Vultr Review – Features, Pricing & Details

Using Vultr, you can build games, launch operating systems, manage applications, and host SSDs. By using a unified portal, users can access FreeBSD, Alma Linux, Ubuntu, Windows, Fedora CoreOS, VzLinux, and many more.

Overview of Vultr

As an alternative to DigitalOcean and UpCloud, Vultr offers cloud hosting services. The company offers SSD drives with high performance. The newly launched High-Frequency Compute servers from Vultr Cloud Hosting have footprints in 14 countries around the world. In a nutshell, Vultr is reliable, but it’s not particularly suitable for newbies looking for a cloud hosting change from shared.

You can deploy compute instances within 60 seconds with a wide range of options. Intel’s ultrafast cores ensure their reliability. There are also block storage, dedicated clouds, and servers available through it.

Types of hosting available Cloud Compute, Bare Metal Simplified, Dedicated Instances, and Block Storage – Dedicated Server, Cloud
Price RangeStarting Price Range: 5.0$
Free SSL CertificateNo
Free Professional EmailNo
Storage25 GB SSD
Speed and Uptime99.9% uptime 
Best forAll types of Shared hosting
Extra FeaturesUptime of 99.9%, Best for Beginners, Good Customer Support, Easy to Use.

Vultr Features

Cockpit Control Panel

A web browser can be used to manage your server instance using the powerful Cockpit control panel. Besides monitoring network traffic and disk activity, it also displays memory usage, CPU usage, and memory allocation. However, Cockpit has a steep learning curve, which can be intimidating. You can use it to control your Vultr cloud server once you learn how to use it.

Powerful Cloud Solutions

When it comes to functionality, Vultr has got you covered with its instant global deployment and feature-rich control panel. Moreover, it offers SSD storage and Intel CPUs of the latest generation. It is also possible to mount, customize, and redeploy custom ISOs using Vultr.

In addition, you can duplicate your server setups across multiple instances using the snapshot feature on the Vultr network.

One-Click Installers

With Vultr, you can install web applications and managerial tools quickly and easily. Vultr, a premium cloud host, does a fantastic job at this, which is not always something to write home about. The one-click installer is so simple to use that even if you are used to using scripts and code, you could still use it if you want a simpler life. A range of software programs is included in the installer, including cPanel, Drupal, Magenta, Joomla, MediaWiki, PrestaShop, and WordPress. The one-click installer allows you to deploy a Minecraft server if you’re a Minecraft fan.

Snapshots and Backup

Your server can always be backed up with a snapshot whenever you want. You can easily add another server instance by applying the snapshot to it. This will set up the new instance. As an added bonus, automatic backups are only $1 per month.

High Performance and Speed

In the first place, it’s important to consider the location. In the same way that driving to a remote location takes longer than driving to a nearby location, serving data from a distant data center means the data will take longer to reach its intended recipient.

By choosing a data center near your target audience, you can improve the performance of your website. E-commerce businesses should pay special attention to this.

In addition, if the host expands its network, it can back up your data in multiple locations, which offers protection against data catastrophes. Additionally, downtime on your website is less likely to be caused by issues with one network component. Hosting, deployment, and developer tools are all available at low prices from Vultr.

Application Change

You can quickly change your current server’s application from the Server Details window. Click “Change application” on the Settings tab. Changing the application and installing a new one are done via the dropdown list.

Vultr Hosting Options

There are three types of hosting that Vultr provides at the moment. Detailed descriptions of each type of plan and information on who should choose each are provided below.

Cloud Compute (VC2)

In contrast to traditional hosting services, Cloud Computer (VC2) offers short-term hosting commitments. The fifteen locations worldwide offer almost instant deployment. The Vultr control panel lets you manage your website and hosting from a convenient admin interface. Your server instance will be root accessible and API access; you can choose your OS and API accessible. When it comes to advanced hosting, Cloud Compute 2 is a great choice.

Bare Metal Simplified

Bare Metal Simplified is Vultr’s standard option for resource-intensive websites and applications. The Vultr server is like a dedicated Vultr server with customizations so you can get started quickly. In addition to automating additional resources, deployment can be completed in minutes.

