How to Plan a Website Structure to Improve Navigation and SEO [Step-by-Step Guide]

If the planning and arrangement of your article are not made well, Google can’t rank it. The public will never get access if the data and information are not organized. Chaotically jumbled sites are the worst and get no attention from browsing engines.

Step by step guide to improve seo of website

Planning of user-friendly structure for a website can turn the messy site into one that the users and search engines love. An intentionally well-designed site receives excellence in search and appears to most searchers.

This article will serve in the best manner and educate you about managing a powerful site for search engines.

What is a Website Structure?

Website structure refers to the interconnection between different data and pages of the site. The site pages must be organized and interlinked with each other. Moreover, how the navigation and SEO support the website.

The website navigation structure matters a lot. It helps out the visitors in navigating the information from the website. In addition, the website crawlers catch the new content from the properly arranged site for ranking it.

How to Improve Website Navigation?

How to improve website navigation
  • Creating a website structure needs some ways to follow. You can follow different steps to improve the Website Navigation mentioned below:
  • Keep it consistent: Consistent navigation on the website explains how and where the information appears. It enhances the visitor’s ability to find the content and encourages ease of use. If the pages of the websites are not connected, it gets difficult for the user to find the correct data.
  • Divide categories clearly: If your website contains multiple pages holding information of different types, the information should be truly defined for the ease of the visitors and give it the best website structure.
  • Use accurate titles for navigation: The navigation titles should design to assist the visitors in finding the information according to the general ideas in their minds. Incorrect and irrelevant use of the title cause difficulty for the public. The search engines cannot access them for ranking. It offers the basic website structure by helping in amazingly mapping a website structure. 
  • Ensure every clickable image has ALT text: A link to any image in the website promotes your site for ranking. Moreover, it is vital for the image that links to the next page. 
  • Introduce search bar: Introduce an in-site feature to your website to display the relevant content to the visitors. This feature should never display “any product” as a result. It should also compensate the error like misspellings and many more. 

Steps to Plan a Website Structure

Here, you’ll learn how to take the first step in planning the business and what steps you must follow to gain the best results. These steps will imply newly designed or already existing websites.

1) The Basic insights into the Business 

The idea about the basics of your business fall in this category. The knowledge about the competitors, prices, products and services to sell, etc. It gives you the direction to your victory. These things give you an idea about your position in the business world. Moreover, how you differ from the rest in this field is another thing you will get to know.

2) Start with the Keyword Research: 

Keeping the basic idea of your business, get yourself started researching the keywords. Take the initiative for the website of your business. Start searching for the keywords about your business that brings in traffic. Traffic means getting more visitors to your website.

You can go for paid tools in this regard. It is because they offer a more significant edge for business research.

3) Competition research: 

Mapping out website structure requires research on the competition business related to you. Going through the related websites gives you more ideas and ways that can aid you in doing better. 

4) Think about the Website Hierarchy: 

It is where the main task gets started. Arrange your information in a user-friendly and logical way. For this, you can create a website structure diagram on the main page that explains your topic in steps. 

linear structure of website
Network structure of website

Please keep it simple and easy for the visitors. A Diagram of the website structure helps the website get more traffic and SEO ranking.

5) Prioritize URLs in navigation bars: 

It is another step for planning a website structure. Using keywords as URLs enhances the SEO ranking chances and appeals to most visitors. For a better user experience, give priority to the URLs.

6) Create navigation with HTML and CSS: 

The most demanding method for the crawlers to read your navigation is connecting with HTML and CSS navigation. Responsive website structure is essential, and you can get to this by navigating with HTML and CSS. You don’t need to rely on others as they are bad for SEO ranking.

7) Create internal connection strategies: 

Internal linkage helps Google and other search engines to find the content and pages for ranking and optimization. Moreover, the Silo website structure is another way to enhance your SEO. 

silo website structure

8) Create a Sitemap for your website: 

Most search engines use sitemaps for optimization. It is better to create a sitemap for your website as it is easy for search engines to index your pages faster. 

Types of website structures

The three most common website structures can improve the navigation of your website. They are listed below: 

Linear or sequential structure: 

 Different pages hold information on different categories or sub-categories linearly linked to each other in the linear or sequential website structures. For instance: the main page connects to the service page in linear order.

linear or sequential structure

In addition, the service page has a connection with the request page. This type of website structure is most suitable for small businesses that aim to present items, their selling, and their profit. 

