Mochahost Review – Details, Pricing & Features

Its competitors also have flaws, but MochaHost is a good budget host. As a whole, you can’t complain about the resources and service you receive for what you pay. There is also a 180-day money-back guarantee available from the company. So don’t worry, you are not going to waste your hard-earned money!

Overview of MochaHost

The founders of MochaHost decided to launch their own hosting company in 2002 when they realized the market lacked quality web hosts. Founded in San Jose, MochaHost’s mission is to provide high-end services at a pocket-friendly price while also covering the needs of every client, from individuals to large corporations.

On the one hand, exploring MochaHost’s main website feels like traveling back in time (back to the early 2000s); on the other hand, it feels like being transported into another world. The information it provides is overwhelming at first, and the small letters make it difficult to read. Nevertheless, it offers a lot, and we figured out how to use it quickly. The site is available in several languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, and it has a currency conversion tool that supports 42 different currencies.

Types of Hosting

MochaHost caters to individual users and businesses with large websites with a wide range of hosting plans.

Unlimited Hosting

The Unlimited Hosting Plan is the entry-level option. The plans are shared. Soho, Business, and Mocha are the three Unlimited Hosting plans offered by MochaHost. The extra features included in each plan make them differ from one another. As an example, the cheapest option provides one website with a shared SSL certificate. However, two higher-tiered plans come with a private SSL certificate and caching as well as SEO tools.

Unlimited Host Plans can manage your website and servers via an easy-to-use cPanel interface. The following servers/hosting options are available for an additional fee:

  • Windows/ASP.NET
  • Java/Tomcat.

Reseller Hosting

With MochaHost’s Reseller Hosting options, you can start your own brand of hosting business. You can pick the one you like best among the nine options available. A shared server account is the entry-level option, whereas a VPS account is the midrange option. Dedicated cloud environments are available as part of the top-tier plans.

Application Hosting

Consider MochaHost’s Application Hosting package if you use one of these content management systems (CMS). With these packages, your site will be hosted on a server optimized specifically for your CMS of choice, similar to the Linux-based Unlimited Hosting Plans. As an added bonus, you will be able to install over 180 apps with a click of a button. You can easily expand the functionality of your website with these apps. A full online store could be built by integrating shopping carts, payment processors, and basics like guest books and image galleries.

Bonus Tip: In addition to server and database management, MochaHost offers a wide selection of video tutorials that cover everything from email marketing, to e-commerce, to WordPress, Magento, and much more.

Pricing Plans of Mochahost

WordPress hosting plans are available from Mochahost: WP Starter, WP Premium, and WP Advanced. Basically, they do what every shared hosting provider does. Buying a long-term subscription gets you the lowest price. During renewal, the prices will be jacked up as well.

What’s the point of not doing it? They offer nothing more than slightly upgraded shared hosting for their WordPress hosting. Taking a quick look at their pricing plans, here is a screenshot:

These prices are only available with a 3-year commitment, as shown in the image above. That is not something I would recommend.

SSL Certificate

Authenticating a website’s identity using an SSL certificate ensures that visitors visit a legitimate site. SSL is an internet security protocol based on encryption. Your website needs an SSL certificate to establish an encrypted connection with a user’s browser. 

The SSL certificates that MochaHost provides are free with certain hosting plans, and they are charged if you purchase another one. However, the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) offers a free alternative called Let’s Encrypt. Any domain name hosted on MochaHost can be secured with as many SSL certificates as you want.

Web Email

Using custom email addresses makes a business or individual appear more professional. Using MochaHost’s domain name means you can create email addresses. The MochaHost webmail service is available internally as well as through external providers.

Your domain’s MX records need to be adjusted through MochaHost in order to use an external webmail provider. If you’d rather have direct integration with MochaHost’s webmail service, you can do so.

Unlimited Storage

Using cache booster, you’ll be able to store unlimited data on SSDs. As part of the WordPress installation process, you will be able to install W3 Total Cache. Don’t mistake it for the premium version. The free version is the only one you get. And it doesn’t even come preconfigured. It is your responsibility to configure the device yourself. Despite its benefits, W3 Total Cache cannot be configured easily. In order to configure the plugin correctly, you need some technical knowledge.

Uptime Guarantee

Future generations will also benefit from this. The best uptime guarantee I’ve seen comes from every other hosting provider. You can count on Mochahost to always be up and running. As part of this guarantee, you will be compensated with free hosting if your website ever goes down. Interesting enough, there is no server status page that lets you know if there is a problem. There is no other feature like this anywhere else.

