Webador Review – Is It Worth It?

Trying to build a website for the first time but not knowing where to begin? Want to launch an online store but don’t know how to code? No budget for a communication agency? The Webador platform is your solution: it is practical, easy to use, and affordable, even for those just starting.

The Webador platform is a free, easy-to-use website builder for beginners and businesses seeking a quick and easy way to launch a website. This quick review provides extra feedback to help you decide if it suits you.

In addition to being neatly designed, the Webador website is quite informative. You can access it in English, German, and Dutch. In addition to English and Dutch, the Editor’s interface is available in French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Webador Overview

Owning your website is becoming increasingly common, but creating it remains a significant barrier for many. Webador website builder promises to make it “surprisingly easy” to create a professional website. It was, therefore, necessary to sift through Webador.

What is Webador?

Founded in the Netherlands, Webador is a website builder that caters to beginners and those who prefer more straightforward websites. The provider’s mission statement: Every client should be able to create a website they are proud of.

In addition, Webador provides 100% sustainable energy on its servers, making its websites climate-neutral. It’s clean and simple: who wouldn’t like that? We compare the climate-neutral website construction kit to well-known competitors to see whether it is user-friendly.

Types of services availableCreate a free website, Set up a webshop, Create a blog, website with a domain name, Your e-mail domain, Templates
Price Range $1/mon for the first 3 months  $10/mon pro plan $20/mon business plan
Free SSL CertificateYes
Free Professional EmailYes
Storage1 GB to Unlimited
Specific OffersSiteBuilder, Free Domains, User-friendly webshops, SEO-read sites, Free SSL certificates, Responsive, free stock images, 50+ templates, E-mail Accounts, and Unlimited Storage.
Best forAll types of small websites, from beginners to professionals

Webador Key Features

  • User-friendly facilities

To create your website, you will need a Webador account. Visit the Webador website and click on Get started now. Before creating a website, you must specify what type it will be (website, blog, or online shop). But please keep in mind that this information is not contractual. To complete the registration process, you must provide your e-mail address and password.

You can customize your website’s design after registering. Changing the design later is also not a binding choice. In the website category, you can choose from 50 templates.

Depending on your preferences, you may register your domain or skip this step for now. Following that, you will need to choose a plan. With the free plan, you can try out all the basic functions of Webador without any commitment. You land directly in the Webador editor after selecting the plan.

  • Affordably easy

Investing in a communication agency does not need to consume all of your budgets. Using Webador is both easy and affordable. The free version is perfect for amateurs and individuals, but the $10 subscription is the ideal solution for entrepreneurs.

A pro package lets you manage your monthly budget with financial assurance and technical security. It’s especially appealing given that you only have to pay $1. A single store can contain up to 10 items and integrated messaging. Business packages are available for $20/month with an unlimited online store.

  • Multilingual websites cost money

Creating multilingual websites is easy with Webador, but you’ll need an additional domain name or subdomain. By clicking on the Webador logo at the top left, you can access your administration and select the Multilingual website.

In contrast to some website builders, Webador makes adding languages simple. The cost of creating multilingual websites varies depending on the tongue. Webador prioritizes ease of use over a wide range of functions.

In this regard, the kit offers mostly basic features, from blogging to element versatility. The app market does not provide third-party alternatives to compensate for missing features. Thus, Webador’s performance is only “satisfactory.”.

  • Limited-featured blogs

Create a blog using an element on your website. You can then open the blog settings by clicking Manage Blog in the item. You can add new blog posts here and manage your existing ones. It is possible to schedule articles to be published on a particular date or to allow comments. By dragging different blog elements, you can create different categories.

From an SEO perspective, it’s a pity there are no custom URLs or other categorization features. Webador’s blog also emphasizes the simplicity of its system but completely eschews advanced features. Perhaps another kit would be better if you are a blogger or value content marketing.

  • Website editing with Webador

In keeping with its promise, Webador keeps its Editor simple. The top navigation menu allows you to switch between the Editor, the Pages, the Design, the Webshop, and the Settings sections.

Managing your website’s navigation and page structure is done in Pages, whereas editing content on your website occurs in Editor. You can change the colors, text format, and other homepage aspects under design.

The elements on the left in the editor area represent your website’s building blocks. Please select the item and drag it onto the page to add it. Although you can move the elements around and adjust their alignment, hyperlinks, etc., they automatically snap to the website layout for order’s sake.

Your site’s Pages menu allows you to add new pages and arrange them by dragging them left or right. You can add as many submenus to your submenus as you like. You can set some SEO settings for each page.

