Nexcess Review – Is It Good? (Pros & Cons)

Besides its remarkable features and server infrastructure, Nexcess offers excellent support. Even though the hosting is still shared, it is a bit expensive. In addition to being an Inc. 5000 nominee and a Magento Association Platinum Partner, this company is famous for many things.

The Nexcess platform is integrated with Liquid Web, which acquired Restrict Content Pro, iThemes, and The Events Calendar. Liquid Web hosts its WooCommerce and WordPress plans with Nexcess.

Nexcess website

Let’s find out if it’s worth reading!

Nexcess Overview

Nexcess has been offering managed hosting solutions for over two decades. Moreover, its affiliation with LiquidWeb enhances its credibility.

Since Nexcess handles all aspects of the hosting service, there is no need for technical skills. Typically, Nexcess servers host WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magento websites. Recently, it has become well-known for managing online stores and hosting similar platforms.

Types of hosting availableWeb Hosting, Shared Hosting, Managed Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Woocommerce Hosting,   
Price RangeStarting at $9/mon
Free SSL CertificateYes
Free Professional EmailYes
Storage15GB-500GB Plans are available
Specific OffersIt offers free site migration, limitless bandwidth, email accounts, a 30-day money-back guarantee, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and updates daily, which are all included in the Plan.
Speed and Uptime99.99% uptime 954ms Speed
Best forProfessional and beginner Shared hosting
Extra FeaturesAutoscaling, technology stack customization, professional application support, store builder, and a simple interface all come with all plans. Automated WordPress updates, staging environments, and 99.9% network availability.

Nexcess Key Features

  • Ease Of Use

Nexcess’ dashboard makes managing WordPress websites easy. Dashboards let you access key features, they are highly user-friendly. Even non-technical WordPress users can complete the process.

Logging into Nexcess will display a summary of billing details and announcements. In the right sidebar menu, select Plans to configure your hosting. Your account’s plans are shown in this panel.

You can modify existing plans as well as create new ones. Purchase additional hosting setups. A dashboard purchase sequence will appear once you click Create Plan. You can manage an existing site or create a new one by clicking Add Site. Customize your site’s main dashboard and check performance data from there.

Here is the main hosting management system

The dashboard/control panel is easy to use, and I took only a few hours to get familiarized with all the features

  • Performance

Most companies choose Nexcess when their website needs to be maintained. The minute an online store is offline, it may lose sales. Additionally, people are less likely to return to a company with an offline website.

Therefore, Nexcess puts a great deal of effort into maintaining its websites. As part of its hosting services, Nexcess uses multiple data centers, virtual environments, and the best monitoring solutions available.

Nexcess has a reputation for keeping your site online and accessible for customers at all times.

  • 99.99% Uptime

Nexcess has maintained a record of greater than 99.99% uptime for years. Almost no outage occurs to customers, whether it is planned or unplanned.

In web hosting, uptime is of utmost importance. The Nexcess team maintains your website so that it remains up and running as much as possible.

  • website speed

I tested the load times of an empty and fully-built site to evaluate Nexcess hosting further.

Let’s start with two essential metrics before we move on:

  • LCP measures how long it takes to load the most content on a page. Google ranks sites based on this metric. An ideal time is under 2.5 seconds.
  • During the full loading of a page, all elements are loaded. Keep the time under 3 seconds for maximum user experience.

First, I tested an empty WordPress site from San Antonio, London, and Mumbai (India).

This site has the lowest LCP – only 705ms.In other locations, LCPs increased, but neither exceeded 2.5.

Choosing a server location near the audience may reduce latency for international audiences. Nexcess maintains eight data centers in the US, Europe, and Australia to achieve this.

Using a fully-built WordPress website, I tested the LCP, which was just as fast – 846ms. After 2.5 seconds, you’ll have a considerable margin of maneuverability.

We should also consider the fully loaded time of a fully built site. It was just as good as LCP. It took Nexcess just 954 milliseconds to load completely.

In short, I am impressed with Nexcess’s website speed. Data centers around the world allow you to access them quickly.

  • StoreBuilders

The paid add-on offers many e-commerce tools. Beginners will love the website builder and premium theme. The add-on also lets you contact abandoned cart customers. Nexcess’ sales performance monitor also lets you set up alerts for non-regular sales slowdowns. Refunds are available within 30 days if you’re not satisfied.

  • Secure Your Site with Nexcess

Nexcess protects your site in several ways. Its data centers prioritize physical security. Secure areas are designed with restricted access, unauthorized entry barriers, video surveillance, and armed guards. Hosting services protect your data in different ways.

As an example, Nexcess offers PCI-compliant hosting. Your site encrypts the data of anyone who purchases with a credit card to prevent unauthorized access.

