Best SEO content writing services for your blog

9 Best SEO Blog Writing Services For Better Rankings

Enhance your online visibility with SEO blog writing services. Professional writers create engaging and optimized blog posts, incorporating relevant keywords and valuable insights to rank higher in search results. Establish authority, attract a targeted audience, and increase conversions with tailored content that captivates readers.

Scaling your website content and growing organic traffic require consistent efforts to beat the ever-increasing competition. You need new engaging content that matches search intent and provides the best answer to a query. Writers should master the fundamentals of SEO blog writing, for example:

  • Keyword placement & density
  • optimized article length
  • use NPL
  • plagiarism
  • best writing and reading level for blog articles
  • article formatting
  • create dramatically correct content
  • basic or advanced copywriting depending on task
  • produce well-researched and accurate article

The latest Google updates stress providing user-friendly content, meaning you should focus more on interesting, engaging, and helpful blog posts per the user’s intentions. Also, they must include images, listicles, infographics, or case studies to earn the audience’s trust. However, crafting a solid post that fulfills users’ intents and performs better in Google search results requires time and effort.

That’s why hiring a qualified SEO writing service is a no-brainer, as the experts are well aware of SEO content and craft solid content quickly. You’ll get valuable content within your budget.

Check out the best SEO blog writing services that can deliver top-notch SEO content writing. These SEO content writing companies have already selected highly qualified SEO content writers. You don’t have to worry about qualifications and experience, as content writing service companies have already done that.  

9 Best SEO Blog Writing Services to Help You Grow Faster

Draft. co

image of homepage

Whether you have a new blog or need an update to your existing blog, Draft co can help add content and improve the SEO rankings, SEO blog posts, social media posts, and email marketing copy. Their blog writing services are the best, and their writers follow Google SEO guidelines to write engaging content that is perfect for your business’s purposes and performs well on SERPs.

Moreover, they offer different levels of customized writing services according to our client’s needs, whether for blogging or creating eBooks. All the services are available at affordable and flexible rates to give you peace of mind regarding your online presence.

Draft. Co has worked with over 2000 companies, and they hold a great reputation for excellent turnover within a given timeframe. This success rate is because they take care of the content writing process from beginning to end, ensure the content is plagiarism-free, and pass proofreading tests.


Draft. Co charges its clients based on the number of words they order monthly. The pricing for a 1500 words SEO blog starts at $150. Also, they offer a money-back guarantee for the first 4000 words if you don’t like the work. You’ll also get unlimited revisions and edits with each order.

The Urban Writers 

The Urban Writers platform offers content creation services for businesses and personal brands. With over 14,300 satisfied customers and more than 2,300 talented freelancers, The Urban Writers focuses on delivering high-quality content and ensuring a positive and professional experience.

Image of The Urban Writers homepage

Here are some services you can get:

  • Book Bundles
  • Cover Design
  • Nonfiction Book Writing
  • Fiction Book Writing
  • Content Translation
  • SEO Content Creation
  • Editing Services
  • Illustrations
  • Professional Book Descriptions

The Urban Writers platform is a great place to find a ghostwriter, get SEO articles, and outsource other written content projects for your business. Pricing starts at $404 for book writing and $63.9 for a 1000 words article. They have a rigorous application, testing, and training program for freelancers.

The Happy Beaver

image of the happy beaver homepage

 Are you looking for an affordable SEO blog writing service at scale? Then Happy Beaver will be good to go with. Happy Beaver offers out-of-the-box SEO content writing services with their strict quality control process. Once you deliver your Content brief, their writers will research, write, and edit the content to ensure it reflects the client’s style and brand voice. You’ll get fully SEO-optimized content ready to publish, saving you time and money.


Happy Beaver offers affordable prices that are suitable for most business owners. They have three plans, but you can request a customized one per your content’s requirement.

Scribe plan: starts from $0.05 per word for SEO blog writing and link building

Storytelling: starts from $0.09 per word for product description, resource articles, blog posts, and newsletter content

Wordsmith: starts from $0.13 per word for technical blog posts and product descriptions.

Crowd Content

image of crowd content homepage

Crowd Content is a freelance writing platform where more than 6000+ native professional writers are available to work on content writing gigs. They offer an intuitive platform to search and find writers for your specific needs easily. Or the experts will find the best suitable content writer for your needs.

They have devised a reliable turnaround time calculator to reward the writers who deliver quickly within the given deadline so you may never face any delays. The only drawback I noticed about Crowd Content is that it doesn’t let you choose any writer for your project.


