iPower Review – Insights & Quality Trends

Finding a good web hosting provider is one of the crucial steps to creating a successful website. This review of Power will help you decide if this is the right web host for making your site. The expected traffic and the type of website are determining factors to keep in mind before deciding on website hosting.

IPower is one of the best choices for those seeking a web host. It is a subsidiary of Endurance International Group. It is an all-rounded and eco-friendly hosting provider. We’ll now get into its features and specs that distinguish it from the other companies.

Ipower Overview

Founded by Tomas Gorny in 2001, at present, Ipower is hosting more than 1,000,000 websites because of its super-incredible specs and services. It is one of the most impressive eco-friendly hosting sites that run all of its systems on wind energy, keeping the safety of the environment at the top of its priorities.

It holds Renewal Energy Certificates (RECs) that stop the emission of more than 2660 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. They offer 10 free eco-friendly WordPress templates to attract the audience.  

They present many features to entrepreneurs initiating their new business plans. For small start-ups, iPower is an excellent choice. Its customer services, back-ups, security, and outstanding options all come in one bundle to ease your task.

Types of hosting availableWindows plan, pro plan, pro plus plan, starter plan, WordPress plan
Price range$3.75 to $12.99
SSL certificateYes, but extra charges
Domain AllowedUnlimited in most plans
MySQL databasesMaximum 25
Server Uptime100%
Disk space5GB to unlimited
Personalized domain name1 to 3
Best forManaged new customers and low trafficking

Key features of IPower

When choosing the website host, considering several factors is vital—uptime, security, upgrades, customer service, and many more.

  • Affordable plans:

All the plans of iPower are affordable, their starting prices are suitable for a limited budget. You can pay the monthly installments and save much of your money.

  • Easy to install WordPress:

One of the essential parts of the Ipower hosting website is the one linked with WordPress. It makes it easy and handy for the user to install WordPress on your website. The ways by which you can install WordPress are through the standard Linux-based server or by managed WordPress hosting site.

  • Site migration:

This feature mark Ipower as distinct from the other hosting sites. If you want to migrate your website to any other host, Ipower can shift it for you without cost.

  • 30 days Guarantee:

Ipower has a feature of a 30-day guarantee for website hosting. If you are not satisfied with the services of Ipower, you can cancel the subscription. Moreover, you can fully refund your money by canceling the subscription.

  • E-commerce Support:

E-commerce support is another feature for which Ipower is a go-for. Many customers select Ipower because of this feature. E-commerce support is essential and is a demand for most users. Paypal, Agora, processing credits/debit cards, and online banking are the E-commerce services.

They pay attention to keeping the financial data of their customer safe. For this, they have SSL certificates to keep the transitions secure. Extended Validation SSL certificates provide extra security to the data of the user.

  • Security and Back-ups:

Their security and back-ups services are worth benefiting from. Regular daily back-ups can save your essential data. It offers you access to 25 MySQL databases that aid you in restoring data. UPS power back-ups are another spec that offers extra protection to your essential data that can create problems for you if it gets lost.

Automated back-ups option are involved in the beginner plans. A daily virus scan ensures the security of your site. This keeps your information safe and secure from any damage and loss.

  • vDeck Control Panel:

IPower uses the vDeck control panel to make the customer’s website attractive and appealing. This control panel gives access to as many tools as possible to make the outer page of the website eye-catching. Moreover, it helps in improving the performance of the website. vDeck is handy to use and makes every step very easy.

It provides shortcuts for the tools at the top of the page that assists in navigating to each section. This control panel also offers the spec of customizing the email accounts like sales@yourdomain.com. In addition, install CMS and activate the options of e-commerce. Support tickets and instant chat requests can aid you in case of any problem or hurdle.

  • Uptime Guarantee:

To give more service reliability and peace of mind, Ipower offers 99.9% uptime. They provide customers credit if uptime is less than 99.9 percent. A full refund is available and applicable if the uptime is at least 1 percent.

