Linode Review – Features, Pricing & Details

Linode provides cloud hosting services that host websites including Creative Commons, WP Engine, and The Onion, which are among over 400,000 customers. With Linode Manager, you can create, manage, and deploy virtual servers online.

Linode’s Shared CPU plans are enterprise-level, offering lower prices compared to others. Even so, it lacks reliable technical support and has trouble maintaining uptime. Despite downtime issues, This hosting remains a good option for budget-conscious developers.

We’ll cover Linode’s top features, offerings, and how it compares to its competitors.

Linode Overview

Christopher Aker founded the company in 2003 and it has evolved through the years to offer cloud hosting options via VPS hosting packages. Linode specializes in Linux hosting and is located in Galloway, NJ. Linode’s global data centers are an excellent solution for running a virtual web server.

Types of hosting availableManaged Hosting, Website Cloud Hosting
Price RangeVPS Starting at $5/mon to $160/mon
Free SSL CertificateYes
Free Professional EmailYes
Storage4GB-512GB Plans are available
Specific OffersStorage Limits, Bandwidth Allowance, Control Panel Integration, CMS Support, Web Framework Support, File Management, Database Support, Security Tools, Email Hosting
Speed and Uptime 100% uptime
Best forBeginner to professional Managed hosting

Linode Key Features

Several Linode features seem more geared toward functionality than usability. As a developer, you need access to services and features. The usability of Linode is not always up to par.

  • Linode Ease of use

When you get there, creating an account is pretty straightforward. The Cloud server, services, billing, and account management are all available here.

Despite Linode’s dashboard’s simplicity, if you need assistance, Linode’s support team will be glad to help. Set your web server, location, hosting plan, and password, then select backups according to your needs. A Linode how-to guide will walk you through the entire process and recommend the ideal control panel for your needs. To install the license, you will only need to buy it separately from Linode.

Linode hosting plans offer CPUs and SSDs that are Intel E5 based, SSH access, 40GB/s network bandwidth, root access, and StackScripts that allow you to customize your templates. You can control every aspect of your cloud server with Linode Manager. With it, you can boot, deploy, and clone all at once.

The website was user-friendly, responsive, and intuitive. It only took me a few clicks to create several VPSs and attach a load balancer.

  • Web Hosting on Your Smartphone

The company also offers a downloadable App. Smartphones dominate modern life. The App lets users create Linodes, manage items, and manage payments. In particular, I like how you can change the maximum amount of resources and metadata during the creation process.

A helpful feature is being able to monitor Linode business solutions on the go.

  • Affordably scalable cloud storage

Linode’s cost-effective cloud storage plans set them apart from AWS and the Google Cloud Platform – and inbound data transfer is free. Linode offers block and object storage compatible with S3 for your cloud VPS. In the cloud, both databases are replicated across clusters of servers. Both options are scalable.

  • Linode Security

Security is a top priority for Linode. It is a matter of confidence that your website is safe with the company. At present, Linode:

  1. Biometrically verifying employees and unauthorized guests to secure their data centers
  2. Keeps its networks and support systems up-to-date in terms of patches and fixes and ensures that none of them have vulnerabilities
  3. Partners with HackerOne to find and document Linode vulnerabilities
  4. Performing penetration and application tests regularly
  5. Implementing redundant routers, switches, and service providers to avoid downtime or performance issues during failures
  6. Authenticates your account using two factors
  7. DDoS protection
  8. Linode continuously scans its network and systems for anomalies

Over the years, Linode has faced many DDoS attacks. A similar attack occurred in January 2016, but the engineers appear to have learned from the experience. The company has endured several additional attacks since then.

  • Easily launch APIs with quick access

With an active account, you can launch a server within seconds. Therefore, businesses have more time to perfect their strategies. A managed system may achieve those desired results more quickly. It is still possible to find everything. Scaling and DNS management are accessible with the API platform. With the right skills, users can achieve stunning results.

  • Low-Cost Backup Service

Backups aren’t free, but you can buy them as an add-on. Linode Backup Service automatically backs up your VPS daily, weekly, and biweekly. Your backups aren’t charged for storage space, unlike other Cloud backup solutions. Your VPS configuration determines the monthly fee. Since backups are only stored locally, I recommend downloading them for an extra level of safety.

  • Linode Performance


The GTmetrix test found Linode’s site to be lightning-fast. One of the best performance results we’ve seen lately is 1.5 seconds. Concerning all other crucial speed metrics, Linode does not have to worry about speed. Linode’s speed was rated an A by GTmetrix.

