Volusion vs Shopify – Which one is the best eCommerce website builder?


Ecommerce has become a new thing in the digital era and a lot of eCommerce website builders have emerged in the market. Even though there are plenty of options to choose from, the two of the most popular hosted eCommerce platforms include Volusion and Shopify.
In this article, we’re going to break down the difference between Volusion and Shopify and which one is the best eCommerce website builder.

What is Volusion? 

Volusion is an eCommerce website builder that powers almost 40,000 online stores to date. It was created in 1999 to help midsized businesses go worldwide with easy online website building. It is an all-inclusive website builder and provides everything you need to start and run your online store. You can completely control and customize your website according to your needs. 


What is Shopify? 

Shopify is an easy-to-use online store builder that helps brand new business owners or small business owners go online with their products. Since the global pandemic kicked in, a lot of people have started their online businesses using Shopify. The website building process of this tool is so easy that even a complete beginner can make an amazing website out of it. Shopify works on a monthly subscription basis, however, you do get a 14-day free trial to figure out whether this website is suitable for your needs or not. Shopify is trusted by almost 1,700,000 businesses worldwide. 


Volusion vs Shopify – Main differences and similarities

Volusion and Shopify are both online store-building websites that power more than thousands of websites to date. Both the companies offer web designing, web marketing, and product inventory services to new, small and mid-sized businesses.

The main differences between both these companies are reflected in their pricing, features, ease of use, and many other things that we’re going to break down for you. 

At the end of this article, you’ll know which company is best for your business purposes. 

Volusion vs Shopify – Ease of Use

Volusion and Shopify both offer easy-to-use features, but the real question is, how easy? 

Shopify has an extremely easy setup that helps you in building your online store within a few minutes or hours. It also gives an undo option which is extremely important if you’re new to your business. The Shopify app store allows you to easily connect different apps to your website with just a few clicks. 

On the other hand, Volusion gets you confusing at the beginning of your business journey. The website building in this website builder may overwhelm you initially. The editing interface of Volusion is split between the storefront and the backend. Storefront refers to the final website that your customers see. 

They do not provide any keyboard shortcuts, so you have to click through the entire process which can become a lot time-consuming.

By now you might have figured out that the ease of use is better in Shopify rather than in Volusion. If you’re a complete beginner then Shopify would be the best choice to start with. However, with some help and supervision, you can make an amazing website with Volusion as well but you’d need to make some financial investment in it. With Shopify, you do not need any outside help to make your online store. 

Volusion vs Shopify – Sales Features

Volusion may seem a bit dull in design, but its most strengthen area are its features. Particularly, the analytic tool of this website builder is outstanding. 

Moreover, this website builder does not allow you to add a blog to your website which may become a downside for your online store. The website designing process is quite tricky for beginners and consumes a lot of time in the process. This is because of the complicated featuring of the website builder. All-in-all, Volusion works best for people who are data-loving business owners and are not too stuck on the website design. 

Shopify, having a massive app store, allows you to add even more features to your website designing. This website builder also allows social media integration so that you can sell through more than 10 social media channels. You can also improve your site’s performance with a range of shipping and marketing apps. Moreover, if you’re someone who’s looking to scale your business easily, then Shopify is for you. 

Shopify has the most amazing selection of sales features on the market. Moreover, Volusion has a better analytics tool. But the comparison here is in the favor of Shopify. Shopify has more features because of its app store. 

Volusion vs Shopify Blogging

Blogging is the most crucial part of achieving online success in this era. Even for an eCommerce website, blogging can do wonders in reaching potential customers.

Volusion however has a negative impact when it comes to blogging. It does not have an inbuilt blogging system. 

On the other hand, Shopify has a basic blogging system that you can use to give more information to your potential customers. However, if you want an advanced blogging system, you might need to add other apps. 

Moreover, both Volusion and Shopify allow you to integrate with a third party (say WordPress) to optimize your blogging website. 

Volusion vs Shopify – Pricing

Both Volusion and Shopify offer a wide range of subscription plans that anyone can use. The plans are suitable for small, medium, and large-sized companies.

Volusion PricingShopify Pricing

Personal – Costs $29 per month when prepaid for 3 months. Costs $29 per month for single monthly payments.
Basic Shopify – Costs $29 per month.
Professional – Costs $71 per month for 3 months. Costs $79 per month for month-to-month payments.Shopify – Costs $79 per month.
Startup – Costs $161 per month for 3-month payments. Costs $179 when a paid month to month.Advanced Shopify – Costs $299 per month.
Business – Costs $269 per month when paid for 3 months. Costs $299 when paid every month Shopify Lite – For adding products to your blog or website for $9 per month.
Prime – Provides custom pricing for online businesses with a GMV of $500,000 or more per year.Shopify Plus – Starts from $2,000 a month for the highest volume of online merchants and businesses.

