WebHostingHub Review – Is this Hosting good for its Price?

Web Hosting Hub aims to provide affordable website hosting plans, hassle-free setup, and free web apps to ensure a custom hosting solution for any business. I decided to make this review article to give you more customer insights and help you determine if it is the right choice to host your site.

Web Hosting Hub has provided web hosting and domain registration services since 2010. They have multiple hosting plans, applications hosting, and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder. Their offers are well-suited for small businesses and growing websites.

webhostinghub review

Web Hosting Hub Overview:  What you should know about Webhosting Hub: Features and Offers

Types of hosting availableShared Hosting, and WordPress Hosting
Price range$5.99 to $11.99
Free SSL certificateYes
Free professional emailNo
Specific offersHigh Speed, excellent support, and free migration.
Speed and uptime1080ms, 99.91%
Best forBlogging and retail businesses.
Number of users (if available)NA
Extra featurescPanel, caching, website builder, online store builder, etc.

How much does Web Hosting Hub Cost? Web Hosting Hub Pricing and Plans

The pricing of this service ranges from $5.99 per month to $11.99 per month. Users can select from various packages that have the most exciting names. The Spark, Nitro, and Dynamo plans. The intermediate plan, called the Nitro Plan, will cost you $7.99, while the other two are the minimum and maximum range limits.

Each package offers different kinds of services. All the basic features are present in all the plans, except that the Nitro provides two times the performance and speed while there is a choice of the data center on the website.

Dynamo has four times the speed, and there is also a choice of data centers. The Spark Plan does not offer these two services, but the price range that it provides is lesser and suits a large number of users.

Pros and Cons of using Web Hosting Hub

Every service and product has some pros and cons. However, with web hosting services, it is all about suiting some people and not suiting others. Check out the pros and cons of this service before making the final call.

Pros of WebHostingHub

• Environmental Friendly Service:

The company has numerous environmental health policies, and for more than a decade, they claim to reduce waste. Reducing paper consumption and ensuring that heat generation is compensated by the natural rescuers of the planet, which is plants. The energy-efficient green data centers are pretty comforting, and many people who care about the environment select this hosting service.

• Uptime is Good:

The Uptime from this web hosting service is 99.91%, which results from a six-month test and four hours of downtime. The standard uptime from other companies s around the same; therefore, Web Hosting Hub is a good choice for all website setups.

• Domain Name and Migration:

The free domain name is a big plus for people who feel uncomfortable when they do not get a permanent domain for the website. With this service, you can keep the domain name free of charge!

Site migration is possible with this service as well. Web Hosting Hub allows the migration of three websites and databases, which is sufficient for most users.

• Ease of Use:

I found this one is a significant advantage! How many people would have technological knowledge when their business is related to something else? They have studied or gained experience in a different field, and it is not the best idea to expect customers to know everything about web hosting or how a website is maintained.

Even if you use a different content management system like WordPress for blogs or Prestashop for your online business, the Web Hosting Hub will ask you to install it on your homepage, and the rest of the work is done by this service company! This layout and convenience are unique features and a big advantage for all.

• Money Back Guarantee:

Web Hosting Hub gives all customers 90 days for full reimbursement of their money in case the service standards or the types of services do not appeal to them. Customers can enjoy various kinds of plans, and the cost is nominal.

But, some people might want to quit for other reasons that do not necessarily reflect the company’s performance. In any case, the money-back guarantee stands valid for all. However, in some cases, the reimbursement does not stand right. You should always read the Terms of Service to ensure your experience is good!

• Hard Drives (SDD):

Solid-state hard drives are a significant advantage, and every website that this company hosts will be able to enjoy them. These drives are faster than conventional and mechanical hard drives, which can take much longer to respond.

Cons of WebHostingHub

Apart from all these advantages, some users can have severe disadvantages, and it is best to know them beforehand.

• Pricing Slightly Higher:

Many of you may have encountered web hosting services that charge as low as $3 for the basic plan. The highest service rates may be higher, but the basic plan shows how the pricing fares against other services.

Web Hosting Hub charges more for their service, which is visible in the prices of all the plans being higher than others. This may be a severe reason for many potential customers, and the company cannot justify that by saying that they offer more in this package.

• Slow Loading:

The page loading speed by Web Hosting Hub. While the SDD and speed references claim that this service is fast, some customers feel that the speed has to be lower because it takes 180ms for page loading, which is lower than other services. It might not be the company’s fault since loading time relies on various factors (adding codes for a form, image size, plugin configuration, etc.).

• Security Not Included:

Backups ensure that your data remains safe under all circumstances. You can use third-party plugins or pay extra to provide data recovery.

Web Hosting Hub Customer Support

The customer support from Web Hosting Hub is good and quite a relief for those working with a web hosting service for the first time. Apart from emails, live chats, and website messages, you can call the customer service center to get help. This feature makes it easy for all the customers to adjust to a service that handles their work!

Final Thoughts: Who Should Use Web Hosting Hub?

Web Hosting Hub is a good match for people who need a website for various purposes. Beginners bloggers can benefit from the basic plan called the Spark Plan, which does not have an extremely high speed like the other two plans. However, it is fast enough due to the SSD.

The WordPress management system can be installed, and you can keep adding to your website. ECommerce websites can also benefit from this web hosting service because you can use Prensa Shop, and the Nitro and Dynamo Plans will cover all customer’s requirements!

Top Web Hosting Hub Alternatives

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Will I pay only $5.99 to set up a blog?

If your blog requires the basic services that the Spark Plan covers, your monthly charges will be $5.99. However, you can select the other plans if you need more services like higher speed. The monthly cost will not be more than $7.99 if you do not add the backup and security fee.

How many migrations are allowed by this service?

You can migrate up to three websites using Web Hosting Hub, free of charge!

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