Using the pages menu, you can rearrange the hierarchy of your pages. Settings under General include classic options such as website name, language, and time zone, along with a variety of other options:

  • Administrators: Specifying different types of site administrators (more on this in the next chapter).
  • Domains: Domain management and registration.
  • Mailboxes: Managing your e-mail accounts.
  • Business Listings: Boost your business’ visibility.
  • SEO settings: Search engine optimization settings.
  • Advanced settings: HTML in the HEAD tag, redirects, and Google Analytics.

Despite its simplicity and intuitive interface, Webador delivers what it promises: users can customize websites with just a few clicks. It allows users to operate more efficiently with predefined structures. But personalization is not easy due to the limited drag-and-drop freedom: Not all screen elements are always displayed where they should be.

Yet, Webador is one of the most uncomplicated website builders.

  • Design & Templates

With Webador, you can choose from over 50 responsive design templates optimized for mobile devices. While they’re not all that unique, most designs have been seen somewhere in this or a similar form. Additionally, specific designs have proven themselves with website builders.

From image-heavy travel blogs to minimalist, elegant company pages, Webador covers them all.

Changing the template at any time is convenient. By clicking Choose Another Theme under Theme, you can change themes. Despite this, Webador also lacks a free drag-and-drop feature, resulting in greater flexibility.

  • Customizable layouts

The design menu allows you to customize your page’s colors, headings, menus, subpages, and text formatting. However, element-level settings are pretty limited. Columns or white areas can help you further edit your website’s layout. You can customize colors and fonts in the theme menu.

  • Integrated stock photo gallery

Images can be uploaded from your computer or selected from the media gallery. It gives you easy access to thousands of royalty-free and free stock photos via the practical integration of Unsplash.

You can crop, apply effects, or add text to inserted photos directly in the Editor. The Webador editor allows you to search and insert royalty-free images directly from Unsplash. It’s a solid website builder with some good templates but limited personalization options. Changing the website template is a positive feature that you can do at any time.

  • Feature-limited marketing

A few marketing options are also available with Webador: vouchers offer customers a wide range of discounts. You can also set a reduced price for a product in the product menu. Marketing functions, however, are scarce beyond that. A multimedia marketing campaign such as Wix is also not possible. E-mail marketing, for example, is not integrated. Discount codes can motivate your customers to make a purchase.

  • SEO & Analytics

Using Webador, you can set up basic SEO settings. Besides editing the page title and description, you can also add a social media image. In addition, you can specify whether a page should appear in search results. A similar set of options is available for blog posts and shop products.

User-defined URLs are not available. There are SEO settings available for products, pages, and blog posts on Webador. Webador’s administration allows you to access statistics about your visitors, their geographic origin, devices, and traffic sources. It is also possible to integrate Google Analytics.

The product settings and marketing features of Webador are limited, so it is better suited for small shops. User-friendliness and management of product variants are excellent as usual. There are some solid SEO and analytics features in Webador.

Webador Pricing and Plans

With Webador’s pricing plan, it’s manageable: besides the free package, two packages are available, Pro and Business, which can be taken out monthly or at a cheaper annual rate.

  • The free plan must have an address ending in .webador.de. Additionally, most advanced features are unavailable. It is also possible to blog as a free customer.
  • In the Pro Plan, you pay $1 for three months and then $10 per month without a startup fee, your online shop has a limit of ten products, and your mailbox has a limit of 1 GB. The Pro plan also excludes HD videos.
  • With the business plan, you can offer an unlimited number of products and have 10GB of mailbox storage. The plan costs $1 for three months and $20 every month, and there is no startup fee.

Note: Both plans come with a free domain.

Pros and Cons of using Webador


  • Easily handleable
  • Feature-limited free plan
  • Easily implement multilingual websites (for a fee)


  • Basic blogging features
  • Customization is limited
  • App store unavailable
  • Only suitable for small shops

Webador Customer Support

Clicking the blue help button on the Webador website will take you to the help center. A search function is available, as well as instructions organized by category. GIFs and screenshots illustrate the steps and demonstrate how the functions work.

In Webador’s tutorials, you can choose from categories such as getting started or information.

Have trouble finding an answer in the tutorials? By using the contact form in the help area, you can contact Webador support directly. Live chat and a hotline are unavailable (an emergency number only exists for severe issues).

It only took Webador a few hours to answer our question. There are only a few channels of contact, so a “good” grade is adequate.

In case of errors or failures, contact the 24/7 helpline at +31(0)40-3031360.

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Website creation with Webador is straightforward for all users. It is easy to understand Webador’s Editor, so you won’t need to spend a long time training. Website design, from navigation to structuring, is easy to handle.

Webador is also ideal for small projects, including online shops, simple corporate websites, and blogs for small businesses and clubs. The design templates are not customizable, and no digital sales or marketing tools come with the package.

In Webador’s view, anyone looking to build websites that aren’t too demanding should be able to live with these limitations.