WPX Hosting Review – Features + Price + Speed Reviewd

The reputation of a website directly depends on its loading speed. A swiftly loading website has multiple benefits, including enhanced conversion rate, better SEO rankings, and improved user experience. If you run an e-commerce site, it results in better revenue generation. However, it may not be possible to achieve this goal without the help of an ideal managed web hosting provider.


WPX is the ultimate solution with widely spread features to fulfill the aim in an economical range. We have reviewed the platform in detail to understand better whether WPX qualifies as your next perfect service provider.

Let us get started!

WPX Hosting Features

The primary reason for entrepreneurs to opt for managed hosting services is reduced workload and a speed-optimized website. However, such services come as a package of extensive attributes, and rightly so as you spend several bucks on the provider.


Let’s look at all the aspects that WPX Hosting offers for growing online businesses.

Free Migration

If you are not satisfied with your current host’s performance, it is the perfect time to shift the database to something faster and more reliable, which is WPX in this case. But do you think transferring an entire website from one hosting provider to another would be the task of a single click? Of course, it is not! The process involves multiple technicalities.

At the same time, you may also have to pay a few extra bucks other than the subscription plan to migrate to a WordPress-based website. Many plugins can act for the purpose, but only expert users can handle their operation. It is unfair for beginners as they may have to hire an IT professional to enjoy a resilient web service provider.

But fortunately, WPX will not subject you to such a complicated situation as it allows free and one-click website migration. The experts will take around one day to transfer the whole WordPress website to WPX from any other managed-to-host service provider. They even keep the email address of your business intact.

Regular Backup of Website Content

Another vital feature of WPX hosting is the daily backup of the entire website. The content is then stored as a discrete file over the server for 28 days, after which it gets deleted.

The period is most prolonged in comparison with what other similar providers offer. Hence, if your website faces any unfortunate data loss, you would not have to worry about struggling hard to get things back to normal. You can restore the entire content in a few minutes with regular backups. WPX also offers the attribute of manual backups, where you can store everything on the server before making any critical update.

WPX will integrate relevant plugins like BackWPup, etc., for backup and restore procedures on your request if you are still not satisfied.

Email Accounts

Irrespective of the WPX plan you have subscribed to, you get the option to set up a single email address for promotional marketing campaigns for your WordPress website. The email service is also vital in keeping users updated with all the happenings on your site.

If you run an e-commerce store, it may prove helpful to make aware your customers of current and upcoming sales and exciting deals. It also caters to one impressive aspect that many hosts lack: redirecting email to your personal Gmail account.

Other possibilities to receive email include Outlook, Google Apps, or precisely on your mobile phone so you can stay connected to the customers on the go.

Intuitive Dashboard

WPX is regarded as one perfect hosting service provider for beginners with no prior knowledge of handling the complexities of managing a WordPress website. The dashboard is relatively straightforward with limited options so that the user can target his requirements easily. Although the dashboard displays very few options, they are essential to keep a close eye on a WordPress website’s specs.

These include;

  • Account details
  • Account services
  • Used support tickets
  • Email and website management
  • Disk storage limit
  • Data usage

Management tasks become much easier when you can keep a close eye on these website matters on a single page. We prefer it for novice website managers, while experts can also enjoy the benefits of saving time and direct it to some other vital area of their business.

The dashboard also allows the installation of WordPress in a single click, so you can instantly outsource the critical website matters to WPX. Afterward, you would be able to give more to other aspects of your online business that require great attention.

Sites Staging

Many beginners are unaware of site staging, while it is a pretty helpful feature. It comes in handy when you want to test recent updates on your WordPress. If you would directly subject your website to these changes, potentially unfavorable outcomes may hurt your website’s reputation. Hence, a testing copy of the live WordPress site is necessary, which you can access through the site staging attribute.

When you are entirely satisfied with the effects of such updates on the staged site, a single click can push the entire setup to the live site. The entire testing and publishing process is done smoothly, thanks to WPX’s intuitive support. However, there is a negative side to it as well, where you may have to pay some extra buck for each staged site. WPX considers such sites as regular for billing.