After two weeks of testing, Linode’s official site had a 100% uptime, according to UptimeRobot. Our testing showed only slight fluctuations in response times. As far as performance is concerned, this was quite good. Linode guarantees 100% uptime on all hardware and network connections. For each month that your site is down for more than 0.01%, you can request a prorated credit.


As a start, let me share some pleasant news. In Linode’s servers, AMD EPYC processors provide some of the best performance in the industry. This technology is cheaper than AWS or Google Cloud.

App Marketplace also offers free speed-enhancing apps. You can run your WordPress-powered website with blazingly fast performance with OpenLiteSpeed WordPress. Alternatively, you could use Nginx with a LEMP stack.

Linode can perform at the same level as AWS and Google Cloud on an enterprise scale. As a result, its servers are sufficiently fast. Linode’s reliability is the company’s greatest weakness. Despite guaranteeing 100% uptime, it seems to have trouble fulfilling that promise.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

Getting a refund from Linode within seven days of signing up is possible. Clients who are not used to unmanaged facilities may find this option particularly useful.

Long contracts are the worst. If customers realize they’ve made a mistake, they only lose $5. Overall, that’s not too bad.

Linode Pricing and Plans

Your Linode services are billed as you go. Whether you use resources or add-ons, you only have to pay for the resources you utilize per hour or month. Generally, Linode offers competitive pricing, with powerful virtual private server configurations at a fraction of other hosting providers’ prices.

Many payment options are available, including MasterCard, American Express, Visa, and Discover. A valid credit card is required to sign up for PayPal if you wish to pay.

Dedicated CPU Plans

PlanCPUsRAMStorageNetwork In/OutTransfer$/Mo$/Hr
Dedicated 4 GB24 GB80 GB40/4 Gbps4 TB$30$0.045
Dedicated 8 GB48 GB160 GB40/5 Gbps5 TB$60$0.09
Dedicated 16 GB816 GB320 GB40/6 Gbps6 TB$120$0.18
Dedicated 32 GB1632 GB640 GB40/7 Gbps7 TB$240$0.36
Dedicated 64 GB3264 GB1280 GB40/8 Gbps8 TB$480$0.72
Dedicated 96 GB4896 GB1920 GB40/9 Gbps9 TB$720$1.08
Dedicated 128 GB50128 GB2500 GB40/10 Gbps10 TB$960$1.44
Dedicated 256 GB56256 GB5000 GB40/11 Gbps11 TB$1,920$2.88
Dedicated 512 GB64512 GB7200 GB40/12 Gbps12 TB$3,840$5.76

 Pros and Cons of Using Linode


  • Cloud-based products at an affordable price
  • Worldwide data center network
  • Simple and quick to set up
  • High-quality hardware
  • Multiple server options are available
  • VPS and CPU plans at competitive prices
  • Performance plus
  • Almost unlimited power & SSH access for Linux expert
  • Powering your servers is almost limitless


  • Backups are expensive
  • Additional charges apply to backups
  • Additional fees apply to managed plans
  • No domain registration is available
  • Inaccessible to beginners

Linode Customer Support

There is a high level of online support provided by Linode, demonstrating the company’s customer-centric approach.

How-to guides and tutorials

Several guides are available on the Linode website, including those that will help you get started and migrate existing packages.

Customers can also find tutorials in a separate section. It is beneficial for those who are new to Linux.

Skype and telephone available

Customers may sometimes want to speak directly with experts. You can reach them by phone, Skype, or Twitter, and the company offers social media streams.

Contacting Linode is a hassle-free experience. An important selling point in an industry like this.

Keep in mind that issues can significantly affect profitability. Solution-finding must be quick. In any case, 24/7 support is crucial.

Forum questions and announcements

Customers can also discuss various topics on the Linode website’s forum. Linux server users can also find announcements from the company directly on the website. In the meantime, you can get tips for any problems you encounter.

The forum’s Q&A section provides users with solutions to various problems and concerns. Linode’s employees or other members usually answer most questions within a day or less. The “Search Docs & Resources” section also contains many beginner-friendly guides.

Call Support



Inquiries and support for existing customers are available day and night.

U.S. 855-454-6633

Global +1-609-380-7100

Email Us: Contact us at for any account-related inquiries.

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Final Words

Linode, a US-based cloud computing company, offers developers everything to get started. Most likely, this is not your host if you don’t fit into this category.

Consequently, clients will probably need more expertise than they would for other services. You won’t be able to manage your account if you don’t upgrade. A Linode cloud hosting solution can be ideal in the right situation.

Taking a long-term decision may require a trial run. Although this is not possible, the 7-day guarantee is still helpful.

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