Top 5 WIX Alternatives to Build Your Own Website

WIX has been one of the most prominent website development platforms you might have come across many times. You have seen its advertisements, especially on social media and video streaming websites. These advertisements always talk about making a website with easy drag and drop options, picture and logo selection, and many more website designing services. Yes, you can say WIX is an all-in-one website design, development, and operating platform that can help you build your website, including eCommerce.

Indeed, WIX has made life easier for many people. Therefore, WIX is a complete package, but this package can get pricy and might not be suitable for your taste.

Therefore, we are here with the best WIX alternatives that can be less costly and with so many functionality options that will fulfill your business requirements. Thus, why wait? Let us discuss the best website designers and developer alternatives to WIX.

What is WIX, and more about it?

WIX is an online platform publicly available for many beginners in developing and creating websites. The company was founded in 2006 in Israel and became very popular in the world of website building services based over the cloud.

The main idea of WIX is to create websites on HTML5 by providing drag and drop tools, many pre-made and customizable templates, hosting multilingual fonts, and eCommerce templates for beginners who do not know the website designing and development. Indeed, it is a perfect middle-ground that connects non-specialists with the advanced technological world of websites. Now you do not need to know the part of coding for developing a website and designing it. Thus, it is a hustle-free solution for everyone who wants to start an online business.

But there is a point that the website development and management can get complicated even with WIX. Therefore, the package can get more expensive with the limited features.

Therefore, we have compiled all of the best and low-cost alternatives of WIX in this article below.

Why do we need WIX alternative?

Here are a few of the most prominent issues that many users and our experts have mentioned all over the internet about WIX. Therefore, it is essential to keep in mind these features and problems while selecting the alternative.

Templates and Designs

WIX may have many templates and designs that you can use for your website, but it may lack scalability in so many ways. The first issue that many people have mentioned is that once your website is live over the internet, changing the website’s template is not easy. If you have an eCommerce business over the WIX, switching the template is impossible due to the complicated work-frame behind the website.

Editing Tools versus Functionality

One of the main reasons WIX gained popularity is the drag and drop editor tool. In short, website development requires coding for dragging one element to another, and WIX has eliminated that through a user-friendly interface. But when it comes to SEO functionality and eCommerce, you may find a gap in the management tools.

Our verdict here is if you are seeking a portfolio-style website, then WIX is just fine, but for security, eCommerce, and SEO functionalities and plug-ins, you may find yourself stressed with WIX.


WIX has always provided a pricing structure at the initial stages of development and design to the user. Still, as the website is developed, you find out the extra functionalities and plug-ins you might need. Now you may have to pay a lot different than initially calculated. Therefore, you will pay more than you expected, making the website very pricy.

If you are thinking about involving the third-party plug-ins, you will be charged so much extra. WIX might be easy but heavy on the pocket. There are many website-builder that have reasonably low prices for the same plug-ins.

Data Switching and Migration

Changing the template with WIX is another problem, but when migrating your eCommerce or extensive website data to another template and layout, you are in serious trouble. All of your content will be halted in WIX, and you must manually shift the data. Just imagine doing it; so much work and so complicated.

Loading Time Issues

Few of the WIX use also mentioned the website loading time issues they are facing. As an expert, we know about some plug-ins that have helped you deal with the problem. But for WIX, there are so many limited solutions to this problem, and costly.

Top WIX Alternatives & Competitive

Now that we have some crucial issues regarding the website development design, here are the best WIX alternatives that have resolved most problems at a reasonable price point. Let us discuss them in detail:

1. WordPress

WordPress is one of the most prominent names in the website development industry. Honestly, the world’s 40 to 45 percent of the website are made and operated under WordPress. Many people will agree that WordPress is not user friendly as WIX and is a bit hard for beginners, but it is a fully customized website platform once you understand and get the hang of it.