The physical hardware that supports your website provides unrestricted access to everything it offers, similar to dedicated hosting. You should choose this option for your site to have the most power possible. Managing your site, however, shouldn’t take up all your time.

Dedicated Instances

You can rent fractions of (as well as an entire) dedicated server with Vultr’s Dedicated Resources option instead of Bare Metal Simplified. An hourly billing option might be beneficial for renting 50% of a dedicated server. Compared to Bare Metal Simplified, it’s more flexible than Cloud Compute – you might find it too little and too much of a dedicated server option.

Block Storage

With Vultr, you can store blocks of data. We aren’t just hosting websites here; we are replicating your data three times to ensure 99.99% availability. Block Storage is a feature of Vultr’s cloud storage service that allows users to expand storage volumes.

Consider using Block Storage if you need to store a lot of data on one server or multiple servers. 

Customer Support

You will barely have time to take a break with Vultr’s well-trained customer support team resolving your problems so fast. Alternatively, you can ask for advice on improving your hosting performance based on your website’s requirements. Responding and explaining everything clearly will take only a few minutes.

Vultr Plans and Prices

Perhaps trying out the features for yourself will excite you more than reading about them. A new customer bonus of $5 is being offered by Vultr right now.

User Plans

It’s only possible to pay for what you use with Vultr’s hourly plans. You won’t have to pay anything more if you don’t exceed 672 hours in a given month. With 8 plans to choose from, the platform is prepared to meet any need. Users can have up to 24 CPUs on the most popular plan.

In the meantime, 2000 GB of bandwidth and 1024 MB of memory should be fine for most people. Regarding the most expensive packages, these rates increase to 15000 GB and 655366 MB. Vultr offers storage (VLS) and a dedicated cloud service (VDS). Again, a package can be customized to meet individual requirements due to its high level of flexibility.

Vultr Plans And Prices

You can pay monthly or hourly for each of these plans, and Vultr offers eight public cloud servers and four dedicated cloud servers. Their current pricing is listed below. Prices are updated on Vultr’s website.

Plan Name: Disk Space Bandwidth Price

  • Compute Instance 1: 15 GB, 1 TB, $5.00
  • Compute Instance 2: 20 GB, 2 TB, $10.00
  • Compute Instance 3: 45 GB, 3 TB, $20.00
  • Compute Instance 4: 90 GB, 4 TB, $40.00
  • Compute Instance 5: 150 GB, 5 TB, $80.00
  • Compute Instance 6: 300 GB, 6 TB, $160.00
  • Compute Instance 7: 600 GB, 10 TB, $320.00
  • Compute Instance 8: 700 GB, 15 TB, $640.00
  • Dedicated Cloud 1: 120 GB, SSD 10 TB, $60.00
  • Dedicated Cloud 2: 2x 120 GB, SSD 20 TB, $120.00
  • Dedicated Cloud 3: 3x 120 GB, SSD 30 TB, $180.00
  • Dedicated Cloud 4: 4x 120 GB, SSD 40 TB, $240.00

Pros and Cons Of Using Vultr Hosting


  • The control panel offers a wide range of features
  • Many plans available
  • Resource upgrades are easy
  • Providing reliable hosting services.


  • It would be nice if communications were a little faster. But compared to their hosting speed, we can compromise on it.

Top 3 Alternatives of Vultr Hosting

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How good is Vultr?

Answer: Cloud servers powered by Vultr’s SSDs feature a global footprint and provide high performance. This service aims to launch a blazing-fast SSD cloud server with the highest reliability and efficiency. A feature-rich control panel with 100% solid-state drives (SSD) is available with Vultr.

Question 2: How do I cancel my Vultr account?

Answer: You can close your Account by contacting Vultr support via email at or through the feature provided in the Services. Your Account will be closed, and a confirmation email will be sent to you.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re setting up a small website or game server, Vultr is an excellent cloud server hosting product. Choosing only what you need and upgrading anytime is easy with their highly customizable pricing and service packages. 

The Vultr cloud hosting service may be a good fit for small companies or gaming communities. Vultr is not ideal if you have many users or need it to support hundreds. Compared to other cloud hosting companies, the prices for their dedicated hosting are just too high.

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