JustHost Review – Affordable Plans which Are Worth Buying

JustHost is a good option for all those who need to rely on a good service that is a one-time commitment and then you get to relax and see your website prosper. Every small and large website operation can become more economical and smooth with this service. If you are interested in making life easier while never compromising on the quality of the work.

justhost review

Just Host Overview: What you should know about Just Host features and Offers

Types of hosting availableShared Hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and managed hosting.
Price range$3.95 per month for three years payment
$5.95 for an annual payment, And $7.95 per month for the monthly payment plan.
Free SSL certificateYes
Free professional emailYes
Specific offersManages all kinds of work like hosting, eCommerce, blogging, informative website handling, and much more. Professional services, marketing, website design and development, free domain transfer, and website migration are all available.
Speed and uptime636ms and 99.91%
Best forBlogging and small online shops.
Number of users (if available)NA
Extra featurescPanel, caching, online store builder, etc.

How much does Just Host Hosting Cost? Just Host Pricing and Plans

Just Host offers so many free features that even the simplest package becomes affordable. You will not have to opt for additional features for an additional cost. Moreover, the total cost of the basic plan comes to $3.95 per month. This price is much less than what other places have to offer.

However, this payment is going to be for three years upfront. If you want it for a shorter period, the rate would increase to $5.95 per year if you opt for a 12-month payment at a time. A monthly plan will cost $7.99. The upside of this payment plan is that you get all the features of a package and there are no premium packages.

Pros And Cons of Using JustHost

Pros of using Just Host

There are numerous advantages of using this hosting service and there are many amazing features that imply that you will not regret applying for this web hosting scheme. Check out the pros here:

• Excellent security: Security is a top priority for all users and if you are a blogger, or even if you have to set up a retail business, the service will be good enough for you to rely on because of the excellent security standards. You get the SSL (Security Sockets Layer) and the SSD (Solid State Drive) and even the SSH (Secure Shell) and a few more security tools when you use Just Host as your website service.

Users also get SiteLock, which means that you get security through dashboard reports, 360-days vulnerability scans, alerts, email notifications, database vulnerability and many more options.

• Free Domain and migration: The new accounts get free domains forever, which means that your website will remain yours even if you stop maintaining it by this service. The web hosting service allows one site migration without any charge. This gives users the liberty to migrate a website for free. Regardless of the hosting plan you use, Just Host gives a one-year free domain, and then you may have to pay for renewal. However, as long as you remain the owner of your domain through payments, there will be no giving up or leaving it! You can continue work for as long as you like, and even after a break you can change it back to active.

• Money back guarantee The 30-day money-back guarantee is a big offer and is, therefore, a big pro of using Just Host. If you are unhappy with the initial experience you can still work to build a website and if that does not work for you, the company pays back your paid amount within 30 days. Just Host will deduct the domain fee, but the web hosting charges will be returned as your dues.

• Server provisioning: The servers from Just Host are located uniformly and your website can jump to another server according to the availability of connection. Many other web hosting services require confirmation from users and this may mean that you have to call them at odd hours, or verify your identity when you are in no mood! However, Just Host will be at its best efficiency rate when it comes to moving your website to a server that improves its time online.

• Loading times: The page loading times will be good when you use Just Host. The speed of pages is 636ms, which was recorded over a period of six months. This speed is better than what many others offer. I the speed of the page is low, you will get lesser visitors and it is surprising how the word of mouth spreads fast! Soon you will notice that the number of visitors dwindles regularly. While Just Host has a good speed, the industry standard rests around 820ms, which is higher than what this service offers.

• Excellent uptime: The uptime for all websites is 99.91% in six months, with off-time coming to only four hours during the time However, short-term tests have shown uptime as low as 99.53%. Uptime is one of the most prominent features and one of the first questions that users ask. If the uptime of your website is low, it will mean that your website will be off at some time of the day, and that could impact the number of visitors adversely.

Cons of using Just Host

Here are some of the not-so-loved features that can be a disadvantage for some people, check them out:

• Uptime not for everyone: Some retail and information websites require uptime of more than 99.91% and therefore, Just Host may be a secondary choice for them. While most people do not feel hindered by this uptime, it may cause some of you to think twice.

• Customer Support: While customer support is reliable, it may be too slow for some people. Everyone is not tech-savvy and they cannot do a lot of things themselves. If customer support is slow, it can be a serious issue for your website.

• Uniform packages: This may not be a big problem either, but many bloggers and small business owners might want to apply for a simple, and cheaper plan without the option of applying for three years. On a monthly basis, Just Host costs $7.95, which is higher than what many users want to pay.

Customer Support from JustHost web hosting service

In case of any problem, you want 24-hour service and support. Just Host is not very efficient because you may not get a reply to your email soon, and you may not even get a phone reply and that can be annoying sometimes. However, when you do get the callback, the customer support department will make sure that everything is working fine again!

Final Thoughts: Who should use Just Host? What is Just Host used for?

Just Host is a good service, although it does have some downsides. If you are a medium-sized retail online shop, or you are a blogger, this web hosting service is going to be the best for you. Bigger businesses require more uptime and they can even require more features from the basic plan. Therefore, this service might not be very suitable for them. If you are a new user, customer support might not be suitable for you. In any case, the level of technological knowledge also counts. Bloggers and small business owners who know the basics of website maintenance will love this service more than any other.

Top Just Host Alternatives

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

• Will I have to pay £3.95 only?

Yes, the monthly fee drops to £3.95 if you pay for three years upfront. In case you have any problem with owning the website for three years, you can opt for a 12-month payment plan that falls at $5.95 per month. In case you want to only apply for a monthly package, the fee will be $7.95.

• Is customer support the only problem?

Customer support from Just Host is not a problem actually. It is just that you may not get your answers from them instantly. You can say that the service is slow, but it is surely reliable.

• Will this service suit a blogger like me?

Yes! Blogging websites and WordPress domains will find this web hosting service to be a great one. You can certainly become a more confident blogger if you know that Just Host is taking care of the website!

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