UpCloud Review – Is It Worth It?

In this article, I am reviewing UpCloud, a European cloud hosting provider that offers reliable cloud hosting with a 100% uptime guarantee in 12 data centers.

You can customize their services to meet your needs, including VPS, storage, and downloads. The company offers a wide choice of plans for individuals, small businesses, and large companies. Upcloud’s customer service is excellent; you can feel confident.

My review of UpCloud will highlight its various features. I will also discuss pricing and customer service to help you decide whether Upcloud is the right choice for your business.

UpCloud Overview

The UpCloud hosting platform is the perfect choice for businesses and individuals looking for top-notch hosting solutions. The UpCloud network software lets you manage your network, host your cloud servers, and store your files in block storage.

Four offices and six servers occupy locations across the U.S., Asia, and Europe. The site is available only in English and has an overall satisfaction rate of almost 90%.

Types of hosting availableCloud Hosting
Price RangeStarting at $5/month (Cloud Servers)
Free SSL CertificateYes
Free Professional EmailYes
Storage1GB to 128 GB+ Plans are available
Specific Offers30-day money-back guarantee, 100% uptime guarantee, Kepler website builder, SSD storage, 24/7/365 customer support, Free domain included
Speed and Uptime100% uptime guaranteed
Best forAll types of Cloud hosting, from beginners to professionals
Extra FeaturesMaximize uptime with 100% SLA, Ultimate server performance, Easy automation and control, Easily managed predictable costs, free cPanel, 24/7 customer support, Web Framework Support, and E-Commerce Integration.

UpCloud Key Features

  • Usability

Using UpCloud is quite simple if you are already familiar with cloud hosting. Many testimonials indicate that understanding the platform can be challenging initially, but the effort is worth it! 

The control panel can be confusing for a beginner. If you have difficulty navigating the control panel, you can get help to modify a few lines of code and install a new control panel. But your best option is to start a free 72-hour free trial and follow the quick start guide.

If you follow the guide and take the additional tutorial, understanding how the platform works should not take long.

You can customize your server name, structure, and many other features. 

Set up your server at your own pace. Check out the Customer Support section for well-documented articles. You can always count on their 24-hour customer support team for assistance.

  • Free Website Migration

UpCloud offers two months of free migration between providers. You will not be charged any transfer fees during this time if you switch from Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Apps.

This service is only available to UpCloud customers who pay at least $500/month for pricier services than Google Cloud Platform (around $300-400/month) or (AWS).

  • Speed Test

The company claims that UpCloud is the fastest cloud service provider in the world. UpCloud is fast, but for this review, we required hands-on experience. So to test UpCloud’s speed, we used a cheaper plan on a few servers.

We can tell from our speed tests that UpCloud is faster than the average world speed. Though UpCloud’s downloads are faster than its uploads, they are still quicker than the average download speed around the globe.

Moreover, we found that servers running in data centers located in Europe perform better than those running in data centers elsewhere in the world. To improve and speed up the service, you should choose a data center nearest to most of your clients.

  • Firewall

Using UpCloud’s firewall, you can restrict traffic to and from servers. Various hacking attempts fail due to it. To set up a firewall, you must set up incoming and outgoing traffic rules. In the same way that automatic backups add to the cost of a server, a firewall does the same.

The first rule match determines how the firewall works. Rule matching is applied from top to bottom, and all rules below the first rule take precedence over the others. Generally, only the needed traffic is allowed, and the rest is blocked.

In the unlikely event someone hacks your site or server, they would have no way to carry out their malicious plans since all of your files automatically back up to the cloud. You may have to pay a fee to store data typically stored on your web server.

Firewall rules should take into account the following factors:

  • Outgoing or incoming traffic
  • Input or output the IP address
  • Incoming or outgoing ports
  • Protocols used (TCP, UDP, ICMP)
  • Server Cloning

With the server cloning feature, you can make changes to your server without worrying about it backfiring. The ‘clone’ feature allows you to change an existing copy. Analyze your changes by creating a staging environment at a click.

Making all the changes you wish without worrying about negative consequences is possible. It’s great! Features-wise, UpCloud is undoubtedly bursting at the seams! You can expect their developers to fix any gaps as soon as you say ‘Hello!’.

A regular update cycle and security patches ensure that UpCloud’s features stay up-to-date. When third parties cannot integrate something, the developers get creative and develop it themselves, like their MaxIOPS technology.

