading for all the users who only select the hosting service because they want to get more than what they pay!

Host Monster Customer Support

The customer support from Host Monster is by far the best! This feature is so strong that many users believe that they can forgive the high charges because of the customer service. When you get any package from this service, the hosting features are one thing, but the support you get from the host is going to be fantastic. You can reach out to them at all times and a team of experts will be happy to help you. After a helpful chat on the website you will feel so easy and relaxed that for a few minutes you will think that even if the cost is high, the service is worth every penny.

Will we still recommend this service to you? Well, if you are a small business owner who needs a WordPress website to only show your presence, this service is not for you. Host Monster is ideal for people who cannot run websites and need technical assistance, but can afford to pay for every feature individually. The speed tests for this service reveal that it cannot be the best service for E-commerce websites. If you have an information resource page or website, this service will be good for you.

Final Thoughts

Host Monster Hosting service is one of the famous ones, but most of the popularity is because this service claims to charge very low. Once users opt for this service, they get to know that there are many charges attached. However, if you want good uptime and vigilant customer service, this service is for you. You can try out the various packages and benefit from 24/7 customer support.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

• If I run a small cosmetics business, will Host Monster be a good choice for me?

A small business that does not expect more than 500 visitors on the website should opt for a cheaper hosting service because Host Monster is more suitable for businesses that have a huge turnover so that the price does not pinch users! The idea is to pay for the hosting service from the profits, and if that is right, you will find this service more expensive!

• Will Host Monster be available for our office workers in another country?

Host Monster has servers everywhere and covers the worldwide web! Your workers can access customer support from anywhere, and everywhere!


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