Host Website on AWS ec2

Host Website On AWS EC2 – [How to Host a Website on AWS]

Nowadays, innovative ways and effective ideas are launched to make your business presence easier on the web. These improved methods have reached different website elements, from widening conversion domains to hosting a website on AWS EC2. Unless you want your business to be taken over, there is a constant need for improvement.

host website on aws e2

Most people want to implement them as part of their strategies but are afraid to jump in. Before that, you should know all the different components of the internet of things. It includes buying domains, hosting, and even AWS with security certification.

All these patterns and terms may be unfamiliar, but you must dig in a little deeper to excel. In this blog, we’ll be discussing all AWS ec2 host website.

All About Hosting a Website

The web hosting service is responsible for operating the internet servers to allow individuals and businesses worldwide to show their content to their respective industries. The content depends on the services your brand delivers.

You’ll find different hosting service providers at every corner, but you only have to pick those who can provide you with the latest features and can be affordable for you. Choosing a host is the most crucial decision whenever any website is made.

Why AWS?

Amazon Web Services is one of the most reliable hosting services that can give your website a huge kickstart, especially when you want to take your business a step ahead. It offers all the features represented by cloud servers with affordability and scalability for more customer engagement.

WHY aws e2

There can be many different reasons of choosing AWS mentioned as follows:


As Amazon uses centrally located servers, it allows the automatic syncing of data among all the connected devices. 

Easy Backup

AWS offers easy data backup to avoid data loss. Keep your files updated from time to time, and all of the workers within your company can access them as per your settings.

Low Costs

Amazon web servers are said to be one of the most reliable yet affordable servers that have been developed to make it easier to carry out business on the web.

aws e2 PRICING

These servers have a huge chance of scalability according to the traffic perimeters, saving a huge load of money and reducing the burden.

Key Services

There are more than 140 services offered by AWS. Among them, some primary ones can get your website a long way. These include RDS, EC2, CloudFront, and S3, covering all the aspects of data storage, processing, networking, analysis, security, portability, and much more.

EC2 Instance

Among many services offered by AWS hosting, the EC2 instance stands out. It is the abbreviation of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud that offers scalability when it comes to processing capabilities within the Amazon cloud server.


The relative deviation within the performance depending on the traffic flow is the biggest perk of the EC2 basic motive of cloud hosting. It’ll provide your website with uptime and boost when the traffic is higher, making it more scalable than ever.

Most people usually buy a certain period of hours on virtual servers, which they can use to deploy their website to get the most out of every feature.

Hosting a Website on AWS EC2

You aren’t required to implement any rocket science when it comes to hosting websites on AWS EC2. Just follow these simple steps to get past the process quickly and effectively. You can always start by creating an AWS account if you still don’t have one.

Launching an EC2 Instance

Before getting started, you have to launch the EC2 instance for your website. After signing in to the AWS console, search the term EC2. Meanwhile, you’ll be required to select the region in which you want your website to be working. Then, go through the EC2 dashboard and tap on the launch instance.


It is important to choose the type of EC2 carefully as it depends on your website’s storage capacity, memory intake, networking domain, and scalability.

After launching an EC2 instance, it’s time to select the operating system that should be used for running your virtual machine. It is recommended to select the free version of the server as you can switch to the premium one after you’re adjusted to the website.

Configure Instance

Now, you can just select all the features given to you by default and can even add more as per your choice. After that, you can also adjust the storage capabilities and whether or not you want to add an external drive for your website.

Configuring Security Group

You have reached the step that can determine your visitors’ involvement and engagement boundaries as per your website security groups. You must create custom rules from different security groups that can affect the instance.


There are two traffic boundaries to choose from Secure SHell and Hypertext Transfer Protocol. With the secure shell, you can create a virtual environment for viewing your website, while HTTP can display your web content on a browser.

You can choose these security groups according to your business needs and requirements. Once you’re done with the confidentiality agreement, you must create, select, and update the instance details and the essentials required as per your security group.

Manage IP Addresses

When you’re in the development phase of your website, you’ll be given elastic IP addresses by AWS, which you can use for allocating addresses.


As you’re working with the public domain in AWS, these addresses can be variable. You can change them on your virtual machine. If you change the status of your instance from running to pause, you’ll be assigned a new IP address yet again.

If you want a fixed IP address for your website, then just go to the network & security panel and tap on Elastic IPs. Once you click Apply, you’ll be given a permanent IP address that’ll remain unchanged.

SSH to EC2 Instance

Start by clicking on the Instances option located on the sidebar, from which you can find a new instance being created on the EC2 Dashboard. After a few seconds, the instance status will change from static to running. At this point, you have to scan every detail about the instance and copy the IPv4 Public IP address of that instance.

After that, just download the key-pair.pem file and then switch the permissions from the file. It can only be done by typing in the commands on Git Bash for Windows and just clicking enter. You’ll get a prompt in between processing, for which you must type ‘yes’ to continue.

By changing permission, you have made a direct connection from Git Bash to the new EC2 instance or the virtual machine. You can also add up more benefits by changing your profile to root user. Once you’ve completed the process, just update every available package on the EC2 Instance.

Install a Web Server

The final procedure you should follow to build an ec2 website is to install the web server for effective operation. Start by downloading and installing an Apache Server and start the services.

To check the complete configuration and features, you can run different default levels of every service.

Not only that, but you can also verify if the website you’re hosting with AWS works with its complete functionalities. This can be done by getting the root for the website displayed by default from AWS. You can type in any sentence of gibberish you want to show on your website for test verification by following the HTML framework.

Lastly, you can enter your instance’s IPv4 Public IP address on any browser to print the sentence you input earlier. If your website is running smoothly, your sentence will appear on a blank page of your browser.

Final thoughts

Most people consider hosting a website as a daunting job, but if you host a website on AWS EC2 instance, it can be a lot easier. There are multiple benefits of using the AWS instance; the prominent one is its scalability feature.

You don’t always have the budget to keep your website performance powered up so it gives you an escape. Whenever you observe lesser traffic flow, your website performance will automatically reduce thanks to EC2 instances.

Try following all of our above-mentioned steps carefully to host your website without any difficulty.

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