Crowd Content’s Marketing Package offers three different per-word rates for content—from $0.03 per word for the basic project to $0.139 /per word if you want extensive research (but are happy with less content).

Customers can request an individual pricing solution when ordering the Managed Services package.


image website

ContentWriters is the ultimate choice if you are an agency owner, publisher, small business brand, or Online store owner. Regardless of your industry, you need vetted writers to engage with your customers and scale your site.

The best thing about content writers is that they have niche-specific experienced writers who understand industry norms and easily curate content from complex topics. The only downside is that you can’t choose the writers.

The CW team will match your assignment with the right type of writer depending on the skill requirement, past performance, and expertise. However, the quality is guaranteed, as they offer unlimited revisions and a money-back guarantee if unsatisfied with the final results.


ContentWriters have only two offers with a fixed rate per piece.

Self-service: starts at 99$/ pc

Managed service package: custom price/piece

The Blogsmith

image of blogsmith website

Suppose you are looking for a dedicated SEO Content Agency to finish your content job. In that case, Blogsmith provides a one-stop shop for content creation, content marketing, blog page design, and website development under one hood. Maddy Osman is the founder of Blogsmith, and her professional team will take care of your Content strategy.

Even though they offer content services to all business types, they specialize in B2B and technology brands. After you place an order, Maddy with her team will research the best blog topics backed by keyword research data. After devising the best content strategy, a dedicated team writer will carefully craft your content.

Then before delivering the final product, three experts will proofread your content to ensure everything is correct. The content will be diligently supervised from start to end, so you can rest assured that your content is taken good care of from concept to final published work.


Blogsmith offer three tiers,

Blog topics: starts at $0.75/ per word

Copywriting: starts at $1/ word

Content strategy consultation: starts at $200/hour           


image of WriterAccess website

WriterAccess Writing Services is a highly-skilled team of experts specializing in SEO Blog writing. Their professional team is dedicated to providing you with the best writing services possible. They always look for new ways to improve their content writing services to keep them updated according to the latest SEO guidelines.

Through the Writersaccess platform, you can hire Writers, Editors, and Designers. Also, you can use AI tools to find, manage, and train talent, optimize your content creation process, and automate tedious tasks. Also, you can leverage the top 200+ content strategists worldwide to help you maximize your investment and deliver the best SEO content services.


WriterAccess offers four customer plans with free 14 days trial.

Basic: $39/month

Pro: $59/month

Premium: $99/ month

Enterprise: customized solution

Or you can purchase content separately from the selected subscription plan. You’ll be charged 2 cents/ word and $25/ project for design projects.


image of upwork website

Upwork writing services have existed since 1999, longer than most other companies! They have built their business on providing quality content and customer service at an affordable price. This means they have years of experience in the content writing industry and have developed relationships with clients over time, so they know exactly what they are looking for when they come to hire!

Upwork Writing Services is the go-to place for all your SEO writing needs. They have many SEO content writing services, including blog posts, articles, and blogs. Their writers are top-notch and can tackle any project you throw at them.


Depending on your budget, you can hire any freelancer, negotiate with the writer, and offer an hourly or fixed rate per project.


ContentFly is a premium content-writing service that offers copywriting services, including blog articles, email copy, and social media posts. The company connects clients with vetted freelance writers selected based on their expertise and experience. ContentFly uses an algorithm to determine the best writer for each project.

Contenfly homepage image

ContentFly works only with the top 1% of writers, ensuring high-quality content for their clients. The company also has an editorial team that handles copywriting requests and ensures that the content meets the client’s requirements.

You can choose between the managed content service and the self-service marketplace. You have four options depending on your needs:

  • Writing showcasing industry expert
  • SEO writing to increase rankings
  • content quality improvement
  • scale your content 

ContentFly offers excellent customer service and fast turnaround times. Pricing is higher than other writing services, but the quality of content is excellent.

Final Thoughts

SEO blogs have become very important today as they help improve the site ranking and increase traffic to a particular website. This also helps in making more profit for a business. A professional service is needed to create blogs that will help the rank improvement of your site. These companies are worth checking out and discussing with your business colleague.

SEO blog writing services are a great way to attract more organic search traffic. By hiring experienced writers specializing in SEO content, you can get high-quality content optimized for search engines. Each company has strengths; depending on your wants, one may fit the bill better than the others. The best way to know is to reach out and ask a few questions.

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