Volusion and Shopify both give you budget-friendly pricing for your online store. Both of these companies have a 14-day free trial that helps you to decide whether the pricing is worth it or not. Every pricing provides you more or less features to use in your website building. 

However, for beginners, the basic plans are enough to start with. Both the companies will provide you with everything you possibly need to set up your business website. You don’t have to worry about paying for a third-party web host or SSL certificate and domain as well.

Comparatively, Shopify has a bit cheaper pricing than Volusion, but there’s a catch. Shopify may be a bit cheaper as compared to Volusion, but the cost of additional apps increases the monthly expense for your website. 

So, considering the above observations, Volusion and Shopify both are equally worthy of the investment considering your needs and goals. 

Volusion vs Shopify Design

When it comes to the design of a website the most important question arises that how many templates do the website builder provides you? 

Shopify gives you 10 free themes to choose from and 50+ premium themes that cost anywhere from$140 – $180. This website builder has themes for all industries other than DIY and art. So, you can simply design your website according to the industry and needs of your business. 

On the other hand, Volusion gives you 11 free themes to choose from and 38 premium themes that cost $180 each. This website builder has themes suitable for all industries other than art and toys, books, and education. 

Comparing both, Volusion ends up having fewer theme options for website design than Shopify, and the provided themes cost more than that of Shopify. Shopify has many more options of design templates and all are affordable on average. 

Volusion vs Shopify SEO Capabilities

SEO is the most important aspect of running a website. If you want long-term success in the online industry, you need to focus on the Search Engine Optimization of your Website. 

Both Volusion and Shopify allow you to perform basic on-page SEO functionality i.e., customizing title, URL, meta description, meta tags, etc. Both the website builders allow you to add Google Analytics and Facebook pixel codes to your website so that you can constantly measure the growth and success of your website. 

Moreover, Shopify provides you a free built-in SSL certificate. On the other hand, Volusion’s SSL certificate comes at the price of $90 per year. Apart from that, both Volusion and Shopify have identical SEO capabilities.  

Volusion vs Shopify  Apps & Integrations

Apps & Integrations play a great role in giving a better user experience to your customers.

Volusion does provide its users a wide range of apps but there aren’t many to choose from.

Shopify on the other hand puts in front of you a complete app store through which you can choose any app you want to add to your website building. This makes the website building process even more simple. Shopify offers thousands of apps and free add-ons that give your website an amazing edge and also improves the customer experience.  

Considering the amazing app & integration functionality of Shopify, this vote is definitely in the favor of this website builder. 

Volusion vs Shopify Customer Support

Shopify provides 24/7 support via phone and live chat. It has email and social media support services as well. That’s not all, as part of their Plus Level price plan you get your dedicated support agent which will help you out in every hurdle you face in your business. 

Volusion on the other hand provides phone support but only for 7 am-10 pm CST. They do not provide any email or social media support to their customers. However, they do offer a direct call service which helps in having more personal contact with the customers. 

No matter how personal experience Volusion wants to give their customers, they cannot beat the outstanding customer support services of Shopify. Shopify ensures that all their customer’s queries are handled in minutes rather than hours. 

Volusion and Shopify – Pros and Cons

Let’s now look at the pros and cons of both the website builders. 



  • You have various payment gateways to choose from.
  • Volusion has strong analytics and reporting features.
  • It provides an easy-to-use interface.
  • Customizable to suit a range of companies.
  • No transactional fees are to be paid. 


  • Volusion does not support selling digital products. 
  • You’ll have limited app options with this website builder.
  • Volusion lacks a specific niche.
  • It does not provide blogging functionality.



  • Shopify is excellent for sales and eCommerce website building. 
  • It has a large app store full of extensions.
  • Provides amazing customer support.
  • It has a fantastic custom shopping cart.
  • Integration with dropshipping features.


  • Shopify can be expensive because of the additional apps subscriptions. 
  • It charges a transactional fee if you choose any other payment gateway than Shopify’s.
  • Need to reformat your entire site when you switch themes.


The choice stays in the hands of the users. Both the website builders have their specialty and it’s you who needs to choose according to that.
If you want a beginner-friendly website builder who has different design choices, Shopify is the one for you. If, however, you are willing to compromise a little on the design of the website and want a data-friendly website, you should go for Volusion. 
Shopify is in ways better than Volusion as we have discussed above. The most amazing thing about it is the app store that allows you to add any additional feature to your website. This is something you won’t get in Volusion. But the final decision lands in the customer’s hands. The needs and goals of your business play a major role in deciding which eCommerce website builder you want to choose.  


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