Liquid Web Hosting ReviewIs It Worth the Cost (Pros & Cons)

Liquid Web Hosting is counted among the top hosting services. If you are looking for a successful service that will help you grow by being there for you, this may be the one. Before you make up your mind, get to know how the experience with this web hosting service can be!

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Sometimes a company can be the best one around. They may be offering what most website owners need. However, that does not make this service a perfect fit for everyone. Read along and you will get to know how it fares for various kinds of businesses.

Liquid Web Hosting overview: What you should know about Hosting Features and Offers

Types of hosting availableShared Hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting, managed hosting, cloud hosting, colocation hosting
Price range$12.95 to $101
Free SSL certificateYes
Free professional emailYes
Specific offersHosting, eCommerce hosting, enterprise hosting, multiple domains, professional services, marketing, website design and development, free domain transfer, website migration, etc.
Speed and uptime666ms and 100%
Best forPremium websites
Number of users (if available)Unlimited
Extra featurescPanel, caching, 1-click install, Built-in website builder, CDN integration, WooCommerce integration, online store builder, etc.

How much does Liquid Web Hosting Cost? Liquid Web Hosting Pricing and Plans

The starting price of web hosting from Liquid is $12.67 per month. Yes, it is higher than what most web hosting services have to offer. However, if you take a look at their plans, maybe your surprise will reduce and you will feel that it is justified.

This premium service provider has various plans for WordPress, and VPS Hosting. The $12.67 per month package is one option, but the VPS hosting may cost individuals $25 per month. With this premium service, you get numerous options such as individualized hosting centers, dedicated servers, and a lot more.

The public cloud hosting will also cost additionally and you might have to pay more than $25 per month for that.

The storage that Liquid has to offer also costs additionally, and this may increase your monthly spending by a lot!

200GB of disc space will cost you around $105 per month, which is exponentially higher than what other web hosting services ask for.

Pros and Cons of using Liquid Web Hosting

Pros of Liquid Web Hosting

There can be many advantages of using this service. However, before you sign up for any kind of service, you must know what it can offer you!

• Powerful servers: The servers from any web hosting service indicate the company’s strength to support the website plans. Liquid has some of the most powerful servers to support websites that have critical needs to stay online and support traffic. Mission-critical websites demand extra attention and Liquid proves that it has the infrastructure to work on every kind of website.

• Discount policy: While you may have been worried about this service having extremely high prices, there are still many reasons to find it personal and caring! There are not many web hosting services that give discounts, but this one does! The discounts they give are based on the website’s exclusive attention needed, and also the kind of support that you would be needing from the service provider.

• Server Management is included: The services from Liquid include server management, which means those website owners who are not tech savvy, or who do not want to spend additional money on server management do not have to worry! Liquid Web Hosting covers server management and ensures good speed at all times.

• 100% uptime guaranteed: Due to the servers’ allocation, the company guarantees 100% uptime, which means that your website will not go offline at any time! The real struggle for any website is to remain online so that any user from any place in the world can access it at all times. If you can offer that, the website will become a top search and you will see a major difference! Liquid can be the perfect companion for this uptime offer!

• Money back guarantee: When you are spending on any web hosting service, it is natural to have the security that if you do not like anything about the service, at least you can get the money back! This service will allow users the convenience that if they are not happy with the way their website is run, they can pull out of the plan at any time. However, this is only applicable to plans with SLA. If you did not begin using Liquid with all its features, the company does not believe that you gave it a fair chance to prove its worth, hence you will not be able to apply for a refund! Now that is a tricky turn of events!

• Easy maintenance: One good thing about Liquid Web Hosting is that users can rely on the company for all kinds of services. Even if it adds to the pricing, the comfort of leaving everything to the company will keep users stress-free so that they can only focus on the content of the website. However, this also comes for packages that opt for all the services and do not leave out any of the features that the service offers. For example, if you do not opt for security, then the maintenance charges will be different.

Cons of Liquid Web

There are a few downside features of Liquid that all consumers and website users must be aware of before they opt for this service.

• Premium service charges: The prices from Liquid Web Hosting are too high for any website user. However, premium customers who have online shops or thriving businesses that are looking for a simple yet full service and can afford to pay the charges will be good candidates for this service.

Bloggers and many small businesses might not be able to get the point of the prices alone!

• Tech savvy services: While Liquid offers to take over your website completely and keep you carefree, there are many basic and intermediary plans that require website owners to be tech-savvy. If you have knowledge of various issues, and if you know how to do the basic work of the website, you may be saving money! However, if you are a layman and you do not know much of the technical stuff, you will have to opt for the highest package!

Liquid Web Hosting Customer Support 

The customer support from Liquid Web Hosting is amazing because you get to use live chat, phone, tickets, and even email. Unlimited support is ensured all around the clock in any part of the US and Europe. The wonderful thing about this service is that while it relies on users to know some details about website management, the help is always around!

Final Thoughts: Who should use Liquid Web Hosting? What is Liquid Web Hosting used for

Liquid Web Hosting is for premium users primarily because of the cost. However, the features offered with this cost are also quite a lot so many of you might want to try this service out. Liquid works with WordPress, and many other platforms and the speed is also quite high. You can rely on this service if you have an online business, or even an intermediary-level website concentrating on the information.

Bloggers will not benefit from this service much because of the cost bracket.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

• Will Liquid be a suitable service for small bloggers who only have a limited readership?

No, the price of every Liquid Web Hosting plan is much higher than what a blogger would like to pay. However, we cannot suggest whether you should, or should not opt for this service.

• What will happen if I want to discontinue services?

You will be eligible for a refund only if you have already opted for all the services. If you did not get the whole package, the web hosting service will not give a full refund and that may cause a problem for some people.


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