What is Managed Hosting? – [Best Providers, Services, Pros & Cons]

Managed hosting takes care of server monitoring, configuration, operating features, and infrastructure management. Each hosting provider will do specific tasks to set up your hosting environment. You may not need control panel access because everything is done for you.

. It includes the initial setup, further conduct and command, and support in any technical setback. It has an advantage over all other types for ensuring the website’s security, functionality, and performance without the entrepreneur putting in any effort.

Running an online business yourself might get back-breaking, but technology has brought a solution for everything. In such a case, managed hosting plays a significant role, with the service-providing company handling everything about the server in a certified manner.

Although usual services of managed hosting are different according to the provider but mainly involve;

  • Operating system upgrade
  • Security patches and other relevant services
  • Highly active customer support
  • Network management
  • Hardware setup and administration
  • Anti-spam and hack ruling

To be precise, managed hosting offers high quality in every aspect that affects the server’s performance.

The company that provides these services is entirely accountable for ensuring that its customers get an always active setup with no minimum disruptions in the server. Sources prefer that one should always opt for such providers which have their claims supported with a service level agreement. This contract is essential in determining the company’s compensatory performance in any technical or manual error.

It is more like hiring a team of technical experts that look after your website and its relevant aspects by keeping a close eye on the server’s functionality.

Managed hosting: Why is it necessary?

Before we dig further to know more about managed hosting, it is essential to know why this type of web hosting holds value in the virtual world.

The company provides a server of selective operating systems to the user and handles two responsibilities, including backend functioning of the setup and maintenance of its physical environment. While other significant obligations are entirely under the user’s control, which includes;

  • Remote administration of the server
  • Software updates
  • Bug fixes
  • Security management
  • Comprehensive monitoring

Unmanaged hosting can be adverse in multiple cases, such as problems in server functionality at midnight that might negatively affect your global visitors. Let us look at a few more problems you might face with unmanaged hosting. These points will also clarify the worth of managed hosting.

  • The steady load time of the website harms overall revenue due to the increased bounce rate.
  • Hackers peeping on your site’s essential data or attacking malware and other similar cybersecurity matters
  • The website not being able to handle sudden spikes in traffic
  • Most cases require an IT expert to handle unmanaged hosting, which might cost an arm and a leg. Instead, you can pay a tiny amount of his salary to managed hosting providers and enjoy incredible benefits.

Pros of Managed Hosting

Opting for managed hosting will keep you safe from the drawbacks above. Let us have a look at some highly appreciated benefits of managed hosting.

Reduced Threat to Digital Privacy

The current world of technology is highly prone to hackers and unwanted intruders spying on your precious data, especially when running a widely spread firm. Hence, it requires every person working in the company to be careful while operating online.

The problem arises because human beings are imperfect and will end up making such a mistake that might cost your enterprise a lot. Managed hosting comes as a reduction in such cases where the experts deal with essential aspects of your business’s cybersecurity on an advanced level. They ensure the following tasks;

  • Updated operating system
  • Availability of all security patches
  • Bad traffic is blocked from entering a website

Speed Optimization

Scaling the resources according to business development is tricky as you can not predict it. In some instances, it is so swift that you might not be able to scale resources accordingly unless using managed hosting. The service provider will collaborate with you to ensure proper attributes expandability so your business does not lag when overgrowing.

The appreciable aspect of managed hosting is a friendly team of technical experts that will assist you in designing a practical planner depending on previous developments. It is vital to offer extended support, specifically during significant events, including new product launches.

Latest Technology Adaptation

With technology advancing with time, not every firm can keep track of newly developed robotic trends in artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, managed hosting companies play a significant role in keeping you and your server updated about the latest technology trends and how you can utilize them to get maximum benefits for your business.

This critical attribute is provided at your end at low costs and is integral in keeping you ahead of your competitors.

Rules Fulfillment

If your company comprises sensitive data, it must comply with a few rules and regulations. If not handled by managed hosting, the process might take up much of your efforts and time.

Hence, the service-providing companies are directed towards meeting every requirement of exceedingly regulated data according to the HIPAA or PCI regulations in a competent manner. This approach saves you from a great struggle you can direct towards other vital tasks to establish a reputed digital business firm.

Reachable Technical Experts

The most remarkable characteristic of managed hosting is the human who tackles this technology. These people are educated according to the latest trends and possess every other skill required to provide you with a sleek server and its overall functionality.

The company also plays a significant role in this task to keep them updated about current internet technology processes and threats so they can offer more advanced solutions to your queries. These workers continuously solve several server-related problems simultaneously, making them experienced and reliable.