Network and web-linked structure:

It is another type of website structure that assists in ranking your website by search engines. This structure is not so common. However, it is suitable for websites with fewer pages and can be connected easily.

Hierarchical or tree-like structure: 

The most famous structure that gives more chances for optimization is the Hierarchical website structure. You can apply it to websites related to any specification. It follows a hierarchy from the general to the most specific page. 

How to Improve SEO with a good website structure?

If you have a proper website structure with SEO-friendly organizations, users and Google understand this improved arrangement of the information and pages. Improving website structures matters a lot and is essential in optimizing the website.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to rank your website as the top website by the browsing engines.

1) Publish relevant content: 

Relevant and authoritative content is critical for your website to rank at the top. It increases the traffic to the website, along with the site’s authority and relevance.

2) Update your content regularly: 

Keeping the content updated is another way of improving the content regularly. It is considered the best measure of a site’s relevancy. It is vital for the basic website structure.

3) Metadata:

Metadata includes three types of data: 

  • Title metadata 

It is the most important metadata on the website page. It is responsible for the page title at the top and the headline. 

  • Description metadata 

It includes textual and wordy data displayed on the website page. It should be concise, appealing to the visitor, and answer a query.

  • Keyword metadata 

The use of keywords for allowing the search engines to rank the website is another thing. The use of phrases of 1-4 words has a significant role in improving SEO.

4) Have a linked-worthy site

Addition of several links related to you your website content is all set to improve the SEO of your site. Use descriptive links as they improve SEO and appeal to the readers. 

5) Use alt tags: 

Adding images or videos using alt links uplifts the chance of ranking by search and browsing engines.

SEO Website Structure

SEO website structure involves using such strategies that are SEO- friendly and assist in getting your website ranked by the optimizing engines. 

Good website structure: 

A good website structure includes a site where the data and information are linked and related. Moreover, the most critical pages highlight keeping the content organized and straightforward.

E-commerce website structure: 

For e-commerce website structure, a hierarchy website structure is more suitable than others. You have to follow some steps to apply this e-commerce website structure to your website.

Blog website structure: 

Planning your website structure to fulfill all the requirements of the blog site. It includes steps such as planning, internal linkages, URL additions, site map, and many more.

Portfolio website structure: 

On the portfolio website, there are some steps to follow. For a portfolio website, some mesmerizing ideas should take into account. Follow the guidelines to have the best portfolio website structure.  

Multilingual website structure: 

The easy and standard method used to create multilingual websites includes the subfolder part of the URL, pointing to the particular subset of content.

HTML website structure: 

Basic website structures and HTML also needs some steps to follow. To consider the search engines and attract some traffic, properly organize the site.

PHP website structure:

PHP is a scripting language that uses in websites. It is a code embedded in HTML code. For the enclosure of the PHP language, HTML tags are required. Suppose you are interested in creating a website using PHP. In that case, you need three basic pages that differ based on the body, header, and footer.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQS )

  1. How can we improve the structure of a website? 

There are three main things that you can do to do so: 

  • Improve the website’s menu
  • Change the position of the links on your website.
  • Review the links in the footer of your website. 
  1. How does the structure of the website affect SEO? 

The planned and improved website structure has a chief effect on the website’s SEO, improves the user experience, and elevates the traffic of the audience for your website. The traffic and optimization lead to the highest ranking of the site by the search engines. The demand for SEO and navigation is to have a mapped-out and well-organized structure of the website.

  1. What should be kept in mind when organizing the website? 

The key element to remember is arranging the information in a specific order from general to particular. It also includes the use of linking strategies for pages and related data.

Relevant information should add to the website’s content to get it recognized by the search engines. They are involved in ranking the site.

Final thoughts

To improve the user’s experience, you must improve the website structure and responsiveness. If the design and content appeal to the user, your pages will rank higher on search engines. From the home page link to the other website pages, it is easy for the crawlers to access it.

Basic website structure plays a significant role in site navigation and ranking organically on Google. On top of its SEO benefits, it allows users to easily access relevant information without any hassle.

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