Best Features of Mochahost Hosting

The WordPress hosting solution Mochahost offers a few features that are a bit better than the pure shared hosting they offer. The following are the benefits of hosting your WordPress website with Mochahost:

Unlimited Bandwidth

You get unlimited bandwidth and disk space with each of Mochahost’s hosting plans. Although it’s not entirely unique, being able to have unlimited bandwidth and disk space is always a nice feature to have. There are a number of organizations that cap these metrics. Users will never receive an “overload” error because they won’t have to worry about it.

Malware and Spam Checking

Basically, the managed WordPress hosting service installs ModSecurity by default (if you request it). In addition to WordPress-managed hosting providers, many other hosting companies use this firewall. It will notify you if there is any malware activity on your server or site. Don’t expect them to solve your infection problems. Performing that task on your own is necessary. There is only a notification you receive.


You can migrate it to your MochaHost account if you have an external host. Most hosting providers use cPanel, which makes the process pretty simple. Take a full backup of your website using your external host’s cPanel dashboard. In your MochaHost cPanel interface, go to the Restore Backup option and upload the downloaded file. 

You can migrate your website without cPanel, but it’s not as easy. FTP is needed to download the files for your website. You can then upload these files individually through your MochaHost FTP dashboard. It takes much longer than using cPanel to perform this task. 

180 Days Money Back Guarantee

This feature definitely piqued my interest. There are some hosting providers that do not provide a full six months money-back guarantee. Upon reading the terms of service, you will discover that you are not eligible for a full refund if you cancel within the first six months. Prorated refunds will be issued instead. There will be no refunds after six months. Keeping that in mind is certainly a good idea.


No hosting solution is 100% impervious to data corruption or erasure. Thus, backups are a necessity for avoiding permanent data loss. A recent backup of your website’s content is important to be able to restore your content quickly. 

Backup services are available on the MochaHost platform. Most subscriptions come with free daily backups. The frequency varies from weekly to biweekly in others. Your site files, emails, and database can be backed up and restored from the Mochahost control panel.


During our research for this MochaHost review, we discovered that SpamExperts is integrated into the platform. You can use it to filter spam out of your email, as the name suggests. It detects and flags unsolicited emails using complex algorithms. 

Sniffing out unwanted emails has become increasingly challenging as spammers continue to improvise and devise new methods. Continuous self-learning is the key to countering spam. More than 2.5 million domains send emails through the platform every day. Users flagging new tricks provide SpamExperts with a foundation for learning. Using the lessons learned, all customers are identified and stopped from receiving spam. SpamExperts can also be configured to adhere to your personal filtering preferences. Specific email addresses or domain names can be whitelisted or blacklisted.


Any website must have a fast load time. It is common for visitors to abandon your site if it takes longer than a few seconds for it to appear. Testing MochaHost’s speed proved positive, as we conducted several tests. 

A page loaded in 752 milliseconds on average. In under a second, your website should load. The time-to-first-byte (TTFB) is another measure of web server responsiveness. In terms of time, this refers to how long it takes for the server to send the first byte of information after a browser requests a page. A 75ms TTFB was our average.

Free Domain Every Year

It costs around $15 per year to register a domain name. You can, however, get a free domain name for a lifetime with Mochahost. Basically, Mochahost offers to pay your domain name hosting fee each year in addition to offering you a free domain name to begin with.

Cloud Technology

Virtualization technology will separate your account from other accounts on the shared server even though you will be on the same server. When used in an isolated environment with dedicated resources, you can easily scale up or down the resources as needed. Unless you are on a true cloud, the resources aren’t infinite because you are on a shared server. The resources available will be limited. This is not possible if you believe you can scale indefinitely.

What Are the Pros and Cons of MochaHost?


  • 100% Risk-Free Guarantee for 180 Days
  • Apps for newsletters and mailing lists
  • Guaranteed uptime of 100%
  • You can get a free domain for life
  • SSL certificates for life at no cost!


  • Control panels require an additional payment
  • Backups are not automated

Customer Support

As part of its customer service offering, MochaHost provides comprehensive technical support. You can reach MochaHost’s customer support team by Live Chat, phone, or ticketing system if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. A comprehensive knowledge base and online video tutorials are available from MochaHost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is MochaHost legit?

MochaHost is a well-respected US-based web hosting provider with a wide array of hosting-related services. You can try MochaHost for free with a generous 180-day money-back guarantee, 100% uptime guarantee, and 24/7 customer service.

Where are MochaHost servers located?

There are two data centers for MochaHost: one in Chicago, Illinois, and one in Dallas, Texas.

Final Verdict

At first glance, Mochahost is a solid provider of Web hosting services. As a customer, however, you will notice that the story changes. It wasn’t as bad as the reviews say – our experience was different. Our experience was still one of a customer, even though the purpose was a review. They seemed more responsive than some of the reviews claimed, and we liked that they were available 24/7. The fact that they have cleaned their act almost makes me think that they weren’t as good once.

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