The best part is that you can approach them any time of the day, and they are bound to respond in a friendly manner. They provide iconic measures that solve your issues and enhance the internet technology aspect to a greater extent.

Types of managed hosting

Managed hosting comprises multiple subtypes worth looking over.

1. Fully Managed Hosting

As the name suggests, fully-managed hosting means unconditional support of the company for the user, from choosing a suitable plan to its setup, management, and monitoring. The experts compile all the business requirements you put forth to design a custom plan with all the necessary resources. It ensures that your online business does not suffer any setback in terms of speed, performance, rate of conversation, etc., and can successfully reach the set goals,

The company also performs smooth migration if your website was previously operated through any other web hosting type. It ensures that no unwanted disruptions get in the way of business setup and its functionality on the brand-new server.

After successful setup, the company is also responsible for monitoring server 24∕7 to secure the following actions;

  • All the apps and tools are updated according to recent developments
  • The data  is secured from each type of cyber threat
  • The server is performing fine at a quick speed to cater to lots of incoming visitors worldwide

Another thing worth mentioning about managed hosting is its scalability. For instance, your business starts receiving sudden traffic, and if the resources cannot tackle it, this might negatively affect your firm’s reputation.

In such a case, scaling role-plays as the savior in managed hosting that upgrades the services according to circumstances. This approach helps you have a superior status over your competitors as the company ensures quick processing.

A wholly managed hosting plan will include the following items in general, which may differ according to the provider;

  • Highly responsive support
  • Monitoring of server robustness
  • Managed network administration and hardware
  • Multiple data centers to serve globally
  • Up-to-date notifications
  • A guarantee of 100% uptime backed by a service level agreement
  • Automated software installation and lifetime updates
  • Enhanced security features
  • Linux support
  • Frequent updates of OS and patches
  • Safety from malware and hackers
  • Free of cost migrations from other companies or hosting type
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Frequently used applications and integrations

2. Managed WordPress Hosting

It is proven that WordPress hosts many sites in the web world. The platform is famous for its ease of use, inbuilt templates, integrations, advanced attributes, and tools. WordPress is the perfect software for all business types, including small-scaled setups for large organizations, as it can build pro websites with less effort and affordable effort.

The platform’s regular users might have fallen prey to the failure of plugins update, which results in the entire website suffering. Similarly, you may encounter a problem when a required plugin is not aligned to function with WordPress. The problem might make your website hack-sensitive if not timely dealt with. In such a case, WordPress-managed hosting works wonders for platform subscribers.

The hosting company takes entire responsibility for tackling the following actions of a WordPress-based website;

  • Secured setup
  • Tracking for any hazardous activity
  • Regular updates
  • Daily backups
  • Plugins testing on the replica site

Besides the factors mentioned above, this web hosting also gives you complete control over developer tools that operate on recent technology to provide high-functioning output.

3. Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Since the worth of eCommerce businesses is now inevitable, many websites function in combination with WooCommerce. It is a robust technology widely used amongst all business types to gain maximum profit from selling products.

The value of WooCommerce increases double-fold with managed hosting as it ensures the quick loading speed of online stores, which is a significant factor in determining the conversation rate of any website.

Many providers in the market offer services for this business type on similar lines as WordPress, which is not as effective as those providing WooCommerce-specified cached services. A few other valuable benefits of WooCommerce managed to host include;

  • Cost-free website migration
  • Plugins for multiple queries
  • Free-of-cost theme templates
  • Mobile-friendly interface

4. Premium Business Email Hosting

Emails are integral to any online business’s promotional and marketing strategy. However, Gmail is available to fulfill this aspect’s requirements as it is a complete platform with extensive functionalities. However, many companies offer a managed email hosting service with favorable attributes. These are;

  • Phone and live chat support
  • Filtering of spam emails
  • The capacity to send up to 10,000 emails each day

If Gmail and advanced email hosting are compared, the latter will hold a superior status for two solid reasons, fivefold comparable storage availability and one-fifth pricing. The email hosting companies also claim to keep all your emails saved in an archive file for a lifetime, so you have an entire collection to inquire from during an emergency.


Managed hosting is a fantastic hosting option that offers many valuable benefits at economical prices. It is a no-brainer approach, with skilled experts handling everything about the server, including its setup, administration, handling, monitoring, and scaling.

This type of web hosting will save a lot of your headspace that you can put into doing something astounding for your business to make it one of the reputed setups of the meta world.


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