  • User Interface

Upcloud’s interface is user-friendly and responsive. As soon as the dashboard is open, everything becomes crystal clear. Users can quickly learn more about any terms or concepts on the site through knowledgebase links found throughout the page. In particular, I found this helpful when I needed help installing servers, resizing databases, and adding new members.

  • Uptime Guarantee

Every hosting service provider strives for 100% uptime. Most fail and only provide 95% to 99% uptime. In this case, UpCloud has managed to achieve 100% uptime.

Even one hour of downtime could cost you several potential customers, resulting in financial loss. Despite UpCloud’s guarantee of “100% uptime,” we tested our servers on UpCloud frequently over the day and found no issues. Yes, UpCloud does live up to its claims.

  • Flexible Customizations

A high traffic volume won’t slow down your server’s performance! Your business can upscale easily with UpCloud’s customizable packages, which let you choose RAM, bandwidth, and storage configurations.

Simple pricing packages offer pre-set configurations, while flexible pricing packages offer the option to choose your combination. Effortless, efficient, and simple!

UpCloud Pricing and Plans

Having seen UpCloud’s extensive features and benefits, you must be curious about how much it costs. Let me spare you the details of UpCloud’s pricing options, as they cater to every budget!

Generally, UpCloud offers several types of pricing: Let’s have a closer look at the Simple Plan.

1 GB1 TB25 GB15$/mo
2 GB2 TB50110$/mo
4 GB4 TB80220$/mo
8 GB5 TB160440$/mo
16 GB6 TB320680$/mo
32 GB7 TB6408160$/mo
48 GB9 TB96012240$/mo
64 GB10 TB128016320$/mo
96 GB12 TB192020480$/mo
128 GB24 TB204820640$/mo

Pros and Cons of using UpCloud

Pros Of Using Upcloud

  • MaxIOPS system

A unique feature of this technology is that it is tailored in-house to ensure lightning-fast speeds. Advantages give you a distinct competitive advantage.

  •  Secured installation

In deploying the server, users do not need to be concerned about hardware-related problems. Utilizing their control panel and API makes deployments simpler and faster. In addition, you’ll get a 100% availability service level agreement.

  • Boosted performance

UpCloud offers super-fast servers for hosting websites. Additionally, the servers are affordable and ultra-fast. When it comes to performance, MaxIOPS storage technology can improve it two-fold as compared to SSDs or VPSs!

  • Feature customization and affordability

Every server aspect can be customized, from the RAM to the storage capacity to the firewall. You only pay as you use, for all this at an affordable price!

  • Making a server clone

The UpCloud staging environment allows you to change your server without any noticeable consequences. Using this, you can clone your existing server, which is highly secure.

  • Security and backup

Using its snapshot security, UpCloud backs up essential data and protects it with customizable firewalls.

  • Timely response

UpCloud doesn’t panic when traffic spikes. It will respond quickly to the demands of the situation. This quick response time owes its existence to proprietary storage technology. The servers perform the test without downtime.

  • Migrating with ease

You get a fun bonus offer if you choose a pricing package over $500! Two-month migration from any other cloud host is free, with no additional fees! Right, it works.

  • 24/7 support

They always have a support team to help you. The response time is astounding, 1 minute and 35 seconds on average. You can contact them by email, phone, or chat.

Cons Of Using Upcloud

  • Shared Hosting

A shared hosting account with UpCloud is not available.

  • Trial Offer

Despite being offered three days, the trial period does not include everything. Users have complained of technical glitches as the lowest plan is free.

  • It’s best for advanced users

Like most cloud providers, the Upcloud web hosting environment is not beginner-friendly. It does require time to understand.

Top 3 Alternatives of UpCloud Hosting

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Customer Support

The UpCloud community section and API documentation contain extensive tutorials to assist customers. You can also earn account credits by contributing to the community. It is available 24/7 via live chat, email addresses, and phone numbers. They claim to respond in a minute and 37 seconds on average.

Email:  support@upcloud.com

Sales Contact:  sales@upcloud.com 

Final thoughts

Currently, UpCloud has one of the fastest and most reliable servers. In addition to providing first-class services, it also delivers exceptional results. Hosting your website or app with UpCloud should be a no-brainer. I recommend giving Upcloud a try if you consider building or migrating your site!

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