Quick Facts:

  • Disk space- unlimited
  • Scalable Bandwidth
  • One free personalized domain name
  • Domain available- unlimited
  • International domain name support is available
  • Drag and Drop site builder
  • Template-based site builder
  • Blogging tools available

IPower Pros and Cons


  • Strong uptime
  • Well-rounded web hosting package
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • Good customer service
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Easy to use drag and drop builder
  • Pay with PayPal option 


  • Challenging to import previous WordPress website
  • Most plans lack Windows-based servers
  • Some tools require 12 months of payment

Bonuses and Extras:

  • $100 Google AdWords credits
  • $100 Bingo/ Yahoo credits
  • Free marketing guides
  • Free listing in yellow pages.com
  • The toll-free number for US users
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Free site migration

IPower Plans and Pricing

IPower’s plans fall in the category of the most affordable hosting website. On budget, they offer their users all the expensive and high-quality features. This attracts more audiences to select this hosting site for their business.

However, SSL certificates have to be purchased separately. There are many plans that Ipower offers, and every plan differs from the others based on pricing and features.

  • WordPress Plan:

WordPress Plan by Ipower is well-rounded, a package of all the demanding features. This bundle of desired characteristics is shared among the users as every feature of this plan matches the customers’ demands. 

There are different prices for each of the plans to get this service. For WP Starter Plan, they demand $3.75 per month. This plan includes a free URL, a customized control panel, already installed themes, and a plug-in. Daily site back-ups, monthly data transfers, and email accounts are also associated with starter plans.

WP essential package is another plan for which you can go. It demands $6.95 per month, along with delivering a speedy drive. This package offers high-rate security and exceptional customer support.

WP Starter Plan- $3.75 per month

WP Essential- $6.95 per month

  • Starter Plan:

The starter plan offered by Ipower holds all the essential features. For customers just initiating their businesses, this plan is a go-for. Look into its features and adopt this to ace the world of business.

In the starter plan, the disk space is 5GB, and the transfer or Bandwidth is 250GB. It allows only one domain to make. All the other features of this plan also appeal to the customer to select as an option.

Starter plan- $3.99 per month

  • Pro Plan:

Pro plan is another plan by Ipower hosting website. This plan is on sale, and there are many customers of this plan as it is reliable and holds the feature package efficiently for the customers.

Bandwidth for Pro Plan is scalable with unlimited disk space. Unlimited domain naming and personalized domain naming is the spec that makes more users adopt this plan. Pro plan offers 25 MySQL databases to its users.

12-month price $4.95 per month

24-month price $3.95 per month

36-month price $3.95 per month

  • Pro Plus Plan:

Pro Plus Plan is an extended version of the Pro plan. It holds all the features present in the pro plan. However, extra features are present in this bundle. Three personalized domain naming and unlimited normal domain naming are linked with this. Moreover, unlimited disk space and scalable transfer are its specs.

12-month price $12.99

24-month price $11.99

  • Windows Plan:

The features of the Windows plan are super-incredible. Customers with well-established businesses can opt for this plan. Windows plan has unlimited disk space and scalable bandwidth. It has 5 MySQL databases and 25 domain names.

12-month price $6.95 per month

24-month price $6.95 per month

Customer and Technical Support

Especially if you are new to the business and dealing with website hosts, having round-the-clock access to technical support is a need. So, it is significant to look for a hosting site that offers customer services and technical support 24/7. Thus, Ipower is the best choice in this regard.

Following are the customer and technical support that Ipower is offering to its audience:

  • 24/7/365 support through phone, live chats, forums, and emails.
  • An upgraded system to assist the customers is available.
  • Single-click support through the Ipower website.
  • FAQs to navigate the problem.
  • Guidelines are available on the website to resolve fundamental problems.

In addition, their support is fast and reliable. The team’s job is to identify your problems and find solutions. 24/7 toll-free phone number and a live chat option can resolve any of your issues in no time.

Contact number:  888-511-4678

Phone support team availability: 7 am to 12 am, Eastern Time

Support team availability: 24/7

Email address: compliance@ipower-inc.com

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Final Thoughts

As a result, Ipower’s every detail ensures it will be the audience’s favorite. There are many tools and features to choose from as hosting services. It hosts many sites from over 100 different countries. The company is well-known in the market for website hosting because of its unparalleled services.

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