WordPress is more like a large community that also shares some of the perks of third-party services. You can easily download any theme for the website, templates, plug-ins, and icons for your website and compile them. This is one of the main reasons WordPress stands unbeatable for many users. The only issue is if you are a beginner, you have to go through lots of tutorials in understanding and learning how to make a website.

Now let us talk about the pricing system in WordPress. From installation to development with the free templates, WordPress is free, but you need to pay for hosting to the third party and the plug-ins. Or you can also get the paid themes for WordPress, including the unique structure for eCommerce websites.

Nevertheless, the massive library of add-ons and in-built SEO functionalities makes it a perfect issue for all kinds of websites.

2. Squarespace

Squarespace is more like the direct competitor of the WIX since it follows the same user-friendly website-building tools that are perfect for beginners. But Squarespace is more advanced than WIX in many ways.

We have found Squarespace more simplified than WIX, which offers many designs. But when it comes to advance websites, you might need to learn and plan about the website in advance to avail the service Squarespace is willing to provide.

Another thing that we love about Squarespace is that it provides the user with unlimited storage and bandwidth. Thus, your larger websites, especially the eCommerce website, never suffer due to low storage. Other than that, there are 4 pricing plans, including personal, business, basic commerce, and advanced commerce, available on monthly payments from USD 12 to USD 40, depending on the website type.

The only fallback of using Squarespace is the same as the WIX; the app add-ons and plug-ins are limited and a little pricy, unlike other alternatives.

3. GoDaddy

If you have been using the internet since the 1990s, you must have heard about GoDaddy. It is one of the first web-hosting websites that turned into a website-building website. GoDaddy has a similar drag and drops features for website building, but that is not the only thing they offer to their users. From web hosting to social media integration and marketing, GoDaddy is a complete package for blogging, personal websites, and even eCommerce.


You can sign up for many monthly plans, including the campaign website and e-commerce plan, starting from USD 9.99 to USD 24.99. Moreover, GoDaddy also offers specialized tools for the websites at a reasonably low cost than most competitors.

Since we are talking about the benefits, let us talk about the drawbacks. Like WIX, GoDaddy has no app and add-on store options. Another big issue many people are annoyed with is that it is not that good when handling the SEO tools. Moreover, it auto-generates the URL of the page every time you edit it, confusing most the users.

4. Weebly

Weebly is also a good website builder that stands between beginners and advanced builders. In short, it is a perfect layman platform for beginners and gradually takes you to the advanced level of website building without any confusion and fuss. Therefore, many advanced developers have no issue working on Weebly too.


Weebly is ideal for all kinds of websites, but its main focus is eCommerce, and it has a unique selection of built-in SEO tools. Therefore, Weebly has added many features for online selling, including the on-site calculation feature and coupon codes which many alternatives and WIX do not offer with an expensive plug-in.

A little thing that we didn’t like was the limited designs for the design. Otherwise, it is open for free website building but with lots of ads, or you can upgrade to USD 5 to USD 25 per month packages to avoid this Ads issue without halting your development process.

5. Shopify

If you are looking for a website eCommerce solution, then Shopify is a must to check. Indeed, it is one of the most successful website builders in the market that offers so many options for you.


Ecommerce website building needs a lot more attention than you might have expected. Therefore, Shopify provides you with filter templates that are made to start building a website with optimization. Shopify also gives you access to HTML and CSS coding to personalize your website, but it’s ok if you are not familiar with that skill. Another feature that we adore is the variety of upselling techniques Shopify gives its users. It is more like a business-developing partner for everyone new to this topic.

Now let us talk about the price, Shopify does not offer any free plans, but you have to use it based on a two-week trial and get familiar with its work structure. Since Shopify primarily focuses on the store owners, the price is disclosed on each feature you want to have, and the best thing is that you know what exactly you are paying for, with no hidden charges.


WIX gave many opportunities to the layman people to have a fully functional websites on just few clicks but with time, the package, and perks of it can get very expensive. But there are few alternatives that helps you with the same packages at lesser price and have more professional tools especially for E-commerce and SEO. We have reviewed a few for you so you can select which ones suits you.

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