Furthermore, Nexcess offers both shared and private SSL certificates. SSL certificates ensure the privacy and security of data. SSL certificates can also help your business rank better on search engines and enhance its credibility.

Customers can also back up and restore their data using Nexcess. It is possible to restore your data from separate copies in case of a problem.

  • Free Site Migrations

Tired of manually importing your WordPress site and verifying every image and link? That’s fine with me as well.

Therefore, Nexcess provides free site migrations. As an industry standard, this feature makes life a lot easier.

  • Site Backups

With Nexcess, customers have access to an extensive backup and restoration service. You can set up data backups or let our support team handle them. Nexcess’s backup services allow you to keep all the data from your website on their servers if something happens. In case of a hack or a mistake, you can always restore your site to its most recent backup.

If you do not feel comfortable restoring yourself, ask the helpdesk for assistance. As a result, there is no risk of data loss on your website.

  • Auto-scaling

Users in large numbers will automatically allocate you more resources, free of charge, for 24 hours. A “Reddit effect” requires this. You won’t lose your site if you give it more attention. Your Plan will likely need to be upgraded if there is a steady flow of traffic, not a DDoS attack. As long as you make money from your prosperous site, it’s OK!

  • Multiple User Accounts

It is an underrated feature. It is possible to grant access to users at different levels by creating multiple user accounts. Teamwork, agencies, and other situations can benefit from having multiple people working on your website. The lack of this feature on most web hosts is surprising. Nexcess has raised my expectations for simplicity and apparent features.

  • Quick Staging

Want to try WordPress but don’t want to make your current website worse? Adding tons of new content at once is the easiest way to experiment with your website.

You can combine your changes with your current site with just a click. Adding new content, designing, and adding new features to staging sites are also great for gathering feedback. I’m looking forward to hearing what your friends/colleagues think of the staging site.

Nexcess Pricing and Plans

There is no doubt that Nexcess is not the cheapest option. I think the price is reasonable, even fair, considering what it offers. This service is aimed at making money. The performance would be more stable with a VPS, and all configuration and management would be my responsibility. Nexcess accepts PayPal and most major credit cards for payment.

Spark$9.50/moIncludes 15GB of storage and 2TB of bandwidth for hosting one site.
Maker$52.67/moIt includes 40 GB of storage and 3 TB of bandwidth and can host 5 sites.
Designer$72.67/moIt includes 60GB of storage and 4TB of bandwidth and can host 10 sites.
Builder$99.33/moIt includes 100GB of storage and 5TB bandwidth for hosting 25 sites.
Producer$199.33/moWith 300GB storage and 5TB bandwidth, this server can host 50 sites.
Executive$366.00/moFeaturing 500GB storage and 10TB bandwidth, it can host 100 sites.

Pros and Cons of Using Nexcess


  • Commerce & content-optimized hosting
  • Dedicated support
  • Free 14-Day Trial
  • Website transfer
  • Proactive service monitoring & freebies galore
  • Built-in caching
  • Regular backups
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Over 500,000 Websites Managed


  • Little bit Pricey
  • Insufficient storage space

Nexcess Customer Support

Support interactions are generally enjoyable for me. Nexcess connects you with WordPress experts for all your needs as a WordPress-based service.

My testing of the customer support systems produced mixed results. In my interactions with people, I had a great time. The systems they have to use, however, resulted in mixed results.

The following will explain what I mean.

Live Chat

Everything went smoothly. A request to move a site between data centers was responded to within minutes. Due to fatigue, I couldn’t communicate clearly, but the agent provided a helpful link, and I was satisfied with the service.

Despite not being perfect in their English, they did a good job.


Neither my welcome emails nor the documentation mentioned nameservers. Then I opened a ticket to figure out which nameservers to use.

A response was provided to my email within 8 minutes in a knowledgeable and timely manner. Additionally, you can reach out to them via email if you need support.

24/7 Email Support


I contacted WordPress Experts’ American support team for my testing. I asked the agent what would be the safest plugin for memberships. The answer he sought, though responsive, was not forthcoming.

Following my question, the line went dead. However, technical difficulties hindered my agent’s efforts. While Skype is at fault, it could also be their fault.

OK, that’s fine. It’s a good-but-not-great interaction for me. During the call, things were going well. The conversation was more conversational than scripted or anything similar.

Telephone Support

  • Americas: 1-866-639-2377
  • Australia: 1-800-765-472
  • International: 1-313-279-0722
  • United Kingdom: +0-808-196-5715

Top 3 Alternatives of Nexcess Hosting

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The Nexcess hosting review shows the company’s experience. Although the price is not the cheapest, you get several tools, excellent performance, and fully managed services. With Nexcess, running a WordPress site is worry-free. With a managed service, you get impressive performance.

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