Robust Customer Support

The customer service at WPX is quite impressive as you can consult their team of experts through multiple methods.

These are;

  • Live chat
  • Ticket system
  • Online knowledge base

If your query is not answered through live chat, which happens rarely, you can use a ticket to avail technical guidance at their online help desk. Most customers have all the positive things about their quick and on-point support.

The support team responds quickly and resolves the problems on the spot. If you are unsatisfied, the most effective way is to browse through their widely spread knowledge base. The academy consists of several informational and step-by-step tutorials to help answer your questions.

Some Other Significant Features Of WPX Hosting

  • Access to the server with a browser file controller
  • No prohibited use of plugins
  • Pre-built CDN known as WPX Cloud
  • Chargeless security authorization
  • Security from distributed denial of service attacks
  • Database access
  • Extended support for multiple WordPress sites
  • Three data centers in USA, UK, and Australia which you can select as per your location
  • Storage capacity of solid-state drive
  • Free privacy for domains

How to Get Started with WPX Hosting?

We have included this section in our review of WPX managed hosting to give you a better idea of the following essential aspects;

  • Signing up
  • Creating an account
  • Installing WordPress
  • Launching a brand new website

Signing Up at WPX Hosting

The sign-up process at WPX comprises no complexities. All you have to do is select a pricing plan as per the features that will go well with your online business type. Afterward, you can register a new domain straightforwardly if starting a new website. WPX even allows usage of the current domain. You can finally have your account created after registering a domain name or adding the current one.

Access Dashboard

A dashboard will display as soon as you log in with your account details. This area exhibits complete billing information. Here you can finally administer your account and access all the services that come packed with the plan you paid for.

WordPress Installation or Website Migration

Two possibilities include transferring an already established site or creating one from scratch. WPX extensively supports both options. In the former case, you will have to apply to the platform for free migration, and the team of experts will handle the rest of the process.

At the same time, installing WordPress on the server is the way to launch a new website with WPX. Staying true to its beginner-friendly stance, WPX offers straightforward WordPress installation. It involves the following steps;

  • Check the WordPress installation box.
  • Enter required details (username and password)
  • Install and administer caching plugin
  • WordPress is finally installed

The remarkable thing about WPX is that it does not install too many plugins while installing. This step ensures that the dashboard remains as intuitive as possible.

Email Management

As you read in WPX, hosting features that support advanced email services. But do you think it would be easy to manage domain emails with WPX? It is! All you have to do is click on add email option. A page will appear where you have to enter all the required information. WPX will finally register your business email in a few minutes.

WPX Hosting Pricing Plans

The pricing plans at WPX are straightforward as they classify them into three parts. The differentiation criteria of these plans involve;

  • Number of websites to host
  • Amount of available storage
  • Bandwidth usage

The ideal aspect of WPX hosting is that it never puts a limit on visitors. This approach makes its services highly suitable for high-traffic websites.

The SSD plans are broken down as follows;


Business – $20.83 per month

This basic plan hosts up to 5 websites and provides 10 GB storage and 100 GB bandwidth. Additional features include;

  • Chargeless malware scanning and removal, site fixes, and speed optimization
  • Powerful support
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • 99.95% uptime

Professional – $41.58 per month

This WPX pricing plan can host up to 15 websites. It offers all the basic plan features with additional 10 GB storage and 100 GB bandwidth.

Elite – $83.25 per month

It is the most advanced WPX managed WordPress hosting plan that provides all the key attributes of professional and business plans. Additional features include the hosting capability of 35 websites, 40 GB storage, and unlimited GB bandwidth.

Final Verdict

To conclude the WPX hosting review, I would state that it is one of the straightforward and swift web hosting providers available. It does not matter whether you are migrating an already established WordPress site or starting fresh; WPX will prove elementary in each case.

Managed web hosting services are usually costly for the extensive services they provide. But the basic plan at WPX, starting from $20, proves its affordability, especially when you are allowed to host around 5 websites at this price.

We hope that this review has created a clear picture of WPX hosting services in your mind. Decide as per your business demands and enjoy a fast and robust online presence!

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